May 202011
I only went to Publix once this week due to a very hectic week, but I did manage to pick up two extra deals during a quick trip early in the week. I found more Morningstar coupons, and the second Publix store I went to finally had a great stock off Fuze.

16 x Fuze Drinks on sale at $1 each = $16 – ($5 off Fuze Publix coupon Yellow Adv. flyer + 8 x $1 off 2 MF Fuze Coupons) = $3 ($0.19 each)
4 x Morningstar Veggie Burgers on sale at 2 for $6 = $12 – (4 x $1 Publix Morningstar Coupon – Greenwise magazine and 4 x $1 MF coupons) = 4
$7 total +Tax

Total saved estimate (lost receipt) $40.76

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