May 292011
Somehow we ran out of toilet paper today, and since I had not spotted any fabulous toilet tissue sales latetely, I just had to go with the best I could find at Publix. Since we were in the same shopping plaza as Kohl’s I convinced my husband to let me run in and use the two $5 Kohl’s coupons, which we had received in our emails the other day. 
I brought my oldest son with me, so that he could use one of the coupons (it is one coupon per person), but all of a sudden my inpatient shopping husband showed up at Kohl’s with our two youngest sons…without a stroller.
Oh my, now he knows why I prefer to shop with one or two boys instead of three….and there is definitely a reason why I do not bring my husband shopping.
Despite our big crowd of five, I found things from our family’s “Need List”, and I certainly got a great price.
Savings Is Free had mentioned that she was allowed to use both coupons on her transactions (The $5 off and the 15 Percent off Kohl’s coupons), and I was curious about what they were going to do. Sure enough, the cashier scanned both coupons, although I was only counting on using the one $5 Kohl’s Coupon.

First Transaction:
3 x Plastic Tumblers reg. $3.99 on sale at $1.79 each = $5.37
– $5 Kohl’s Coupon
– 15 Percent Off Kohl’s Coupon (-$0.06)
Tax $0.02
Total out of pocket $0.33

Second Transaction:
Toddler tank top reg. $11 on sale at $5.50 
– $5 Kohl’s Coupon
– 15 Percent Off Kohl’s Coupon (-$0.08)
Tax $0.03
Total out of pocket $0.45

Total spent at Kohl’s $0.78
Total saved $22.24

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