May 312011

It is way too hot in South Florida to be walking at the moment, but my five-year-old still has school, so there is simply no choice. We thought that he would be done after his graduation last Thursday, but apparently not. We still have two more weeks left of walking in steaming hot temperatures. This morning I got my husband to drop us off at the CVS close to my son’s school, which meant that we only had to walk a little more than a mile in the heat instead of 2 1/2 miles. We brought our lunch and had lunch at the playground before my son’s school.

After dropping off my five-year-old, I still had to walk to my oldest son’s school, and it was so hot that the Twix I bought at CVS were completely melted by the time we got home. They are now in the freezer, and I suspect they will end up as an ice cream topping instead of a candy bar, because there were not much shape to the Twix bars, when I checked them. 
The CVS shopping list that I had worked out before leaving the house did not work, as CVS did not have the Cortaid that was asvertised,  and I instead juggled some extra bucks around to make it work.
Right before I left home, Cheryl at Simply CVS posted about a great John Frieda CVS deal, but of course I could only find one of the coupons I would need to get the deal. I know I have a second $3 John Frieda coupon, now I just gotta find it.  
UPDATE: When grocery shopping yesterday, I did end up going in to CVS next to Publix. Sure enough, even though the total added up to $9.98 the $3 CVS Extra Bucks still printed. I even managed to pick up two bottles with 30 percent extra in it…yeah! John Frieda is one of my favorite brands together with Pantene and Herbal Essence.

My Final CVS Totals – The Gift Card Challenge Week 13.

The $25 CVS Gift Card Challenge

Cheryl at Simply CVS has challenged me to see how far I can stretch $25 at CVS Pharmacy, and she has provided me with a $25 CVS gift card just for this purpose. With the CVS shopping tips, coupon match-ups and CVS deals alerts from Simply CVS, I hope to be able to stretch the CVS gift card far.

Week 13 of the CVS Gift Card Challenge
Transaction 1 (Tuesday)

2 x Twix @ $0.50 = $1

2 x Pantene Pro V for $6.97 – ($3 Pantene Coupon P&G 5/1) = $3.97

BIC Soleil 1 Ct $6.99 – $3 BIC Coupon = $3.99

Preparation H 10 Ct wipes $3.99 – $2 Prep H coupon = $1.99

– $10 CVS Extra Bucks
– $1 CVS Extra Bucks

Subtotal $-0.05

Tax $0.86
Total $0.81
Saved $25.29
$9.99 CVS Extra Bucks Back

Transaction 2 (Thursday)
2 x John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo & Conditioner @ $4.99 each = $9.98 – (2 x $3 John Frieda Coupons 5/1/11 exp. 6/4/11) = $$3.98

– $3.99 CVS Extra Bucks

Subtotal $-0.01

Tax $0.60
Total $0.59
Saved $13.99
$3 CVS Extra Bucks Back
CVS Gift Card Challenge Update
Week 13 of the CVS Gift Card Challenge
Total out of pocket $1.40
Total Saved $39.28
Received $8.99 Extra Bucks back

Total Left on the Simply CVS Challenge Gift Card 
$1.93   + $13 CVS Extra Bucks

Total saved in the CVS Gift Card Challenge $330.33
To help prepare my CVS shopping list, I used the following Simply CVS posts:

Simply CVS5/22 CVS ad with coupon match ups.

CVS Dollar or Less Deals

Whenever I need a little encouragement, I always revisit this CVS Shopping post.
You can read more about the $25 CVS Gift Card Challenge at Simply CVS.

Win A $10 CVS Pharmacy Gift Card 6/20

I would love to hear about your CVS shopping trip:

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