May 102011
Sidral Mundet Apple Soda
It is steaming hot in South Florida these days, and after a hot day outside we are always looking for cold refreshments to help cool us down. One of my sons’ newest favorites are apple soda from Sidral Mundet

The Green Apple Soda from Sidral Mundet (Manzana Verde) is sweet, has a great apple taste that lingers on your tongue, and it has the perfect bubbliness. My oldest son loves the apple flavor with a hint of sourness, and my five-year-old is very excited about the bubbly soda taste. 

The Dark Sidral Mundet has a more refined apple juice taste, and it is a favorite with my youngest son and myself. It has been pasteurized to guarantee its freshness and quality.

Sidral Mundet, is an apple-flavored, authentic Mexican soft drink made with 100% real sugar and it contains no artificial flavors or colors.
Sidral Mundet logo
Sidral comes in two great flavors – regular and green apple – and has been a mainstay in the Mexican-American community since the early 1900s. Today, it has gained a considerable following at mom & pop restaurants, soda shops and food trucks alike.
Sidral Mundet Apple Soda
 You can find more information about Sidral Mundet on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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