May 032011

I managed to swing by a CVS Pharmacy store on my very hot 4.5 mile walk today, and amazingly I managed to put together a CVS shopping scenario that would fit the $7.99 CVS bucks that I needed to roll over, and it included my favorite conditioner.

At the scanner I received a very rare $2 off $10 CVS coupon, and while I thought it could only be used on food product (this is what a cashier had told me in the past), this cashier scanned it just in case, and sure enough it took $2 off. Of course this messed up my already planned out trip, so I had to throw in a couple of items. I grabbed 2 Cadburry eggs (four packs), which were regularly $2.99 each. They were on Easter clearance at $1.19 each. As soon as I stepped out the door I wished I had grabbed the toilet paper instead, but it was one of those spontaneous moments at the register with people behind me in the line, so I had to think fast (and apparently I thought fast but not smart enough).

While I did look at my receipt several times, it was not until I got home that I realized that the $1 CVS Extra Bucks did not print for the Pantene. I also noticed that they were priced differently, although it was the same size, they were right next to each other on the shelf, and they had been advertised as being a part of the sale. I called up CVS Customer Service, to ask about it. The customer service representative could not see the purchase yet (I think she said it would not show until after 24 hours, but she said that once she could verify the purchase, she would add the $1 CVS Extra buck to my card. Once again CVS Customer Service came through, and I can highly recommend that you give them a call, if you have any CVS issue, question, or compliment.

Once again Cheryl’s CVS Tax tip, saved me money. If I had used the coupons first, I would have had to pay more out of pocket, but since I used the CVS Extra bucks, it worked out just like I had hoped with a minimum out-of-pocket amount.

This week I looked for the unadvertised Lays’ Chips Extra Bucks deal at my local CVS Pharmacy again, but it was nowhere to be found, and neither where the chips mentioned in the deal.

My Final CVS Totals – The Gift Card Challenge Week 9.

The $25 CVS Gift Card Challenge

Cheryl at Simply CVS has challenged me to see how far I can stretch $25 at CVS Pharmacy, and she has provided me with a $25 CVS gift card just for this purpose. With the CVS shopping tips, coupon match-ups and CVS deals alerts from Simply CVS, I hope to be able to stretch the CVS gift card far.

Week 7 off the CVS Gift Card Challenge – No Shopping

Week 8 CVS of the Gift Card Challenge

Week 9 of the CVS Gift Card Challenge
Transaction 1
Pantene Conditioner $3.49 
Pantene Conditioner $2.99 
Hershey’s Cadbury Eggs 4 ct $1.19
Hershey’s Cadbury Eggs 4 ct $1.19
Colgate toothpaste $2.77
Colgate toothpaste $2.77 
Ivory Soap $0.99
– 2 x $0.75 Colgate Coupons (5/1 SS)
– $0.99 ($1) Ivory Soap Coupon (5/1 P&G)
– $3 Pantene Coupon (5/1 P&G)
– $2 off $10 groceries CVS coupon
– 7.99 CVS Extra Bucks

Subtotal -$0.09

Tax $0.81
Total $0.72

Saved $24.62
$5.54 Extra Bucks Back (for the Colgate)
$1 CVS Extra Bucks Back (Will print next week for the Pantene)
CVS Gift Card Challenge Update
Week 9 of the CVS Gift Card Challenge
Total out of pocket $0.72
Total Saved $24.62
Received $6.54 Extra Bucks back

Total Left on Simply CVS Challenge Gift Card 
$7.44 + $9.28 CVS Extra Bucks

Total saved in the CVS Gift Card Challenge $156.27

With Cheryl’s help, I am already beginning to prepare my shopping list for next week’s CVS ad. To help prepare my CVS shopping list, I used the following Simply CVS posts:

Simply CVS5/8 CVS ad with coupon match ups.

Whenever I need a little encouragement, I always revisit this CVS Shopping post.
You can read more about the $25 CVS Gift Card Challenge at Simply CVS.

I would love to hear about your CVS shopping trip:

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