May 102011
During a regular week I usually walk more than 20 miles, which means I wear my shoes down fast. Last fall I was able to get some great walking shoes with a gift card I had won, and I loved how they were pretty enough to wear with skirts, but they still had the comfortable sole of a pair of sneakers. I only used these occasionally, when I knew I would be going in to stores etc., but it seems that they have finally had enough. So, when several $10 off $20 Kohl’s coupons were attached to my door a few weeks ago, I knew I would need to look for a new pair of walking shoes. 
I used two of the $10 off $20 Kohl’s coupons last week, and this morning I went with my dad, his girlfriend and my youngest son. Amazingly I found a pair of shoes very similar to the ones I had but in black. They were perfect, and the price was great too. The regular price was 54.99, but they were on sale at Kohl’s for $29.99. I had the $10 off $20 Kohl’s coupon, and I also had a $10 Kohl’s gift card, which I had earned at So I ended up paying $11.19 for a $55 pair of Keds Sport. Apparenty they have some sort of special toning outsole (similar to shape-ups), but whether it works or not I am not sure. 

Regular Price $54.99
Sale Price $29.99
$10 off $20 Kohl’s Coupon = $19.99
$10 Kohl’s gift card from Mypoints = $9.99
Tax $1.29
Total out of pocket $11.19
Total saved $45

Now, my dad got the second one of my $10 off 20 Kohl’s coupons, and he got himself a pair of new sandals, before he headed off for Key West. In return he actually got a $10 off $10 Kohl’s coupons, which he gave to me. Yeah, so now I will be able to get even more frugal Kohl’s goodies.

Did you get any great Kohl’s deals lately?

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