May 302011
On Saturday I went to the mall with the kids, and I completed my mission of shopping for clothes at Super Target and The Gap. See how I got $200 worth of clothes for $31 by shopping Gap Clearance
Although the Sawgrass Mills Outlet Mall is enormous, I only went to these two stores but I got all the deals I needed. At Target I found a couple of t shirts for me on clearance, and with the Target coupons in hands (no longer available), I found some great deals. I also used a $5 Revlon coupon, which had printed at the register as well as a $2 meat coupon that printed last week, when I bought cheap meat at Target.
Mossimo t shirt (Was$14.99) on clearance at Target for  $3.74 
– $3 Mossimo Target coupon = $0.74

Merona t shirt (Was$14.99) on clearance at Target for  $3.74 
– $2 Women’s Clothing Target coupon = $1.74
Boys uniform polo shirt (Was $7.99) on clearance at Target for $5.58
Boys uniform pants (Was $12.99) on clearance at Target for $6.48
Sutton & Dodge Steaks $4.92 
– $2 Target coupon = $2.92
2 x Revlon nail clippers @ $2.24 = $4.48 
– $5 Target Coupon = FREE ($0.52 overage)
Up & Up Peroxide @ $0.62 
– $0.50 Up & Up First Aid Target Coupon = $0.12
– $0.10 Reusable Bag Discount
Subtotal $16.86
Tax $1.31
Subtotal $18.17

Total Saved $44.12
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Did you find any great clearance deals at Target lately?

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