May 192011
Yesterday my husband brought in the first mango harvest of the year, and it caused a whole lot of excitement. Last year we had a very cold winter, and as a result we hardly got any mangoes or avocados. This year the winter was warm, and the spring has been hot, so the mangoes have started ripening about a month early.
Take a look at this beautiful mango tree.
We share a garden with our neighbors, but there are plenty of mangoes for everyone. Right now we simply pick up mangoes that fall to the ground, but soon my husband will be climbing the mango tree for a big mango harvest.
My first tomato crop has been fabulous, but the tomato plants are now withering thanks to the extreme temperatures and the endless number of stubborn bugs. At the height of the growing season I could share my tomato harvest with the neighbors, but now we are down to just having enough for our own family.
I have many more tomato plants growing, and some of them seem to be making it, but many others are succumbing to the bug attacks.

The habanero bush has recovered from a few cold days in the winter, and it now has many beautiful habanero peppers in all colors. My husband and our Jamaican neighbors love this habanero bush, and while we thought the cold days killed it, it surely has proved us wrong. It has now been giving us an endless supply of hot peppers for more than 10 months.

This year we planted corn for the first time, and the plants seem to be growing fast. They seem to do well in the heat, so I might end up planting more for a late harvest. 

My frugal garden is tiny, but I am always amazed about the crops I get.  I grow all plants from seeds, and you can find all of my frugal garden tips here.

What are you growing in your garden this year

  3 Responses to “The Frugal Garden: Growing Mangoes”

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  2. Oh man, I would LOVE to have a mango tree! Too bad my climate isn’t suitable for them. Maybe I’ll grow a dwarf tree inside a greenhouse someday, though.

  3. I was surprised to see Mango trees are THAT tall. Silly me. I’m impressed by your habanero bush, too. I love that you start with seeds for your veggies and peppers. I don’t think my thumb is green.

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