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Molluscum ACV BathIf you have never heard of Molluscum Contagiousum consider yourself lucky. However, if you are one of the less than fortunate ones, who have either had or have had children with Molluscum Contagiosum, I am sure that you have been extremely frustrated. If you or your child currently has Molloscum Contagiosum, I have three words for you that will change your life: Apple Cider Vinegar.

Before I continue I want to give a little background information about Molluscum Contagiosum and about my family’s experience with it. I want to emphasize that I am not an expert on Molluscum Contagiosum, I am not a doctor or a dermatologist. I am simply a concerned mother with a child who has had Molluscum Contagiosum. If you suspect that you or your child(ren) has Molluscum Contagiosum, I highly recommend that you see a doctor to get confirmed that it is in fact Molluscum Contagiosum. I also advise that you ask your doctor questions, make a list before you go, and then if you feel comfortable with it….consider Apple Cider Vinegar (see more information below).

The following is from WebMD:

What is molluscum contagiosum?

Molluscum contagiosum camera is a skin infection that causes small pearly or flesh-colored bumps. The bumps may be clear, and the center often is indented. The infection is caused by a virus. The virus is easily spread but is not harmful.
How does molluscum contagiosum spread?

The virus commonly spreads through skin-to-skin contact. This includes sexual contact or touching the bumps and then touching the skin. Touching an object that has the virus on it, such as a towel, also can spread the infection. The virus can spread from one part of the body to another. Or it can spread to other people, such as among children at day care or school. The infection is contagious until the bumps are gone.

The time from exposure to the virus until the bumps appear usually is 2 to 7 weeks, but it can take up to 6 months.

Molluscum Contagiosum Treatments:

* Freezing the bumps, called cryotherapy or cryosurgery.
* Scraping off the bumps, called curettage.
* Putting a chemical on the bumps, like cantharidin or potassium hydrochloride.
* Using liquids or creams, such as those used to treat warts.

Children may not need treatment because molluscum contagiosum usually goes away on its own. But if your child needs treatment, talk to your child’s doctor about how to prevent pain and scarring.
The above information is from Web Md, check out the Web MD website for more information about Molluscum Contagiosum.

Now, Web MD says that the Molluscum Contagiosum bumps usually go away by themselves within 6 months, but other sources mention up to 2 – 3 years, and our own doctors and dermatologist said up to 2 years as well. My child had Molluscum Contagiosum for more than 1 1/2 years, and the amount of bumps did not appear to slow down.


My family’s experience with Molluscum Contagiosum:

One of my sons got his first Molluscum bump about 1 1/2 years ago. My husband and I did not think anything of it, and we had never heard of Molluscum Contagiosum. The Molluscum bump was on his belly, and it looked similar to a very large pimple or a wart of some sort. All of a sudden he had two bumps, and when the third bump showed up we took him to the doctor.

The doctor said not to worry, the bumps would go away by themselves. He might get more, but he might not, and the alternative treatments were not good. She mentioned freezing, cutting and extremely expensive creams, and none of the treatments were considered a cure.

We went home a bit confused, but reassured by our son’s doctor that it was not contagious, and that he could go to school without any problems. The doctor even said she would write us a letter, if we needed it.

About six months later the bumps were spreading rapidly, and we returned to the doctor. This time we saw a different doctor, who gave us a referral to a dermatologist.

We then saw the dermatologist, who did not have much more information to give. At this point I had done some Internet research, and I therefore thought I knew which questions to ask. The dermatologists confirmed that Molluscum Contagiosum is indeed contagious, as the name implies, and that we should make sure that the Molluscum Contagiosum was covered by clothing. He was the third doctor to let us know that our son could take swimming lessons this summer. He gave us a prescription for a very very expensive cream ($200+ for a small tube), said we should only get it, if the insurance covered, and even then it would only help speed up the process of the Molluscum bumps disappearing – it would still take six months for the bumps to go away.

Of course the insurance did not pay for the expensive cream, and we let some more time go by. I tried covering some of the bumps with bandages to prevent my son from scratching and then spreading them even more. I was unsuccessful, and soon my son had a rash on his arms, all over his torso, down below and his legs. Not even shorts and a t shirt could cover the Molluscum Contagiosum rash any more.

This is when I began freaking out, because how could he take swimming lessons, and what would other kids say if they saw the rash. What if our other kids got the Molluscum Contagiosum? My husband and I got to the point, where we were about to purchase this expensive cream on the prescription.

That night I simply could not go to sleep, I wanted to get my hands on this cream. I was a desperate mother! Now, what does a desperate mother do in the middle of the night, when she is worried for her child? I, of course, went on the Internet, but contrary to my past research, I did not look for the regular medical research and medical information sites. I decided to look for natural remedies for Molluscum Contagiosum.

I am a big believer in traditional medicine, but I also know from my own experience with medicine and different ailments that sometimes there are are natural alternatives. My husband grew up in Jamaica, and it was actually something he said that reminded me of the natural option.

I hit the jackpot….after seeing several websites, where I read about other people’s experiences with Molluscum Contagiosum, with the negative reactions from the very expensive cream (which I will not mention by name. If you have Molluscum Contagiosum you have probably already heard about it). Then I came to the three magic words APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.

I was puzzled, I was excited, and I was skeptical – could… something as simple as apple cider vinegar actually be the treatment, the cure that we had been looking for – for so so long? After more than a year of dealing with my son’s Molluscum Contagiosum, I was ready to walk to the 24 hour drugstore in search for apple cider vinegar, but I talked myself out of it realizing that they might not have it.

I was so excited that I woke up my husband at 4 a.m. to let him know about what I had read. The next morning the first thing I did was run to Publix and get the apple cider vinegar. When I told my son that we might have found something that would help get the bumps away, I could see the immediate relief in his face. I was careful with not being too optimistic. I wanted my son to give it a try, but I also did not want him to get false hope.


The Molluscum Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment:

That night I followed the careful instructions of other parents, who had written about theirs and their children’s experience with Molluscum Contagiosum and apple cider vinegar.

There were two options, and they could be done together or separately.

1) Dip a small cotton ball in apple cider vinegar, apply it directly on top of the bump, and put bandages over to keep it in place. Do this at night before bedtime, and let the child sleep with it until the next day. *If you are having problems using regular bandages, this 3M soft cloth surgical tape has been recommended for use with the direct cottonball treatment by several moms here at FIF.

2) Put about 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar in the baby bathtub (About 7 cups for a full-sized bathtub), and let your child sit in it for a while. Do this every night, until the Molluscum bumps disappear. Make sure the entire Molluscum affected area is covered.

Ikea baby bathtub

My son first took a bath in our small baby bathtub from IKEA, and I added 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar to the bath water. After he was done with the bath, I applied cotton balls dipped in apple cider vinegar directly to about 10 of his bumps. I was careful to not put it on those bumps that he had been scratching in, because any open wounds made the ACV sting horribly.Some of the spots with the apple cider vinegar cotton balls made him uncomfortable, and by 11 p.m., he woke up screaming because they were hurting him. I took a couple of the cotton balls off, but I let some sit until the next morning.

When he woke up the next morning, we got our first positive surprise in our entire experience with Molluscum Contagiosum. The bumps that had been covered with the apple cider vinegar cotton balls all night were definitely changing. There were some mushy stuff coming out of the middle, and some were turning white in the middle as well.

We repeated this three nights, but only with a couple of bumps, as it was hurting my son. Then after three nights, we decided to just have the apple cider vinegar baths each night, and some days my son even got two baths because he asked for it.

The results were remarkable, and soon the bumps began disappearing. Little by little we saw a phenomenal transformation. After about two weeks my son had no more bumps left, and some of them had turned into small scars.


Molluscum Contagiosum before acvx treatment
After a year with Molluscum Contagiosum
Molluscum Contagiosum after acvx treatment
Molluscum Contagiosum after 2 weeks of apple cider vinegar treatments

The same day that we started the apple cider vinegar treatment for the Molluscum Contagiosum, we also started my son on vitamin E vitamins to make his skin heal faster. Whether it actually helped or not, I do not know, but I wanted to do everything I could.

We also applied the CVS antibiotic cream (CVS version of Neosporin), and my son is now Molluscum Contagiosum free. After 1 1/2 year of dealing with Molluscum Contagiosum, my son became Molluscum Contagiosum free after two weeks of the apple cider vinegar treatment.

I hope that writing this will help other families not only find a frugal alternative to the expensive Molluscum Contagiosum cream, but even more so find a remedy that will help you or your child get their worry-free life back.

This entire experience has taught me quite a few things as a mother.

1) Never give up

2) Research, research, research

3) Do not blindly trust everything your doctor says, especially not if your instincts tell you otherwise.

4 )Be open to using alternative remedies and natural treatments.


A few tips on starting the ACV treatment for Molluscum:

1)When you start the ACV treatment, start with a couple of bumps the first night to see how they react, and to see how the skin reacts.

2) Make sure that the ACV cottonballs touches as little healthy skin as possible to prevent burns, and don’t treat MC bumps that have been scratched open, as these will sting.

3) If your child is refusing to let you treat the bumps, you can wait until he or she sleeps before putting on the cottonballs. If your child is in pain, make sure to remove the bandages.

4) Doing the ACV baths and the cottonball treatments together is your best defensive against Molluscum Contagiosum.

4) Be consistent! The best way to treat Molluscum is to be consistent in your treatment.

5) Molluscum is very contagious both from person to person, but also from one spot on your body to another.

6) Molluscum can lay dormant in the skin for about two weeks after exposure, so do not get frustrated if new bumps keep appearing.

7) Do a lot of laundry while combating Molluscum! Wash towels every day, wash sheets and pillow cases every day, only use clothing one day before washing, and make sure to wash your hands a lot!

8 ) Don’t let children share beds, baths, clothing etc., if someone in your family has Molluscum Contagiosum.

9) If the ACV treatment does not work the first time around, do not despair. Wait a couple of weeks and try again. Read my second post about Molluscum to see why. (Find the link at the bottom of this post)


10) Be aware that you/your child is contagious, and do everything you can to prevent spreading to others.


Cost: Less than $10 for the cotton balls, apple cider vinegar and bandages. I had the vitamin E and the CVS antibiotic cream already. Not only was the apple cider vinegar a frugal alternative to the expensive $200+ cream, but it was also a natural treatment with no side effects.*



*My son did not experience any side effects from the use of apple cider vinegar other than the obvious stinging sensation when applying the cotton balls directly onto his skin for a longer period of time. However, whether others might have different reactions to the use of apple cider vinegar I do not know, so I advice starting out slowly with treating one or two Molluscum bumps.




If you have any experience with Molluscum Contagiosum, I would love to hear about it. I would also love to hear about your experience with Molluscum Contagiosum and apple cider vinegar, or any other Molluscum Contagiosum treatments or remedies.





I have posted an update of my family’s second round of Molluscum and ACV here. 

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  1. Unfortunately, I have lost a lot of comments in my recent move to WordPress. I will try to copy over some of the comments, but please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or a question.

    • I tried this, and only some of them are reacting to the treatment. If i keep doing it, do you think they’ll all go away?
      Also, how can i tell if its spreading to the rest of my body? I have acne, so i’m always super scared that i’m mistaking it for Molluscum.

      • ^^I mean that i’m mistaking the Molluscum for acne. I’ve always had acne, but it freaks me out. I don’t want to miss any of it. =/ It’s been 8 months and i want to get rid of it.

        • Court, how long have you had Molluscum? Some of the bumps can be very stubborn, and I recommend 2 – 4 weeks of a consistent ACV cottonball/ACV bath treatment to get rid of everything.

          Did you see a doctor or dermatologist about the MC? They should be able to tell you which bumps are acne and which are MC. I would say that MC bumps are a bit more wart like, and they will stay longer than acne.

          Good luck with everything. \

          • I’ve had it for 8 months now. And when i saw the doctor about it, I was pretty positive that i only had it in my pubic area. But then after i went to the doctor, and he told me i could spread it to myself. I’ve been sooooo paranoid.

            Actually though, I’ve been consistent on the treatment, and this morning when i woke up, i found that some of the bumps that weren’t reacting before, have started to. 🙂

            Thank you so much. I did so much research and nothing seemed like it would work, until i found this page.

    • Hello,
      I came to your site because my husband has molluskum. He’s done the conventional treatment with some success but still more are appearing. After finding out how contagious this virus was I immediately became concerned about it spreading to my daughter and myself. I have a history of cystic acne and apple cider vinegar has been the miracle. I make it into a drink and take it internally and the results are amazing. I have heard that acv can be good for so many health issues so I immediately googled “molluskum apple cider vinegar” and found your site. I have three new red bumps and I’m extra paranoid that it’s the molluskum so I’m applying acv at night. Here’s my question, do you recommend raw, unfiltered acv (that’s what I have to use for acne) or does it not matter? Your picture looks like you’re just using conventional acv. Thank you for your generous sharing of information.

      • Hey Christi,

        You said you took it internally, how much you drank, what is the composition ? Did you drink it in pure way or mixed it with Water ?? Please help me to understand this as i am in a early stage of this virus. It would be great if you share your number with me. I need to talk to someone who can help me to get rid of this and this forum if full of those guys. My number is 201-920-3057

    • My daughter has had it for 1 year with no improvements. She just got a couple more and one by her eye. Did you put any ACV on their face? Now my other daughter has MC around her eye and eyelid:(
      Thanks for the help!

    • I have a 23-month-old son who has been struggling with MC for over a year. I have taken him to dr.s who say there is nothing you can do but let it run its course. Right when you think they are about to go away they come back with a vengeance.

      About a month ago they got so bad all over his bottom, legs and sides that we were lost with what to do.

      Then…. I stumbled upon this site. I can not thank you enough…

      It has now been two weeks and they are GONE!! I am astonished. We have gone through 4 huge bottles of Apple Cider Vinegar taking two baths a day. And they are compleatly dried up and turning to little scars.

      The best part is that my son loves the ACV bathes he even calles them magic baths and tells everyone the bumps are gone.

      As a precaution we are going to continue for a while longer to make sure that they are gone for good.

      But I could not thank you enough and have told everyone I know!!!!

    • I believe I’ve had it for 8 mths just diagnosed 2 weeks ago. For the past 2 days I did the localized treatment. (as i wanted to start right away and didn’t have enough acv for baths) It did burn and after the first day the bumps minimized and turned a black color (as if there is a hair inside not topically black). I would like to see if this is normal also if it could be in ingrown sense it is an area with hair. As for the 2nd day I did the localized treatment again but noticed the area was sore. Then took a closer look and saw little white bumps everywhere! Is this normal? Did I completely burn myself, if so what do I do now?

    • My daughter has had this virus for what seems like forever!!! Her bumps are located on the back of her leg just below her behind. I think she got the virus from the toilet seats at school or other public bathrooms. Since all this happend, i keep a container of Lysol wipes in each bathroom and wipe down the toilet seat after she uses the bathroom and remind her to line the toilets seats everytime she uses public bathrooms. How long do you recommend she sits in the ACV bath? Also, should I just give her a regular bath before or after the ACV bath? Thanks!!!!

      • Lisa, making sure noone else gets the virus is definitely a must, and wearing pants or leggings would help not only preventing the spread to someone else, but it could also help preventing her from scratching and then spreading the virus to other parts of her body.

        I let my kids sit in the ACV bath for 20 – 30 minutes a day (sometimes more than once a day). I would wash their body and hair first, then I would do the ACV bath, and after I would just do a quick rinse off.

    • Hello. I want to try this tonight as I am desperate for a cure for my 5 year old daughter. I was wondering the specific amount of ACV per water for the bath since she will not fit in a baby bath.
      Thank you

    • Did your child have it on his eye??

    • My daughter 8 yr has it on her eyelid, how do I apply it on her eyelid, pls advise

      • Hi Jone,

        I do not recommend (and strongly caution) using ACV around your daughter’s eyes due to the danger. Does she have any bumps elsewhere?

        Even if she does not have any bumps other places, I would suggest doing the ACV baths instead, because these might pull out any Molluscum bumps elsewhere. If you can treat the bumps in other places with direct treatment and ACV baths, then you might be able to get the body to reject the virus, and you would not have to treat the bumps on your daughter’s eyelids.

        • Thanks much for responding. She don’t have anywhere else. She is getting it close to her eyelashes as well.
          If I dont treat on the eyelids, its just going to spread…. im clueless now since i was hoping i can use acv on her eyelids..

    • Wow… This is so helpful. I have been battling with my 5yr olds Molescum for almost 2months now. Same as most of you being told to leave it run its course I started research! She has between 25-30 on one arm and although I have been keeping it under control for 3-4weeks with tea tree oil, they are not going… Just not spreading further! I am changing clothes, towels and bedding daily… Its a nightmare! Being a childminder I am paranoid about how contagious it is and desperate to get rid.
      I am going to try the apple cider vinegar tomorrow as her bumps are definitely mature now. I pray it works and I hope to get results like all of you! Especially as she is a bridesmaid in Aug 🙁
      Thanks for the advice and wish us luck xxx

  2. Hi – I started the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment on both my kids the other day. The spots have turned black and one has fallen off, looks like a raw scab – is this when I stop doing the cotton ball overnight treatment?

    • Hi Tjm,
      Did all of the bumps scab over. Once they turn black, you do not need to individually treat them with the cottonball method. However, I strongly advice continuing with the ACV bath for two weeks, as Molluscum can lay dormant under the skin for up to two weeks.

      • Hello jrfrugal,
        I had the same question as Tjm, and in your responce to Tjm you said to continue the ACV in the bath. With my DS I tried the ACV bath but could not do so because of the location of his MC. I religiously applied the cotton ball every night and it has really helped. The MC turned black and fell off, but I still apply every night because he still has a scab there. When will it be safe to stop the treatment since I can not do the ACV baths? I don’t want to keep putting it on if it’s not helping anymore or keeps it from completely healing. It is also kind of irritating the healthy skin. Should I maybe start putting neosporin on it instead of the ACV treatment? Thanks for any advice

        • ADB, once the MC bump turns black and scabs over, you no longer have to apply ACV. This is definitely a great time to start applying neosporing, but try to do so with a q tip, and make sure to use a new q tip on each bump, so that you do not spread the virus. Since you cannot do the ACV baths, only do the ACV direct cottonball treatment 1 – 2 nights on each bump.

          I hope this helps, good luck!

    • Hi!
      I started the ACV treatment tonight and put the ACV right on to the cotton of the bandaid…is that as effective?
      Also what did you do with the molluscum during the day? Did you cover them with a bandaid or leave them open?
      And what do I do with the bumps after I take the bath in the morning?

  3. I started ACV treatment 2 days ago and haven’t seen a difference yet, except for smelling like salad dressing! I was only diagnosed recently and have had symptoms for just over a month (at least 1 blister that I could spot- I saw a doctor as soon as I noticed more), but I’m trying this first to avoid other treatments that seem painful. Did you really see results overnight? I think the tape I’m using isn’t holding the cotton tight enough on the blisters. I’ve covered the areas for about 8 hours each time- is that long enough per day? I’ve read so many blogs about ACV and some recommend picking, poking, extraction…your method of cotton balls and vinegar baths seems much more safe!

    • MK, I am sorry to hear that you have not seen results yet. It sounds like you are doing everything right though. With my second son, the ACV treatment did not work the first time around. I waited two weeks and then started up again, and this time around I saw a reaction immediately. Two weeks later he was Molluscum free. So, if it is indeed Molluscum, your bumps may just need to mature a little more in order for them to be receptacle to the treatment.

      My son’s doctor said that he has had the most success with treating MC once the bumps become pimple like (a bit white in the middle).

      • I thought I’d try again, for arguments’ sake. My second round has been MUCH more successful! Thanks for suggesting to wait until the MC’s mature a bit.

        What I’m doing AND FINDING TO BE SUCCESSFUL (because hearing others’ stories have helped me!):

        -2 showers a day, using a new towel each time, but drying the infected area with a paper towel.
        -Cleaning sores with hydrogen peroxide, then ACV, on a cotton ball after each shower.
        -During the day, I apply Neosporin and a band-aid to get me through my work day. This helps clear up the irritation from overnight ACV/tape.
        -At night, I take a SMALL cotton ball and put ACV on it, soaking about half of the cotton ball. I found a thick, flexible waterproof medical tape that I’m using in an “X” shape over the ACV cotton ball. (I had previously used a cotton pad and paper medical tape, which either dried out too quickly or fell off!) Clean pajamas every night.
        -After 2 nights of this “new” proceedure of using a small piece of cotton and an “X” of waterproof tape, I SEE RESULTS! The three larger MC’s have turned black! The smaller ones are white and seem to be reacting to the ACV.
        -This morning, I used New Skin instead of Neosporin/Band-aid. The alcohol in it stung, but I noticed that one of the white MC’s turned black from the New Skin after a few hours! Knowing how bad it hurt on me, I would not recommend that you use New Skin on a child with MC.
        -Not sure what I’ll do now that I have some black sores. I’ll probably keep using New Skin until they heal.
        -I’m also battling a terrible cold and have upped my dose of immune-boosting vitamins. I take a multi, Vit C, echinacea and am drinking echinacea tea. Maybe overkill, but two viruses at once is intense.

        My plan is to see my doctor again once I think my sores are all gone, just so she can check it out and make sure it’s clear. Any little skin irritation is making me paranoid right now since I frequently get ingrown hairs, dermatitis, folliculitis…you name the common skin irritation, I get it!

        I”m most worried that I’m going to irritate one of the sores and allow the virus to spread on accident. I saw this go from one sore, that seemed to be there for well over a month all by itself, to 4 within a week and about 8 within another few days. I’m SO glad that I’m finally seeing results with ACV. I encourage anyone dealing with this to be persistent with cleaning the area and using ACV. I have not picked at, poked, or punctured the sores at all- the ACV did all the work!

        I’ll never be able to eat anything with ACV in it again!!!!!!

        • Mk I am glad to hear that you are finally seeing results, and it sure sounds like you are doing everything right. I hope that by now a lot of your bumps have started healing.

          Also, thanks for the warning with the New Skin, pain is definitely something we have to think more about when dealing with the kids.

          I know it is difficult to be discouraged, when the ACV does not do what it needs to do the first time around, so I am glad that you were persistent and are now seeing results. Good luck with everything!

          • Hi, as far as know about MC. The virus doesn’t like when the skin is irritated. So, it only gets into the skin when is a healthy skin. Once the skin is irritated, that’s when MC starts to go away. So, bottom line, if the skin is irritated MC it will start going away.
            My two daughter had MC and I went through the process of seeing the rash around and spreading the MC more and more even after treatment. But after it was gone I understood that the fact that the skin was so irritated was because it was fitting the MC and they finally went away. Unfortunately, now my 14 month old baby has MC and they are all over his neck, chest and torso. He even has a few on his face. Tomorrow I will start ACV. Since he is so little for the other treatments I decided to not do any of them, but I am so desperate. I had use EMUAID and other cream that I can’t remember at the moment. Neither one worked. I am using at the moment retina, with is just irritating his skin and some are kind of getting dry but I think is not strong enough treatment to get all of the MC.

          • I am suffering for over a year with molluscum and would love to talk with you via email. Are you still around?? I can see that these posts are several years old.



  4. I really want to thank you for sharing your story, it helps to know we are not the only one going through this horrible ordeal. My 22 months old was diagnosed with mulluscum a week ago. Initially I notice one bumb, which I thought was a boil, it turned really white in the center and the next day it just popped. It bled a lot in the center, I didn’t think too much of it, but treated it with neosporine. A few days later, a very similar boil was starting next to that one. I was concerned it could be a virus or fungal infection and that’s when the doctor confirmed it was MCV, he said “this is when playing to be an irresponsible parent will give you a remedy, don’t do anything, it will go away on its own, the treatments are too painful”. I left with my heart on the floor, 6 months or more, of infection? He still nurses and I have to be in contact with him constantly, I am really desperate, thinking it could pass on to myself and then start an impossible cycle. Ever since then I have been looking for something to help. With only one scabbed and another on its way. I started the ACV a ay ago, It didn’t do anything to the scabbed one, the other showed signs of a little white in the center, but later it turned red again after more acv. Today I found 4-5 red tiny spots more. Did you notice more coming out after the acv treatment? I am bathing him with acv and putting the cotton with acv on the dots at night. I guess I really need to be patience like you said it could be too soon and they are not mature enough to react, but why are more coming out so fast? Did you experience anything like that? I also wanted to know if you know of what would be good to use if the skin dries too much. I also, read it could be transmitted with saliva, do you know anything about that? Thank you so much for everything!

    • SK, I lost a lot of comments on this post (200+) during my recent move to WordPress. Otherwise, you would have noticed that several parents mentioned the same thing. After giving the ACV baths, it seems that many first experience more bumps, which may be the ACV pulling out the bumps that were dormant.

      Don’t worry about this, just keep treating your son, and you should see improvement soon (all the bumps turning red, then black and scabbing over).

      How old is your son, and where are the Molluscum on his body?

      If you are consistent with giving him the baths (and perhaps even treating a couple of the bumps individually with the cottonballs once he is sleeping), then you should be able to get rid of the MC within 2 – 4 weeks. Of course, we are all different, and from others’ experience (all those lost comments), the time for it to work really varies.

      I hope you will return to let us know, how the ACV treatment is working out for you and your son.

      • Thank you SOOOO much for the quick response. My son is 22 months old, his first bump appeared on his right shin. We don’t go out much, but to the grocery store, I am guessing he may have contacted it on a shopping cart 🙁

        It is not an easy game with him, he definetely does like the ACV, but will continue the treatment as best as possible for sure. Will come back in a few weeks with how it’s going with the treatment.

        How sad to loose all the other comments.

        Thanks a million!

  5. OMG I have not started the treatment yet but my daughter is 7 and has 1 large one on her arm and a few small ones around that one. The large one popped and white junk came out. I to was told by both doctors over a year ago that it would go away it does look beter but not gone. I am going to try this but do you recomend a bath for a child of that age? or just the cotton ball treatment?

    • Jennifer, one of my sons had it for more than a year as well, before we finally discovered the ACV treatment, and I will never look the same way at apple cider vinegar again:) If it was me, I would use both methods. Treat the big bump tonight after she goes to sleep with the cottonball treatment (this way it is more likely to stay on all night), and then start the ACV baths for the next 1 – 2 weeks. The reason why I recommend both methods is that the baths seem to draw out hidden MC bumps, that would otherwise appear after you thought you got rid of everything. So be meticulous and consistent, and hopefully your daughter will soon be rid of this crazy virus forever.

      I hope you will return to let me (and other hopeful and desperate parents) know how it worked for you and your daughter.

      Good luck!

  6. Hi jrfrugal mom,
    I am so glad that I found your site. I left about 4 comments on your previous site and I haven’t been on in a while, but my 5 year old son developed MC last July and because of the ACV treatments, and the baths, he is all cleared!! thank god!!! I am still dealing with my 7 year old daughter with it, but this is working. I was going out of my mind but I finally feel like I have some control on this. To all of the people reading this comment, don’t give up and stick with it. This treatment absolutely works, we tried so many different things but nothing helped. I don’t know what I would have done without the Internet. Thank you again

    • Kathy, I am so glad that you found your way back here. I am so sad to have lost all the comments from blogger, in fact these were the only comments I really cared about, but somehow it just did not work out.

      I am sorry to hear that you are still dealing with this on your daughter, and I hope she will be MC free soon. How long has your daughter had it?

      Also thank you for your encouraging words to all the other parents, I know it means the world to know that someone else has actually successfully beaten Molluscum with the ACV.

      • Hi jrfrugal mom,
        I haven’t been on in a while but i wanted to give you an update. My daughter is pretty much done but my son got it back!!! I blame myself because here in Mass. we had a warm stretch and we set up our pool early and I didn’t cover my daughter’s bumps and my son probably touched her shoulder or shared the same towel. But I did more reading about swimming and I read we all need to cover all bumps with waterproof band aids but researchers can’t pinpiont if the virus can live in the water. So we all need to be very careful. I will keep you posted and to all of the people that have posts on here, I feel your pain and just hang in there the ACV treatment will eventually work take care. 🙂

        • Wow, Kathy – that’s just crazy! How long was your son MC free, before he got it again? I have heard of other people, where they have gotten MC again. I too have read a lot of different information in regards to MC and water, since I was hoping to have my son take swimclasses last year. In the end we opted not to, and we waited to go in a pool until he was complete MC free. We had two doctors tell us it wasn’t a problem though, and the dermatologist said just to cover it.

          I have also read that August is the big month, where a lot of kids come in to see the doctor with MC, because they have been going to pools all summer…

          I hope you will finally be able to get rid of this crazy virus for good, and that no one else in the family gets it.

          Good luck!

          • Hi again,
            My son has been MC free since Feb. so I thought that was it, but my daughter had about 4 bumps and I didn’t do anything with her for a about two weeks and then the swimming started. To me she looks like she is done but since my son has one stubborn bump that hasn’t changed yet since Monday but he also has it in a spot that first of all is in an odd and embarrasing area to treat it has been a battle. So today I am going to scrub the pool toys with soap and water and luckily for me, it hasn’t been swimming weather for the past week. I will keep you posted.

          • Hi again I gave my daughter her tub last night and i noticed that her bumps looked really good but I noticed she had a new bump on her back. I treated it with cotton last night but I didn’t see any difference. Do you think I should try again or should I wait a few days? As for my son, he has one bump in a hard place to treat and I have been trying to treat it but every time I put a cotton ball on it, he would squirm so much that it would move and his skin right next to the spot was so raw. I have been giving him 2 tubs a day. Do you think that just the tubs could clear this last bump or should I wait to try to treat it again? I have spent so much money on apple cider vinegar. Thia is CRAZY!!! Thanks again. 🙂

  7. I just recently started the ACV treatment but a couple of my sores are turning white in the middle and breaking open? do i still apply the acv? and is this when they are still active? also when they scab over are they dead and can i stop using the acv? thank you!

    • One or two nights with the cottonball treatment on each bump should be enough, if not I highly recommend doing the ACV baths at the same time. When they are white in the middle they are very contagious, so make sure you do not scratch (I know it’s tough), and that you do not rub with the towel when drying etc.

      Once they get black, the next step is healing….and then it should no longer be contagious. I want to caution just how contagious Mc is though, it is essential that you do a lot of laundry when you are trying to get rid of MC.

      Good luck!

  8. Can I just say THANK YOU for your post and all the comments (that I thankfully read last week before your webhost move!)…I finally feel like I have a “plan of attack” because the prescription cream was not making a noticeable difference (we’ve been using it every night for 2 months). It seemed that the cream was most potent on my daughter’s bumps that had been scratched, but I’ve been religious about trying to prevent scratching (long sleeves, zippered footed pajamas, close monitoring during bathtime and when being dressed). I’ve been doing the ACV treatment for one week and notice several bumps scabbing over but none really turning black…she has about 80 bumps total (imagine my stress level each night treating them individually with the cotton balls!) and most are definitely scabbing after the week of cotton balls and ACV baths. Some still appear the same and I am guessing they are “immature” ones as you mention in your follow-up post. I’m going to continue this course of treatment, but wonder if you could advise about the bumps turning black…does that definitely happen to indicate the contagious-ness is gone? We are careful with pajamas, clothing, and towels and washing after one use. And I started using neosporine cream 2 days ago on scabbed bumps. Thanks again for your posts, and your responses to comments…I find them so very comforting!

    • KS, I am so happy to hear that you were able to read all the other comments from parents just like you….before they ended up disappearing in my move. Wow, 80 bumps! Well, they do add up quickly, don’t they…especially once those little once start popping up.

      Since I’m not a doctor, I cannot really say much about the contagiousness after the bumps turn black other than I definitely recommend being vigilant in keeping everything clean. If you can keep up the cotton ball treatment every other night or so (at least for as long as your daughter will let you), and then just keep at it with the ACV baths. If you are persistent, I hope your family will soon be MC free. About the blackness…, as long as some of them are scabbing over, I would just continue. Some of these small once, and the once that are immature can be very stubborn, but if everything goes the way it is supposed to and you keep attacking the bumps with the ACV, then hopefully your daughter’s body will eventually reject the virus. (This is what my son’s doctor said he believed was happening, that by attacking the mature bumps, the body eventually realized that it had to reject the virus)

      My son was so eager to get rid of the Molluscum (after dealing with it for more than a year) that he actually asked to take ACV baths several times a day if he was home. Although he has been MC free for almost a year, he still only wants to wear long pants to school…which shows you what an effect this virus can have on the kids.

      Good luck with everything, I hope you will soon be MC free.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this information about ACV treatment for Molluscum Contagiosum!! My 13 year old son had it on one side of his back to start with. Our doctor treated it a few times with a medication used for warts and it helped. a little. It had been almost a year and they just recently spread pretty bad… more on his back, under his arm, butt and knee. Summer is approaching and we were desperate to have this ugly virus gone from his skin! I started googling natural home remedies for MC and then I found your post, and many others, about ACV treatment. I thought what the heck, let’s try it — it can’t hurt anything. I am SO GLAD that I did! The first night I soaked little cotton balls in ACV and taped them with bandaids to his bumps and he slept overnight with them on. They stung a little but he said he could tolerate it. The next morning they looked pretty gross, but you could actually see the virus in the middle had turned black! I couldn’t believe it. We did the same the second night and the third night, we just put ACV right on the cotton on the bandaid. He also soaked twice in the ACV bath. Some of the sores that were open we applied Neosproin and bandaid during the day so they did not get infected. Within 3 days those suckers have now turned to scabs. They are healing!! And I have not seen any others pop up. If I do we will apply ACV right away! My brother-in-law is our doctor and I am sharing this information with him to share with other patients who may be batteling this terrible skin virus! Thank you again for sharing!!

    • Vic, I am so glad to hear that the ACV treatment is working on your son’s MC. I know too well how eager you are to get rid of the Molluscum before the summer. Even if the bumps are scabbing over, I highly recommend that you continue with the ACV baths for at least two weeks. As far as I understand MC bumps can lay dormant under the skin for up to two weeks, so the ACV baths should help kick down any potential new bumps.

      I hope your son will be MC free in a week or two, and yes definitely tell your brother-in-law about the ACV treatment. I remember how amazed my son’s doctor was, when I showed up with a MC free child a few weeks later….hopefully we can all help others who are dealing with this virus with no solution other than wait-and-see…

  10. THANK YOU!! I can’t tell you how happy I am I found your blog. My 10 year old son has about 14 MC spots on his back and has had them for about 6 months, now. Everything I read said to leave them alone and they’d go away eventually–eventually meaning up to 2 years!! Then I noticed that my 4 year old daughter had developed one on her belly. As meticulous as I was about keeping them clean, away from one another…she still got it. I am so glad to have found such a simple remedy. I have treated them now for 3 nights, and several of his spots are turning black. He fusses a little about the stinging, and I think the vinegar is burning the surrounding skin, so tonight I applied a little neosporin on the surrounding skin before I put the ACV cotton balls on. I also gave him some Benadryl for the itching so that he’s not scratching and spreading the virus.

    Once again, THANK YOU! MC was making me nuts…and I pray we are rid of it in a few weeks!!

    • Jennifer, I too am so glad that you found this post. It surely sounds like your son’s MC is reacting to the ACV the way it is supposed to. I remember being cautiously optimistic, when I first heard about the ACV treatment, but it was not until I saw them turning black that truly believed in it.

      Did your daughters bump react to the Apple cider vinegar? When my youngest son developed his first one, it would not be budged by the ACV. I waited about four weeks and tried again, and this time around I got rid of it…and all the other bumps that had appeared since I first tried the treatment.

      I hope your son and daughter will soon be rid of this crazy monster.

  11. hiya, i am so happy i found your story. im going to guy some apple cider vinegar today, can you just get it from the supermarket? my daughter is 2 1/2 and has had MC spots around her underarm for a couple months now and after using lots of different cream nothing seems to help. i will try bathing her in it tonight and let you know how it goes. 🙂

    • Yes, Hayley you should be able to find the Apple Cider Vinegar at any supermarket. It does not matter which brand it is either, so just get the biggest bottle of the store brand. I hope it works on your daughter, just remember to be consistent and don’t give up. Good luck!

  12. Did you cover each bump with a bandaide the next day or just put clothing over him after you removed the cotton ball treatment? I have not tried the bath yet but going to tonight! I started with his arms and chest and will probably tackle the legs in a few day. I am worried about bandaide reaction. But I did notice this morning a few heads came out and I am so excited about it : ) Also how full was the bathtub? He also has 2 on his eyebrow do you suggest doing anything there?

    • Mommy Jackson, I took the cottonballs/bandaids off in the morning and let it air dry. You do not want to leave the bandages on too long, as these can irritate the skin. I used the small baby bathtub, so that my little ones were covered. If you have a big bathtub, I suggest that you fill it up as much so that your son’s Molluscum affected area is covered…of course except for the ones on his eyebrow.

      As for the bumps on his eyebrow…I can only speak as a mother, as I am not a medical professional, but I personally think it is too risky to treat them with the ACV, as the vinegar could get in his eyes. If everything goes well, and you attack the rest of the bumps then the ones by his eyebrow should disappear by himself.

      Good luck with the treatment, it is always exciting once you see that first reaction, and hopefully it will keep on happening.

      • Thank you so much, we have been treating him with veregan ointment for the last 2 weeks (the dermo gave up some samples) we are almost out and found out it was going to cost us $360 for a 5 days supply and we need to use it up to 16 weeks. I think I cried for 2 days and did alot of research and came up with getting him childrens vitiams that have alot of zinc+Vitamin c+echinacea called yummi bears (the instructions suggest only useing for 10 days on and 10 day off then back on for 10 day then off) then the ACV treatment to my suprise I saw instant results. After the 1st night heads (or seeds) were starting to come out and some were turning black. This is night 2 and now doing the full body, I will probably only do this tonight and then ACV baths for the next 2-4 weeks. He has so many (around 100 from the top of his head to the ankles).and has been a real trooper, he badly wants them gone so his summer is not spent in long sleeves and pants and no pool. Once these go away we will visit the dermo and let then know what we did. I never heard of this until my son had it and to my suprise once I told a few people he had it several parents came out to say their children once had it to. I was very angry at first when me DS Dr said oh its no big deal will go away in 3 months (that was when we had one)bump Now we are fighting 100 and had no sign of hope for a fun summer until now. Thank you so much for this post.

        • Mommy Jackson, that’s the thing, we are all told that it is no big deal, wait and see…..and then we discover how bad it gets. One of my son ended up with hundreds of bumps as well, and like you I feared what the summer would bring, and then the start of school and no swimming lessons.

          It sounds like you are on the right track, and I think that as long as you keep up with the ACV baths after these couple of nights with the cottonball treatment, then your son will be ready for the warm weather soon. Just keep at it, and it sounds like he wants them gone so badly that he will do anything to get rid of them.

          I was ready to spend the money on the cream too, but the price is crazy, and even then it is only supposed to make it go away faster but still up to six months according to our dermatologists.

          Once again GOOD LUCK! I hope you will come back and let us know how everything works out in a couple of weeks, and I hope you bring positive news.

          • Sorry it took so long to respond but we have been Molluscum free since May. Just in time for shorts season. Thank you so much for offering you advise it works : )

  13. Hi I just saw this website today and am so glad I did! I started off with one bump on my leg 5 months ago and now have 22 on both legs! Unfortunately the spread was due to shaving I think. I went to see my GP as soon as the first bump appeared and then to a dermatologist, both saying that they would go away. They have not. I started getting them frozen off with liquid nitrogen which hurts so much and havent seen many results (only one of them has turned black). I went out today and bought ACV and am sitting in bed with ACV soaked cotton wool buds stuck to my legs! Heres hoping they work as I am NOT going to go through summer with these horrible looking bumps all over my legs!
    One quick question, once the bumps have turned black, do I keep applying the cotton wool soaked buds or just bathe in ACV? Also, is the black bump area supposed to hurt? It is a bit tender..
    Thanks once again, I am so excited to see the results and see if it works for me!!

    • MM, once the bumps turn black, you do not need to use the direct cottonball treatment on them again. Just keep at it with the ACV baths for a few weeks to make sure that you get ALL of the bumps, so that you can soon show off your legs again.

      Since I have not had Molluscum myself (just the kids), I cannot speak to whether or not the black bump area is supposed to hurt, but I imagine it might be a bit sore. I hope this works for you, good luck!

      • It has now been about 6 months and the end is in sight!! I have been getting the bumps frozen off (like warts are frozen off) every 3-4 weeks for the past few months in addition to using acv treatments.
        I used direct acv cotton ball treatments every night for about 2 weeks but then had to discontinue at my doctors instructions as they started to burn my skin.
        I have continued the acv baths and freezing treatments however and the doctor says that i do not need anymore freezing treatments as most of the bumps now are a light pink colour and are no longer raised or have the pimple like look. Some of them will probably scar a little but i dont really mind as long as they are gone!!! My doctor has suggested that I put vitamin E cream on the bumps to stop the scarring so i think that is helping too.
        I only had the one bump on the back of my leg turn black and i think that one is going to take the longest to disappear!
        Just wanted to say a big thanks to jrfrugal for this site as it has definitely sped up the process!!
        Jrfrugall, how do you make sure that they dont come back or spread again? Should I have an acv bath once every couple of weeks to be on the safe side?? I do NOT want these coming back ever!!!!

        • MM I am thrilled to hear that you are finally at the end…even if it took six months and freezing the bumps on too….

          I am curious about the vitamin E cream, is there a specific brand that the doctor recommended?

          With my boys I continued the ACV baths until there were no more bumps to be seen…..and my attitude is definitely better save than sorry.

  14. Hello! I am so thankful that I have found your post! I have a 7 yr old daughter and a 5 yr old son, both with MC. I first noticed about 6 or 7 bumps on my daughter’s back leg, right below her bottom. I treated them with some different creams and ointments and nothing helped. A few weeks later, my son had 1 tiny bump on his chest, and I know it was time to go and see the dermatologist. She recommended that we go ahead and curettage them off since there were not very many. Well, I was very hesitant, but took her advice and we did it. My kids were troopers, there was a little bit of whining, but it was really fast and not too painful. About two weeks later, I noticed a few more tiny ones creeping up on each of them, so, we went back to the dermatologist and did it again. A few weeks later, same thing, same story. We have been going and having them removed, and it is really starting to get costly, plus, it really isn’t working. I noticed a little bit of scaring on my daughter’s leg, and the last time we went, my son cried because it was hurting him, and I decided that was the last time for the curette! My daughter only has about 2 new ones, and my son has about 3 or 4 as of now. I tried dabbing the ACV with a cotton ball on two of my son’s last night, and an hour later, one was already black! I will continue to use your instructions and let you know how it goes. It’s strange to get excited about treating MC, but I have a good feeling about it! Thanks again for your post and your kind words!

    • Angela it sounds like quite an ordeal you and the kids have been through, and I surely hope that the ACV treatment will be what will finally rid your family of this plague.
      Just make sure to continue with the ACV baths for at least two weeks, as the Molluscum can lay dormant under the skin for about two weeks before it appears after an area has been exposed.

      I hope you will return to keep us updated on your children’s progress, it is always encouraging for other parents in the same situation to hear about those who successfully got rid of the virus.

      Good luck!

  15. Hello, my 6 yr old has about 50 or so on her torso, back and legs. How can I apply a cotton ball to each or has anyone tried a large surface covering before?

    • JB, be careful with covering too many at once, as the ACV can burn the skin. What I did (and my boys both had lots of bumps, when we started the treatment) was to attack 2-4 bumps at a time for a couple of nights, and at the same time we did the ACV baths. In the end we did not need to cover all the bumps, because between the two methods all the bumps were gone after two weeks. (even the once we did not treat directly).

      Good luck!

      • Thank you, I will certainly give it a try.

      • So even some mature bumps went away just with the baths & and not being direct treated? That’s what I’m hoping for as my daughter has over 100 bumps and it’s going to take forever if i have to direct treat each one 🙁

        • Yes, if you do the two methods together, you only have to directly treat a few bumps a day. If you are consistent with the two methods together, but especially with the baths, then the body will hopefully reject the virus and that’s when everything just starts scabbing over. This was our pediatrician’s explanation for what happened with our kids. Consistency is key.

  16. We found your site and information 2 nights ago. Our daughter has had this for almost a year and nothing has even begun to touch them. we started the treatment last night with bath and individual soaking. This morniming we woke up and the spots had just turned a lite grey color. They are on the back of her leg behind knee and when she came home today from school they had turned black and they look awful . They are also painful to her should we be alarmed from the site of them, should we continue individual treatment or just bath soak. We are excited but nervous thanks anthonys

    • Anthonys, it sounds like everything is going according to the plan. How many bumps does your daughter have? If it was me, I would continue giving her ACV baths only every day for the next couple of days. This way you can see how the ones you have treated react….they should start scabbing over and start healing. If these bumps heals fine, and she still has remaining bumps that the ACV baths do not get rid of, then try the direct cottonball treatment on a couple of more. Keep up with the ACV baths for at least 2 weeks to make sure that you get rid of EVERYTHING! The last thing you want is for it to show up again a few weeks after you have celebrated the victory.

      Good luck, and please don’t hesitate to come back and let us know how it went. Our experiences are all a little bit different, and perhaps there are parents out there wondering just the same thing you are. This post is visited by hundreds of people every day, who are all looking for a way to get rid of the Molluscum monster.

      • Just wanted to touch base with results ,the bumps have all gone away total of six they have now formed scabs that look like I know this is a bad discription but cigarette burns they look painful and bad but better than bumps. Just wondering about scaring and what is the best treatment for healing the scabs. This seemed to work so far and wanting some closure .

        • I am glad to hear that the bumps are gone. We used neosporin, the CVS scarring cream and made sure that our sons were getting vitamin e. while they were healing.

          One of my sons have two small scars on his belly after it (out of 50+ bumps), and the other who had 100+ bumps does not have any scars. It may be different from person to person, but we did the above to be on the save side. Whether the neosporin and scarring cream actually worked I cannot say, but I wanted to be on the safe side.

  17. Thank you so much! My 9 year old son has been battling MC since last summer. He is currently taking medication to suppress his immune system, so we initially thought it was a side affect. We had 3 different specialist look at it and everybody said it would just go away, which of course it has not. I have now applied the ACV for past couple of days and we are seeing results, the white heads and a few turning black. I am a little concerned on one area there is a large red area around the spots, so we are skipping the ACV treatments tonight and just applying antibiotic and covering with a band aid. The area that is read is not hot to the touch, so I am not sure if is infection or just irritation. Did anyone experience this?

    I am so grateful to have come across this sight and will continue treating my son with ACV baths tomorrow. He wears snorkeling goggles so he doesn’t have to smell it, he is being a trooper and wants to be normal again!

    • SC, that is a long time to be battling with MC, believe me I know. With one of my sons (the one I am describing in this post) it took a year before it completely exploded, and I became desperate….a year is a long time to deal with stuff like this.

      Before I moved my blog to this blogging platform I had more than 200 comments on this posts
      (they unfortunately got lost in the move), and some of the commenters also mentioned that they were on immune suppressing medication and the ones who were had a very difficult time getting rid of the MC. So, don’t get frustrated if it takes a little longer than the two weeks that I have mentioned, hopefully you will soon be rid of it though.

      The redness sound normal, but yes giving the direct ACV/cottonball treatment is rough, and if you are seeing the change in the bumps, you can just try the ACV baths from now on, If you see a couple of stubborn bumps you can always try again w/ the cottonballs in a week or two.

      Good luck, and please come back to let me know how it works out for you. I could not help but laugh about the goggles comment, that’s just too funny.

      • UPDATE

        Just thought I would give a quick update on how great ACV is for treating nasty MC. We treated my son for about 3 weeks and then went on vacation for a week in Florida swimming in the ocean and all of the MC had dried up by then end of the week. He has a lot of scares, but the bumps are all gone. This site is wonderful and has helped so many families treat MC that modern medicine seemly can’t.

        Thank you again!

  18. Hello. I have been searching all night trying to find out what the bumps are on my daughter’s neck and chest. It’s only on one side and there are only about 8-10. At first I thought they were skin tags because my mother and my 13 year old have a few on their necks. My daughter has just turned 6 so I thought it would be odd for her to get them so young, and as time went on I realized they were looking more like pimples that never really got a head on them…not like loose pieces of skin. As I was looking up photos of skin tags on children on the internet, I came across pictures of Molluscum Contagiousum and I’m sure that’s what she has.
    Thank you so much for sharing this remedy!!! I will try it and report back but I had one question first… with the bumps on her neck, they seemed to just appear all of the sudden, and at first she said they were itchy but no longer itch. As I was looking her over tonight, I noticed that all over her abdomen she has tiny (really tiny) bumps that feel a bit rough. THAT is what made me really look into this because I would hate for all of those tiny bumps to turn into the larger ones. Just to be safe I will start the baths and apply the cotton balls to the larger bumps on her neck. Do you know if this is how they start out?

    • Kim, it sure sounds like your daughter has a case of Molluscum. Are you able to take her to her pediatrician, I am sure he/she will be able to confirm it for you.

      As for how they start out…it really varies and the time they stay varies. Each of my sons had one bump that they started out with which stayed forever, and then another bump would show, and perhaps one more, then one would go away, and another one would show….and then like you have described all of a sudden the bumps seemed to be everywhere. Some of them were smaller, some of them were big etc…but you will be able to distinguish them from say an allergy rash because of their pimple like appearance.

      Don’t be scared, if she at first seems to be getting more bumps after the ACV baths. This is quite common and my theory (remember I am not a doctor, so it’s just a mother’s theory) is that the ACV brings out the molluscum bumps that have been dormant under the skin. Attack a couple of the bigger pimplelike bumps with a cottonball overnight, and treat the rest of them with the ACV bath….hopefully this will work and your daughter will soon be back to normal.

      The itchiness stages also seem very similar to what my sons encountered, at some point they were itchy and at some point they were not. No matter what I tried I could not get my sons to stop itching though, which of course helped spread it to other spots.

      Make sure to be vigilant about washing sheets, towels etc., so that your other daughter does not get it. I can only imagine what it must be like to be a teenager with Molluscum.

      Good luck, and please come back to let us know if it works for your daughter.

  19. I’m so glad I found your site! I was told I have MC last Friday and after so many hours researching this on the internet I went and brought AVC today. It started a few months ago with just one on my butt cheek and withen the last week they’ve multiplyed something bad! They moved to the inside of my cheek to the other and then up towards my torso.. so they’re in bits you REALLY don’t want them!! I’m a 28 yr old female so it’s rather embarrassing and really starting to emotionally get to me! I’ve probably been harsh with the ACV on myself.. I popped 2 this morning (I was told to get rid of the core, put betadine on them and then a bandaid) Well I can’t really get a bandaid on this area, WAY too sensitive..so i dabbed ACV on them ( hurt sooooo much!) and I’ll do it for a few days or until I can see a difference. I’ve now noticed my son has 1 big one on his foot and 2 smaller ones on his arms so I cut up a tiny bit of a make up pad and soaked it in ACV and it went on with a bandaid before bed. I really hope he doesn’t get any more! I’ll come back and let you know how they go in the next few days..the horrible part is I know have to explain it to my Mum who watches him when I’m at work and then his Dad who has him a couple times a week..I really hope they all clear up soon 🙁

    • Bek, it must be awful to have these as a grown up, I can only imagine. I remember being horrified of getting them myself, but fortunately both my husband and I as well as one of our sons escaped…

      As for those hard to reach and very sensitive areas…..I highly recommend soaking yourself in an acv bath. If you don’t have a bathtub, use a big bin or hey even one of those cheap $5 kiddie pools. Seriously, if it was me, I would do anything to get rid of it.

      I hope you’ll get rid of it soon, and that your son won’t get any more than the one. Even though he only has one, they might lay dormant under the skin, so an ACV bath might do him some good too.

      Good luck!

  20. Im in my 20s and have a terrible case of molluscum…well over a 100. It started on my butt but has since spread to another ‘sensitive’ area, entire legs, hips, and arms. It’s awful! I’ve been twice and had them burned off, but more just keep coming snd im told tp just wait and theyll go away…but they are not. Going on a cruise in a few weeks and reeeeally want them gone. I’m going to try the treatment, I was wondering…when taking the baths, do you need to have the entire affective area or palples covered? Because of the location of some of mine, the high number, and that I don’t have someone to help me apply the individual taped over spots…will it still be effective? Or just try to cover best I can? Or is it bathe then do the individual treatment? Any advise on getting rid of so many would be appreciated!

    • Also, any suggestions on how long of a bath?

      • SB, I am sorry to hear how bad your case is, and while I do not want to get your hopes up too much, it certainly is hard not to. If you are adamant and persistent in doing this ACV treatment, you could be MC free in a few weeks.

        You do not have to cover everything with the ACV cottoballs as long as you also do the ACV baths, and I strongly believe that the best trenatment is a combination of the two plus extreme cleanliness (washing linens and towels every day, and not wearing clothes twice etc.) This is what worked for my two boys, and one of them had bumps everywhere and many in very sensitive areas.

        Just attack a handful of the mature (the pimple like bumps) bumps at night with a cottonball soaked in ACV (make sure that as little healthy skin is touched). Once or twice a day take the ACV baths….I tried to get my boys to sit in it for at least 30 minutes, which might be why it was so effective.

        Don’t be scared, if it seems like the ACV bath pulls out more bumps at first, they have basically just been hiding and would come out eventually anyway. Just keep at it with the cottonball treatment and the ACV baths, and you should soon be able to combat all 100+ bumps. Don’t stop until they are all gone!

        After they are gone, try to keep up with the ACV baths at least every couple of days for a week or two….just to make sure that there are no hidden bumps.

        When you get them burned or freeze off, you are not able to treat the areas that have already been affected but do not show bumps yet…which is why they will keep coming back.

        Please come back to let us know, how (and if) the ACV treatment/bath worked for you, how long it took etc. We are all different, and so is the way that the body responds to the treatment. A lot of people come here with the same questions, and perhaps you encounter problems etc., that I haven’t.

        Good luck! I hope you will be MC free in time for the cruise.

        • I am trying sooo hard to be positive, but it’s getting tough. I feel like its working on some but I am just covered. Is it normal for parts of skin to look red and a little rashy? Is this just more underneath pnes coming? I have very few that are actually popable. Some get dark in the center but I just can’t tell if it’s working as well as everyone’s I keep reading…partially I’m sure because I’ve examined my whole body so much. Any suggestions how much vinegar to put in the bath? A lot of these involve kids so I’m not sure if that means smaller dose they use and I need different amount. I feel after reading so many posts it has to work eventually, I just might have a lot that are underdeveloped. Any additional advice you have on specifics that have worked well for others my age would be great. Although I feel a little down, it’s comforting seeing how many others it has worked for that eventually it will work for me too…doing something’s always better than nothing!

          • SB, I am so sorry to hear that you are not seeing the results that you need to. Are you still doing the direct cottonball treatment on some of them? How often do you treat them? How often do you take the ACV baths?

            You should be seeing better results by now, and yes I know you started out with 100s, but still. When the first of my sons started treatment, he too had between 50 and 100.

            I would suggest 7 cups to 1 gallon per bath, but again it depends on how much you fill it up and how big your bathtub is. The best thing you can do is really just experiment and see what happens.

            If they get dark in the center after the ACV treatment that is a good sign. The red/rashy skin is that where you are treating with the direct cottonball treatment or is it everywhere?

            The ACV is definitely not gentle on the skin, but I did not see any effects from the ACV baths just from the direct treatment, but yes redness did occur around those area where I used the cottonball treatment, and the bandages did not help.

            Since I have only dealt with this in two of my sons, I can only speak from our experience. I can tell you though that in the comments (200+) I lost when I moved blogging platforms, a lot of adults were having a harder time getting rid of MC despite the ACV treatment. Some were taking immune suppressing medicine for other reasons, but other than that I don’t know why it is more difficult for adults to get rid of.

            The only thing I can do is to encourage to keep at it. I know you have your cruise coming up, and I can imagine that you feel as if you are running out of time. If you follow all of the steps that I have mentioned in the post, then at least you are doing everything you can, and who knows maybe all of a sudden the transformation will come.

            Are you seeing any of the bumps scab over and start to heal? At all???

            While I have not tried this myself, others have mentioned that they felt taking Echinacea helped up their immune defense, and I personally recommend taking vitamin E (pills) to help your skin heal as well. Once the bumps start scabbing over and healing, I also highly recommend using scar cream and neosporin to minimize any potential scarring.

          • Thank you so much for being prompt at responding so far… I didn’t know what to do as far as an amount as an adult since so many were about kids. I was only doing about 5 cups and then switched to a gallon (now with a little extra). It did not go away before my cruise, but I think the week off did me good both physically and mentally. I just got back Sunday and started treatments of baths and cotton balls again. I’ve been taking a bath daily after work and putting cotton balls on ones I think are bad. In sure I’m doing way more cotton balls than necessary but I am determined. Since I’ve started since my week and a half hiatus from the treatment, more pop up white or turn dark and scan than ever before. While I don’t want to get too optimistic, I feel like the break helped them get more ready to be healed, is that crazy to think? I’m sure you know how painful ( and expensive!) getting them burned off and not even really working feels, but I think I’ve made positive strides since I got back. Since they are now starting to turn, do you have any recommendations on the treatment plan going forward? I know I’ve only been aggressive with baths and cotton balls every night for little less than a week. How long should I proceed daily and then ween off that will give me a piece of mind I might be done? It sucks that’s there’s no deadline or set time frame I know, but any advice from your experience or others you know would be so helpful and appreciated. I want to enjoy summer and get these pesky bumps gone! I can not thank you enough for your blog and responses to give me some form of hope which I am finallyyyy seeing some result again…thanks again, please let me know your thoughts.

          • Also,for anyone else reading, I use new towels and sleeping clothes daily and consistent cleanliness where I sleep. I also put bandaids over Amy suspicious looking ones during the day until I am able to get home and do the vinegar treatments. While I still have what seems like most my body covered in this awful virus, help does seem to be slowly coming.

          • SB, I am so sorry to hear that it did not go away before your cruise, and I surely hope that you were able to enjoy yourself despite of it.

            You know, after everything I have seen from treating my two boys, I am not surprised if the bumps would be reacting better after a break. I hope the virus is ready to say goodbye, because it sure seems like you are ready to get rid of it once and for all.

            Good luck SB, I truly hope you will win this second round.

  21. Hi. I tried the apple cider vinegar treatment. It worked, but i was WAY too agressive with it. I’ve burned my skin with the vinegar. I now have 3 scars and a big scab that is healing. Do you think it will scar and not go away?

  22. Oh NO! I’m SO sorry you have lost your previous thread!! I came back to leave a second update. I really, really hope you are able to retrieve what you’ve lost. It was a wealth of information for families like ours. I will leave my story for this thread.

    We learned our almost 2 year old son had MC in Oct 2011. The doctor said that it’s contagious and there’s nothing to do and it would go away in about a year. We were not accepting that, so we started researching. We did not come across the previous thread then, so we went and bought the over the counter stuff. After 3 months of 2 baths per day, changing towels, wash cloths, and jammies every time it was not working. I set out on a mission to find an answer.

    Thanks to jrfrugal we found our answer!! In late January, we started the ACV treatments. Our son has very sensitive skin, so we went the way of the tubby. 1/2 cup every day for 20 mins then rinsed and cleaned him as usual. We still continued to change the wash cloth, towel, and jammies because we did not want to take the chance of reinfecting him. After 3 weeks of this the MC was gone…GONE!!! We’ve decided to continue on a maintenance program. At first we did every 3 days, then to every 5 days. We did this for 5 weeks, and now are on every 7 days now. So far…so good!!

    When I first read the previous thread, I was desperate for an answer and was in tears writing my concerns to jrfrugal. I never would have thought that a little over 2 months later I would be here writing about how the MC is gone. Thank you so much for helping our family!! Continue to the great work you’re doing on here!!

    • Kelly I am so happy for you, your family and your son. Thank you for coming back to give an update, and thank you for giving the background story too. I know your encouraging words, will help the hundreds of parents and people affected with MC, who stop by here every day to read what others have gone through.

      Keeping him on a maintenance program sounds like a very smart idea, and I know how relieved you must be feeling to be rid of this crazy virus. I wish all of you the very best, and no more MC!

  23. Our 6 year old is now on round 2 of ACV baths, as our 1st round didn’t seem to clear his bumps up. We upped the amount of ACV in the few inches of water in the tub to 1 full gallon as before we were only using 1/2 gallon. I have him lay down for 20 minutes in it. Do you think this amount & time are right?

    • Donna, I am sorry to hear that the first round did not work.
      How long has your son had Molluscum?
      Has it been identified as Molluscum by a doctor or dermatologist?
      How long has it been since you last tried to treat your son with the ACV bath?

      The reason why I ask, is that it did not work for my second son the first time around. I tried giving him the baths and the cottonball treatment,as the first two bumps appeared, but nothing happened.

      Then I waited about four weeks and all of a sudden my son had lots of bumps, and then I tried again. This time the ACV bath and cottonball treatment worked perfectly, and after two weeks of ACV treatments he was all back to normal.

      My doctor’s theory (and mine as well) is that the MC bumps have to have reached a certain stage of maturity to be receptive to the ACV treatment. If you spot a bump that is turning a bit white in the middle, then it is definitely time to try again.

      So my answer to your question, really depends on how long your son has been dealing with the MC. Other than that I can only say give it a try, and see how it works. Just don’t go overboard with the direct ACV/cottonball treatment, as it can burn your son, if you are not careful. The cottonballs with ACV should touch as little healthy skin as possible.

      Good luck!

      • Hello.
        It has only been a couple weeks since his 1st round of ACV baths. And then only about a week and a half off, and now we are on to round 2.
        Yes, it was a confirmed case by a dermatologist in January. I started the treatment as soon as I found your website online. (THANK YOU!)
        I had tired to do the direct cottonball on the most mature bumps at night as well, but he woke up in what I could decribe as a mini night terror, so thinking he might be bothered by the contact I discontinued the direct cottonball treatment at night.
        Also, if I give him these baths immediatly before bedtime, he tends to wake up in a fright too, so I know try to do the baths and then give him at least a half hour before putting him to sleep. It seems to help.
        I may try the direct cotton ball after school up until bedtime maybe?!?
        I have been washing his clothing separately, so his 3 brothers hopefully don’t get this also. However, I see I should be washing his bedding daily.
        Thank you for any input & suggestions you are making!! You are a lifesaver.

        • I hope it works this time around Donna, MC surely is a hassle to deal with, and if you have three other boys, there is even more reason to worry. Thankfully only two out of my three got it, but I can easily see how it can travel from one child to another.

          When/if you try the direct cottonball treatment again, then be careful that you do not try to treat a bump that your son has scratched open. According to other “adults”, who left comments before I switched platforms, adding the ACV to a bump that is already a bit open works much better, but I know from my own experience with m boys that if this hurts a lot! The pain was the reason why we only did a few nights with the cottonball treatment.

          If you can get him to cooperate during the day, leaving the cottonball on for just a few hours should be helpful too. I was able to do this with one of my son’s, because he was so desperate to get rid of the bumps.

          I really hope that the ACV bath will work for you this time around.

          • Well, I’m a little disheartened this morning. We are at the 2 week mark of round two of acv baths, and this second round was a full gallon. They just don’t seem to be helping. I will switch to directly applying the cotton ball, though its hard to find a bandaide that won’t rip his skin off, I’m trying the tape instead this morning. He has about 20 of them, some in groups of 3 and others just single. I know this is not bad, but we are both ready to beat this thing. I wish I could have them instead of him. 🙁 We will keep at it though, maybe this will be better.

          • Donna, I am sorry to hear that it is not working for you. Although I have heard from others that ACV baths on their own can take care of the virus, I personally have only used a combination of the two.

            I am so sorry to hear that your son has such a resistant case of MC. When you first tried the cottonball treatment, did you see any difference, or did he not have them on for long?

            I hope you will keep coming back to update us on your progress, because I am sure that there are many people, who are going through the same thing you are.

            good luck!

          • 3 months later now since my last post in April, but we still are dealing with his mc. The baths did not cure him, so we now just cover his mature bumps with acv cottenballs. He only gets on at a time now, so hopefully we are almost done with them. So far his older 3 brothers have not caught it, I can only hope it stays that way!

  24. Hello,
    I just found your blog last week and was so relieved that there might be a way to get rid of these bumps! I have had them for almost 2 months now. I went to the doctor a month ago and she said they will just go away on their own, but they just seemed to be getting worse. I just started the ACV treatment 2 days ago and am already seeing results. Thank you so much for posting this information! I am going to keep going with the treatment and hoping everything will be clear in a couple of weeks! Thanks again!

    • Meg, I am excited to hear that you are already seeing results. Just keep at it, and hopefully you too will be Molluscum free in no time. I hope you will return to let us know, how long it took and if you were successful in getting rid of everything.

      Good luck!

      • It has been a week since I started the treatment. I have gotten rid of some of the larger bumps through the ACV treatment. Now I am noticing after the baths that many little bumps are showing up. I am going to keep doing the cottonball treatment and hope that new bumps stop popping up. I am hoping in more week I will start to see the area clear up! Keeping my fingers crossed…

        • Meg, it seems that the ACV pulls out a lot of bumps to begin with, and I suspect it is because these bumps have been laying dormant under the skin due to exposure. I hope the ACV treatment continues to work for you.

          • I have been doing the ACV treatment for 2 weeks now. It is killing the ones I treat, but more and more keep popping up. I don’t know if I should continue the cotton ball treatment since I have been putting it on for about 2 weeks straight. My skin is starting to get really sensitive. I am going to continue with the baths though. This is beyond a nightmare! I feel like my life is on hold until I get rid of this…

          • Meg, I am sorry to hear that you are still dealing with it. I would give the cottonball treatment a break, if you have been doing it for two weeks. If you can continue with the ACV baths. Also, if possible can you try to air dry or use a hairdryer instead of a towel. I know it sounds strange, but at this point it is all about preventing exposure to other areas.

            Another thing to really be aware of at this point is to be completely rigid with washing your clothes, your sheets, your towels etc. every single day. It is a lot of work, believe me I know, but the Molluscum is so contagious that the only thing that really works is to go all out.

            Although it might not sound like much, the best part really is that the virus is respectable to the ACV treatment. This is a GOOD thing!

            Good luck Meg! Let us know if anything changes…

          • Well I went to a different doctor last week to get a second opinion and she said that I did not have MC!. She thinks it may have been infected follicles. So I am on an antibiotic now and the bumps are clearing up. I am very happy and would recommend to other adults to get a second opinion b/c adults don’t usually get molluscum as easily as children.

  25. Hello….we too have been dealing with MC for over a year. My 4 year old son was the one that got them at first. Not knowing what they were, I just tried to keep the bumps covered the best I could. I had read that “popping” them and gettting the seed like thing out and then covering them with a bandaid would make them go away. We did this FOREVER and slowly but surely we thought they were going away. Then my 3 year old daughter started gettting them. By now I am very frustruated!!! My son’s bumpe were in his groin and underware area so atleast they were covered all the time, but my 3 year old daughters are all over the back of her knee, her back, tummy and under her armpits. So desperate I started googling again and cam across your blog!!! Sooooo excited to see what her bumps look like in the morning. I had popped alot of them on the back of her leg a couple of days ago, but there were more that had appeared in the past few days so I dipped a small piece of cotton ball in the ACV and apllied it ot each one (probly 6-7) on the back of her knee. I did this at my moms today before we were heading home after easter dinner with my family. On the way home she started screamin bloody murder….when we got home I took the big piece of tape off the back off the back of her knee to look at it and the poor thing…..I guess since some of the skin was “open” it had litterally burner her skin and it had blistered up! I immediately rinsed it off with cool water and then let it air dry and rubbed calamine lotion on it to relieve the burning sensation. I am leaving that big area open tonight ,but the others (under her armpits, back, chest and arms, I took one off just to make sure it wasnt burning her skin as well and it wasnt. I am going to leave those on over night and repeat tomorrow night as well….THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for the treatment idea!!! Will definitely be back in a few days to update!!! Thanks again!!!

    • Amanda, definitely be careful with the direct cottonball treatment with the little ones. Being conservative is the best solution, and just make sure to do the ACV baths daily, as this is a much more mild version.

      I hope your daughter will be MC free soon, so that no one else in your family gets this crazy virus.

      Has your son gotten rid of all of his bumps? Otherwise, I definitely suggest giving him ACV baths too, just to make sure that you get completely rid of the virus.

  26. thank you for posting this blog!!!
    i have MC on my genitals. i am a 17 year old male who got the disease from wrestling -_- i have just applied the ACV on and it stings a bit but im sure the pain is less than cryosurgery… i pray to god that this treatment works so i can have a normal life, and not to mention sexlife.

    • Dano, you are not the first young wrestler with this problem, in fact I have had several wrestlers find their way here out of desperation. Doing the direct cottonball treatment in such a sensitive area is rough, which is why I always advice doing the ACV baths as much as possible.

      Good luck Dano, I hope this works for you!

  27. Jrfrugal, Do you have any advice for treatments of acv on the face? I contracted Dengue Fever while traveling in South Asia, a couple months later I was dx with MC. I have MC on my forehead, eyelids and one on my nose. I can’t soak those areas, but I have been applying acv for the past two months twice a day with a q-tip soaked in ACV. A few of the areas on my forehead have healed, they scabbed over with an eczema type rash and I have several with a depressed center that just won’t go away. There are a few on the corner of my eye and the skin is very sensitive, but I have been applying acv anyway. Those bumps are the normal white bumps but just won’t heal. The ones on my eyelids are flat, almost wart like, so it seems I have them in all stages! I have been very faithful to treat them everyday, I am taking Vit E, etc. Any advice?

    • Mic4353,
      The only advice I can give you is keep treating it the way you have been. The q tip applications really do seem to be the only thing that you can do in such a sensitive area.

      Do you have any bumps in enough distance from your eyes, where you can perhaps leave a small piece of cottonball on overnight? If this is possible, then I would do this. Perhaps if you cut a tiny piece of a cotton pad, it will work better, because a cottonball may be too invasive on your face, and I would not want any ACV to get close to your eyes.

      The reason why I am suggesting this (if possible), is that you basically need to get your body to reject the virus through the ACV treatment, and the qtip treatment might not be aggressive enough to win the battle, although it does seem as if you are making progress. If you have one or two bumps that you can treat aggressively, perhaps this will signal to your body to reject the entire virus.

      If the body rejects the virus, you would not have to treat the bumps on your eyelids, as I definitely do not recommend (and strongly caution) using the ACV around your eyes.

      Good luck with this, it sounds like you are doing everything you can, so just keep at it…

      • Thank you. I will try to carefully tape cotton pads to my face 🙂 I noticed today that they are spreading to my chin now. Also, after I treat an area with the ACV, the skin that seems to be infected turns white for a short amount of time, then returns to normal. I can’t see the new “bad” spots with the naked eye, but I can when I apply the ACV. It’s like the ACV is a gram stain of sorts. Is this something others have noticed.

        Thank you for all of your help!

        • As I’m thinking through this, I wonder….if i soak a wash cloth in warm water with ACV infused in the water then place that on my face for say 30 minutes….would that have a good results?

        • Mic I didn’t notice the whiteness of the skin, but the vinegar is acidic so it does not surprise me. Please be careful when using the cotton pads with ACV, I would hate for you to burn your skin. Make sure that the ACV part is only on the bump itself.

          • The washcloth may work, but again please be careful with treating a large area at the same time. the ACV can burn you, if you are not very careful.

  28. I have been suffering for two years now with only a couple on my thighs. I had them burned off once at the dermatologist, but because they are so contagious, I was reinfected by my husband who had unknowingly caught them around the same time. I had been patient but because they are taking so long, I am starting this treatment tonight. Thank you to all those who have posted! I am nervous to try it and hope I don’t end up with scars. I will update with how it goes!

  29. So glad to find your site! I have been fighting this for the last few months. My daughter has eczema so it has made keeping her from scratching so difficult! i was wondering if you know if using the ACV in the tube would be okay with the eczema. I want to try this, i have tried some other things but they don’t seem to be working. we even tried the beetlejuice once but the blistering was so bad i hate to try it again. thanks so much ahead of time for the help!!

    • want to add one more question, how much ACV would you put in a regular size tub…she is 4 so the baby tub is out. it currently all on her legs so it wouldn’t have to be too deep.

      • Arav, I am not sure about the eczema, so I definitely suggest that you consult with your daughter’s doctor or dermatologist first.

        I usually recommend 7 cups – 1 gallon for a full tub, so if you only fill it up half use about 3 – 4 cups.

        Good luck!

  30. Hi-
    I just discovered molluscum on my 15 month old baby. The pimples are very small right now, and there are alot of them. So I cant put cotton balls on them over night. Do you think/know if I just did the ACV baths, that it would work from preventing it from getting really bad?? My two older kids had molluscum and it was a nightmare. I really don’t want to deal with this again. My baby also seems to have them all over her body!!
    Im so frustrated!
    How do you suggest I go about using the ACV method if the molluscum is only at the beginning stages?

    • Alison, it sounds like you have been through this ordeal way too much. How long did it take for your older kids to get rid of their MC, and how did you get rid of it?

      I can only speak from my own experience, and with my second son the ACV treatment did not work the first time around. My only advice would be give it a try, and if it doesn’t work wait about 2 – 4 weeks again (or until the spots start getting that pimple like look with the white center).

      The ACV baths usually drags out a lot of little bumps to begin with, so at least you’d get everything to the surface now. with the baby, I’d definitely start out with just the ACV baths and see how that work, and if you do decided to do the cottonball treatment, only do 1 or 2 spots at a time, and don’t put the cottonballs on until after the baby is asleep. One of my sons were about 22 months when his first appeared, and this is what I did (although I was unsuccessful the first time around.)

      I hope you’ll come back to let us know how everything went.

      • It took about a year and half for the molluscum to go away with my other two kids. It got really really bad the last 6 months. I constantly had people asking me/them “what are those things on your body”.
        The way I dealt with it the last two times, was I just waited it out like my pediatrician suggested, and when the pimples got big I would pop them and put neosproen and then a bandaid. Then, one day they just stated clearing up on their own. It was almost like when one got really badly infected, (and this happened with both my kids) their body realized there was a virus it had to fight.
        I would really like to prevent it from getting really bad. I just dont want to deal with all the questions and all the pain with the popping and some getting infected.
        I am going to the doctor tomorrow to confirm that it is molluscum, and once it is confirmed, Im gonna try the ACV bath.
        Thanks so much for your reply! I will keep you posted.

        • Wow, Alison, I cannot imagine having to go through this for 1 1 /2 years with two kids, I thought one was enough. I can definitely understand why you do not want to go through this again.

  31. Hi,

    I was diagnosed with MC recently. I’m so grateful I found your page before trying out that expensive cream suggested by my doctor. I’m a bit confused about the quantity of ACV required for each bath. Based on one of your comments, did you mean 1 gallon of ACV for every single bath for a regular bath tub? Please let me know. I just want to get rid of this as soon as possible.

    • Ab, for a full bath tub I recommend 7 cups to 1 gallon. I suggest starting out with the 7 cups and then see how this works. I know you want to get started ASAP, and I fully understand. Remember you do not have to buy the expensive kind of ACV, I just my local store brand version and it worked perfectly.

      • Could you please tell me how much 7 cups would be in litres approx? I have already started with ACV Baths but looks like i’m adding way too less of ACV(like 0.1 litres for one full tub).

        Also after ACV baths, is it a good idea to apply moisturizer to other parts of the body to prevent dryness?

        Thank you so much once again.

  32. I am excited to try this!!! I have had MC for several months now. And there is no end in sight. I am an MMA fighter, so I contracted it from the mats or from someone at the gym. At first it was only on the back of my left leg, but now it has spread to my other leg – my forearms – my stomach and now I think it is going up my neck. Once I knew what it was I stayed out of the gym for two weeks, which is hard for what I do. I finally just covered the affected areas and started back at the gym. The problem is that I train for 3-4 hours at a time, and get super sweaty, and then train like that. So the virus spreads so quickly with such a hot and humid environment. Now that they are going up my neck, I will have to stop training because I won’t be able to cover them. I am going to start the ACV baths tonight after training. I just had one quick question, can I shower after the bath? Or should I just go to bed and leave it on my skin like that? Thanks! I really hope this works because I have been on two different really expensive treatments from my dermatologist, and I have only see it get worse not better.

    • 7dober7, I can just imagine how fast Molluscum spreads in a gym like yours, have you heard of others having it at the gym, or is it all just hush hush?

      As for the showers, you can take a shower afterwards, this is what I did with my boys, but be careful when you dry yourself. The best would be air dry, but just don’t rub when you dry, and wash that towel after every use. It is amazing how fast the MC virus spreads from one part of the body to another once it gets started.

      It sounds like a combination of both treatments will be best for you though, and I highly suggest using the direct cottonball treatment overnight as well. Just don’t go overboard, and make sure to keep the ACV cottonballs away from healthy skin, as it can burn the healthy skin.

      Good luck with it! I hope you’ll come back and give us an update, I am sure that you are not the only one contracting MC from a gym, and I have actually heard from a lot of wrestlers, who have gotten it from wrestling.

  33. This treatment DOES work. My son has had MC for about a year now, and if i wouldent have read this, he would still have it. Ive been treating it and it is ALL gone now. =)

    • Victoria I am thrilled to hear that you won the battle! Awesome! Thank you for letting us all know, sometimes we need a little encouragement, and this sure does it. Good luck to you and your son with your Molluscum free life! It’s time to celebrate!!!

  34. I was diagnosed with MC about 6 weeks ago and have had great success with ACV treatments on larger, more prominent bumps…but what about the small ones that are scattered all around? I do not have a full bathtub at home, so baths are not an option for me. I am trying Zymaderm on small bumps, but I’m not seeing results after about 3 weeks. Any other suggestions for the small bumps that don’t seem to want to go away?

  35. Thanks for your concern and posting your knowledge about this skin infection. I probably experience this Molluscum and as soon as possible, I go to an skin specialist and He gave me medications which help me to over come it. However, this can be prevented by giving extra care of our health like living a healthy lifestyle.

  36. Hi, My 6 year old daughter has about 32 on her neck and 20 on her face. The ones on her face are small and grouped together in two areas of on either cheek, close to her mouth. I can’t soak this area. Can I put a small cotton ball over the groups of 10? I’m worried about burning her face, but at the same time the MC has been getting increasingly worse over the past 6 months and now that it is on her face it seems much easier to spread. Did you just take tiny pieces of a cotton ball to put on each one? How did you avoid it from touching the healthy skin. Thanks

    • ctm, just be careful, and yes use small pieces of cottonballs, If they are really close you can let it cover more than one, but since it is on the face you really have to be careful with burning and scarring. Others who have dealt with bumps in sensitive places like the face, where you cannot use the ACV bath has used a qtip dipped in ACV and just brushed in on the bumps, perhaps this will be a better solution for you.

      In any case, be very careful and don’t overdo it to begin with.

  37. I have gone from the dermatologist freezing the mc on my 4 year old twice to retinol (which she recommended). The freezing was pure HELL for my daughter so I told the dermatologist we could not do it again. After the freezing & retinol did not work I took another mothers advice which was lying in the sun & aloe, which again did not work. I then tried zyma derm which I thought was helping but yet again more popped up. Last night I tried the acv bath & covered some area’s with the cotton balls & acv. This morning I was so happy to see that 4 of the bumps were black. The only bad thing was that she seemed uncomfterable all night. She did not say that it was burning so I am guessing that the bandaids were bothering her. This morning I gave her another acv bath to help take the bandaids off & I thought the water may loosen the bandaids (it did not). Is there something you recommend besides bandaids that may be easier to take off? Her mc started on her belly & has moved down to her privates so her skin is really sensitive. I am just ready for this to be over for her!!!! I feel so horrible that we have been fighting it for so long!

    • Should I pop the white ones? I was told not to, but I have seen on this thread that a lot of people are?

      • Rhonda, first off let me tell you that the fact that I am thrilled your daughter’s Molluscum bumps are reacting to the ACV treatment, not everyone is this lucky.

        We never even got as far as the freezing, because I remember having two warts frozen off when I was a kid….and I still remember the nightmare.

        As for the bandaids, the only thing I can tell you is that you do not need to do it for long. If you treat a couple of bumps every night for a couple of nights and then just continue on with the ACV baths then you should be good. I only treated my sons for 3 – 5 nights with the direct cottonball treatment, but I did the ACV baths for about two weeks.

        As for the white ones….I didn’t pop them, and it worked fine without it.

  38. Sister to Rhonda in previous post, mother to a 7 yr old active boy..I have tried tape, the derm, compound w (which I feel guilty over) topical steroids and creams perscribed by ped & derm..my question is does anyone know of how to prevent them from spreading when on the ball field for four hours at a time…this seems to be the only time they itch. They are spreading, and I fear scarring, and maybe some on his face. I am starting this treatment tonight. But I am told that they like mosture…my son lives in Florida, and in sports…any other preventative measures to use while he is involved in sports? And as my sister stated…it has been HELL w tape, creams, ointments..and now one at his private parts..UUUGGHH

    • Cindy, we are in Florida too and my boys’ bumps spread like crazy ones the hot, humid days began, but unfortunately I never found a way to prevent the itchiness. All I can tell you is to get started on this ACV treatment ASAP! Give him the ACV bath before he goes to bed, and do the cottonball treatment on a couple of bumps overnight. Just keep at it, don’t miss a day with the ACV baths, which will especially be good for the private areas. I did not do any direct cottonball treatment in the private area, but I made sure to attack the mature ones elsewhere.

      Good luck to you Cindy and to you Rhonda, it sounds like the both of you know way too well how contagious this virus is. Cindy make sure to wash those sheets every day too, as the Florida nights can be hot too…unless of course you have the AC on.

      I hope you will both come back to let us know how the ACV treatment worked for you.

  39. Rhonda said that she saw a difference overnight…I see a little difference which is discouraging, but will keep it going. He says that some burn really bad when applying the cotton balls at night..should I avoid those? Its very hard to get a 7 year old BOY to sit in the bath for 30 minutes LOL…another question is, he already gets up sooo early for school…am I defeated this treatment by not doing bath in the AM? Thanks so much for your input.

    • Cindy, hopefully you’ll see a bigger change once he gets home from school. I know it can be tough with getting him to sit still for so long, perhaps a new boat or two will work. My boys are beach boys for sure, and they can spend hours in the tub, if I let them have a boat or two with them.

      As for the AM baths, don’t worry. I did the baths in the evening, although one of my sons wwe so eager to get rid of the bumps that he did come and ask for an extra ACV bath once in a while.

      How long has your son has Molluscum?

      • Its so hard to say, i saw 1 wart/bump maybe a year ago on finger but he always picks, and I kind of let it go thinking it was a kid thing…but when it went to his torso, I realized it was something more. I am seeing a difference as of today (I did notice more new ones popping out, but my sister Rhonda told me this was ok) I am trying to steer clear of any burn like “wounds” with cotton balls & ACV and focus on others..he has a 5 hour game tonight so we did homework in ACV bath to make it go by quickly…he is a beach bum…but boats arent going to cut it..Rhonda suggeseted caryons & paint for the bath tub……my hubby bought the wrong ones..UGGGHH. But I do see a difference! Thank you so much i will keep you updated

  40. My son had an excema breakout sometime in early January 2012 that masked the first bumps appearing. I took a photo of the reaction and now as I look back I can see one bump on the back of his leg that was Molluscum. Fast forward to March 20th when we went to see his allergist. I pointed out that he had about 10 or so bumps on his thigh and behind his knees that I thought were related to Excema breakout after eating pecan cookie. Allergist diagnosed as Molluscum and gave us the same Dr rhetoric everyone else gets.

    Off to the internet I fled. I saw some Tea Tree Oil suggestions but we didn’t see results with that. I saw some ACV recommendations and then came across your blog.

    We started ACV baths daily and small circle bandaids with ACV at night. My boy’s sensitive skin didn’t look very pretty, but I could see the bumps were coming to a head. Nothing ever turned black, but they did pop and blister up.
    He was not cooperative with letting me pick at anything, so we settled on using Hydrogen Peroxide when the bumps looked ready to burst. I’d soak a q-tip in HP and let the spot bubble up and then get the “Gook”, as we call it, out with the q-tip.
    We have really tried to keep bandages over everything until we are certain all the gook is out. Sometimes bandaids changed 2x daily. I have wrapped some areas loosely with gauze when they were blistery to avoid irritation from clothing. Neosporin on spots freshly popped and Vitamin A&D ointment to help with irritation and scar prevention on areas healing.
    Once a bunch of his spots were in gooky stages we switched to showers.
    Fresh clean pj’s every night. Pants to preschool every day with all spots in pre- and post stages covered.

    He was probably up to 30-40 spots on his legs at the worst so far and one leg is now completely clear and I am treating only 2-4 spots with ACV on the other. The rest of his spots are in various stages of healing up. 🙂

    Thank you!!!

    • Natalie, thank you so much for letting us know exactly how you and your son won the battle over Molluscum, I know it is going to be helpful for a lot of people. I find it interesting that none of his bumps ever turned black, but then again when I think of my own sons not all of them did it either.

      You are so spot on with the consistency and cleanliness, it really is essential to beat this crazy thing, because it is so contagious. Some parents have actually told me that their children were kicked out of preschool because of Molluscum, so I am happy to hear that your son is still able to go as long as he is covered up.

      Even though one of my sons have been Molluscum free for almost a year, he refuses to wear shorts to school, so that really shows me what an emotional impact had on him.

      Good luck with getting rid of the last stubborn spots…it sounds as if you can see the finish line.

      • I had my sons Ped & Derm tell us that children w/ excema are more apt to get it…my son had excema very bad as a child. I was also told that it was more common in tropical areas. Good luck!

        • Cindy that’s interesting about the eczema and Molluscum. I remember my boys MC spiking out of control once we got into the hot humid South Florida summer, so I can definitely see why it is easier to spread here.

          • My son was just diagnosed today with MC. He has severe eczema, we live in florida and it’s right in the middle of summer. He is 3 and I’m not one for these other remedies that the Dr. went over with me. My question is does anyone know how the AVC bath might affect the eczema? I am ready to try this before we try the medicines but I’m really concerned about the eczema.

  41. Hi! I’ve had MC since Jan 2012., and I’ve tried everything! I caught it from sharing a towel. Since I haven’t been sexual activity since September 2011.I even tried apple cider vinager when it first started..but then went to the drs and got my vagina burt to shreds! ( It is still healing, and I believe I have my scars! gross) anywho…i just notice a couple on my inner thighs, and tried the ACV once again, and let me tell you this morning they were white. I covered them with a cotton ball and found some hockey tape and taped them up. I just want this suckers to go away. Now, I’m seeing like a boy..what do i say…its quite embarrassing since we are going to getting to the point..where i can’t say its my period anymore. How long do I have to wait to be intimate? And I’m going to have my first bath today! wish me luck.I can only see 4 new ones..as I got 2 burnt off 2 weeks ago..and they are still red ! ughhhhhh
    HELP ME! xxxxx

    • Lucy Bell, I’m so sorry you got this crazy virus. Now, I’m not a doctor, so I cannot tell you how long you are contagious. What I can say do is advice you to be very consistent with taking the ACV baths…for at least two weeks, and I recommend taking the baths for two weeks after you see the last MC bump, since the Molluscum virus can be dormant under the skin for up to two weeks after an area has been affected.

      Good luck with everything!

  42. when they turn black..do you still have to cover them up?

    • Don’t cover them in bandages, because you want them to heal as quick as possible. I do suggest that you use some neosporing or scarring cream to prevent scars though.

  43. Hello

    Thanks for writing this page… I was wondering how much AVC I should put in a bath for an adult? I was thinking 1-2 cups do you have a ratio of water to AVC that seemed to work best for you?

    • I actually read in the comments… Sounds like a gallon per tub… Where did you get your ACV in bulk? You said that the cheap stuff works well, but I read somewhere else to make sure to get the organic stuff as it works better, any opinion on that after having so many interactions with people infected with MC?

      • Drew, I have tried to do the calculations on a full tub and I suggest starting out with 7 cups, and if it doesn’t give any result, add more.

        As for organic or not, I have only used our local store brand apple cider vinegar on both of my kids, and it worked wonders. I did not see any need for organic or expensive brands, and I have not been able to come to any different conclusion from all the people I have heard from either.

  44. Thank you so much from sharing this! My 5 year old daughter has molluscum on her cheek. it showed up about 2 weeks ago and i finally went to the dr a few days ago thinking it would go away. the dr said it could last for years and get bigger. i was flipping out. then i tried the ACV that night, and one of the dots (she has 6, and i think a 7th coming) turned reddish, almost like dry blood. the dots are very small, but i figured i would try again. well i did it again last night and 3 dots got huge, filled with pus, one nothing happened to, and one got a greenish scab in the middle. i’m going to continue this treatment until they’re all gone. the only thing is, her skin there is very red. i put some nesporin on this morning, and tonight i’ll rub neosporin on the skin surrounding with a qtip. i can’t give her the baths b/c it’s on her face, but i really want to get rid of this. does it sound like the treatment is helping? i feel like i should pop them and they would come right out, but i should probably just continue the treatment, right? thanks for your help!

    • Tammy, it does sounds like the treatment is working. Since she only has the six (perhaps 7) bumps, and it sounds like you have treated all of them, I would give it a break. Take a look and see what happens, hopefully some of them will now slowly scab over and disappear. You do not want to overdo the direct cottonball treatment, and you have to be extra careful since it is in the face, because you certainly do not want any scarring. I highly suggest that you use neoporin and scarring cream once the bumps start healing.

      I hope you will return to let us know how it turns out….good luck!

  45. Hi! I have been diagnosed with MC since Feb 2012. Stupid doctor said it was self-limiting and I will not infect my kids (I have 2- 3 year old and 1 year old). Went to Derm for 2nd opinion and confirmed MC and burned about 30 of them. I have been doing the cottonball acv but its really burning my sensitive skin. I started doing the acv bath 2 days ago and noticed that new ones pop up. I probably have 50 total and some miniscule ones. I don’t want to do the acv cottonball anymore as it is burning my skin really badly, can I just do the bath? Did you put lotion on your kids after the bath? I have eczema too and I haven’t used a moisturizer in a month for fear of spreading it. Thanks!

  46. Hello, thank you so much for posting this. My son has had molluscum for about 2 months. When the first one appeared on his stomach, I thought it was a mole or something. On our visit to the pediatrician for a well check up, I asked the DR. about it, and he said that it would go away on its own in about a year, and didn’t really give it much importance. I noticed that it had spread and I became concerned. I started researching, and found a lot of valuable info on line. I came across your post, and thought to give this a try. I started the treatment yesterday. I think it is helping, one of the mulluscum turned dark. My question is: If I do not have a small tub, can I use the regular tub and how much ACV should I put in a full tub?! Also, how should I apply the neosporin and can I use hydrocortisone instead?

    Thank you so much!

  47. Hi Again, I have continued the treatment for my 3yr old son since my last post on May 4 (I started on May 3 2012) and have certainly seen a difference. Some have turned dark, but some have not. I am sad to say that my son’s skin has become a bit irritated and yesterday he screamed bloody murder. I still manage to out it on some of them. I am doing the ACV baths (regular bath tub with 8 cups of ACV), and that doesn’t seem to bother him. My questions are: How many ACV bath should I give him a day? Once they turn dark, do I need to treat them with SCV? AND When I put neosporin do I cover them up with a bandage, and should I put neosporin on all of them including the dark ones? Thank you so much for your post. I appreciate your help! 😉

    • Sandra, I’m copying the comment from the other post, in case you did not see it.

      Hi Sandra,

      I apologize for the delayed response, my boys have kept me busy busy for the past couple of days.

      It sounds like it is time to hold off with the direct cottonball treatment and just continue with the baths. My sons took 1 – 2 baths every day for about 2 – 3 weeks. I think I did about 1 week after the last MC bump scabbed over. The 8 cups of ACV in the bathtub sounds about right, and once they turn dark you do not have to treat them with the direct ACV treatment again.

      After my sons bumps started changing I no longer used bandages. Just dab a bit of neosporin with a q tip (use one qtip per bump, so you do not spread the MC). Not all of the bumps will react in the same way, but if you keep up with the baths from now on you should be able to get rid of everything.

      If your son still has bumps that have not started changing after two weeks of ACV baths, I would consider doing the direct cottonball treatment again. You only have to do it one night per bump though….

      I hope this helps.

  48. My son was diagnosed with mc about two weeks ago. He had it on his face and neck. I applied acv with cotton balls and it dried it up. I decided to also give him acv baths to take care of anyone that I could not see after about a week and half I began to notice hundreds of bumps on his arms and legs. Did it spread or is it eczema from all the baths? I am worried sick has anyone else had this experience? Can you please let me know.

    • To A Concerned Dad,

      While ACV baths have been known to pull out Molluscum bumps that were not previously visible, it sounds like you are experiencing something different. If this was the case, it would happen once you started the baths, and not after 1 1/2 weeks.

      I strongly suggest that you stop the baths, and see if this clears it up. If not a visit to the doctor is definitely highly recommended.

      Do the bumps look like the other Molluscum bumps? My sons have tendency of getting hives, if they get an allergic reaction to something they touch and eat. The thing about hives versus the Molluscum bumps is that they will go away within a day or two.

      Is the Molluscum on his arms and legs gone?

      I hope you will come back to let us know, if the new bumps has gone away, what you did about it etc. If this is a reaction to the ACV baths, I am sure that other parents will be thankful for you sharing your experience.

      I wish I had something more helpful to tell you, but this is not something I experienced with my sons.

  49. Thank you so much. I will keep you posted. 🙂


    We also live in FL (Miami)

  50. My 9 year old has had MC for about 7 months now. When I first saw it I thought it was a rash …she had a few bumps around her armpit area. I took her to the doctor and was told it was MC and I should not worry and it will go away on its own in about 6-18 months. I did not think much about it and never thought they could spread so easily on her own body. Some bumps were healing but I also noticed that instead of the number reducing they kept increasing. About a week ago I saw one of her neck and started getting very concerned and wanted to take some action. I came across this website. I started her off with ACV baths and also applied ACV with cotton balls to the bigger MC’s for 2 days and started covering all the bumps with band aid. I have stopped the cotton ball treatment as I noticed burns on her skin. We are on day 5 of the bath treatment and I am already seeing results. For the first time I am seeing the number decrease than increase. She had about 30 or so when we started now she has about 20. Many of the MC’s are scabbing. I am planning on continuing the bath treatment till all MCs have disappeared. I will provide a update in about a week on where we are.

    • Update after 12 days of ACV baths and about 4 cotton ball treatments….only 1 bump is left in active state all other bumps have scabbed over and are in various stages of drying. I have started applying lemon myrtle soothing balm on the ones that are healing and hope the scars will fade away.

      I will continue the baths for at least another week and keep monitoring for any new ones for a while.

      • JK, I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond, life has been crazy with my three boys and sickness. I am so thrilled to hear that the ACV treatment is working for your daughter, you are one of the lucky ones to have this be done and over with this quickly.

        I’m not sure whether the anti scar cream actually works, but we used the CVS version on our boys, and each have 1 – 2 scars left after they were covered in bumps, once we started the ACV treatment.

        Good luck getting rid of that last stubborn one…

        • Thank you so much. The last stubborn one has scabbed over and now there are really NO active ones left. I am so happy this TREATMENT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!! After 8 months of MC I can truly say she is MC free. I am continuing the baths every other day for another week or so and if anything does show up again I know what to do now.

          Thanks once again!!!!

          • JK, I am so excited for you and your daughter – Molluscum free just in time for the summer vacation to start….perfect! Am I correct in my calculations that it took a little more than two weeks of the ACV treatment?

            I hope you and your daughter has a fantastic MC free summer!

            Do you have any tips that you feel other parents going through the same thing could use?

          • I started the ACV baths and cotton ball treatments on large MCs on May 6. What I noticed was ACV baths mature the MCs much faster maybe because ACV is an irritant. Instead of using bandaids to cover the MCs I used duct tape. My daughter is very active and bandaids did not hold very well though I tried different brands and types. I did aggressive cotton ball treatment for the first 2 days and soon realized that she had quite a few skin burns. I stopped cotton ball treatments after 2 days but continued the baths everyday for 2 weeks. I did another round of cotton ball treatment around day 10 and by then she had about 10 active MCs. On day 12 of the treatment she had only one left. That has since scabbed over. Now we are doing ACV baths every other day and we plan to stop after this week.

            She has scars but I am hoping it will fade away in time. At least she is MC free and yes before summer and that is a huge relief for us.

            My advice to other parents is to be patient it is hard but you will see results just give it a week and be very meticulous is covering the MCs with bandaid/duct tape that are active. You don’t have the cover the scabbed over ones. My daughter complained the active ones were very scratchy and I think the the scratchy stage is the notorious one and causes that spread.

            Good Luck!

  51. @ 24 days, baseball today and hours outside. Bleeding for first time tonight, and his little body (torso, underarm, spread to leg and other parts. Only have time ACV bath at night w cotton balls after. Changing towels, shirts and his sheets i do every 3 days. Antibiotic cream i started last week. Should i be waking him up earlier. I gave him a break tonight becasue I felt so bad for him, and how bad he looked and i worry about scarring. Any suggestions. frustrated in Tampa.

    • Cindy are you seeing any improvement? It sounds like your son has been hit hard, and it must be horrible for him. If you are not seeing any improvement, I would suggest giving the ACV treatment a break and then starting up again in 2 – 3 weeks. This is what I did with my youngest son, when it just got too frustrating. For his second round, all bumps disappeared after two weeks, but the first time around nothing happened.

      I can understand why you are frustrated, especially now that it is beach weather. Poor little guy! I would not wake him up earlier in the morning, as he is already getting up early. Stick to the evening/afternoon baths if you have time, unless you want to give him a break.

      When does baseball season end? Perhaps, starting up again once the season ends will make sense. I can imagine that sweating during practice and game will only make the Molluscum spread.

      Good luck Cindy! I hope you will continue to give us updates, and that they will soon be positive. What about your sister, how is the ACV treatment working out for her kids?

  52. Our 3 year old has had ‘the bumps’ for 10 months. We started the ACV compresses this week after trying Zymaderm for 2 months with very little affect. She has a few that have scabbed over (red, crusty, bloody but still big and bulging) (do they still have the core and are they still contagious??) as well as a number of bumps that have turned WHITE and are bulging. Much of the skin around the scabbed and white bumps is burnt and irritated.

    My question is DO I CONTINUE TO BLITZ THOSE BUMPS WITH THE WHITE HEADS, or are they on the way out, and should I give her poor skin a rest? She has been very brave, but Kinder Surprise Eggs will only go so far to heal the hurt Ive been inflicting on her skin.

    To make matters so much worse, my 19 month old and 8 month old have broken out in hundreds of pin prick sized bumps …. WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP MY BOYs AVOID HAVING THIS HORRIBLE VIRUS ERUPT ALL OVER THEIR BODIES?? They are literally covered… covered from the shoulders to their knees in itsy bitsy bumps which the doctor confirmed as MC. Will the baths take care of it alone? The Zymaderm bottles are so tiny and I cant treat all the bumps with the small amount that I have on hand. Any help would be sincerely and truly appreciated!!!

    • Mungaloo, it sounds like you have some work cut out for you. The ACV treatment might not workout immediately with your two youngest sons, but it should definitely have an effect with your oldest son since he has been affected for a while.

      If you live in a climate where it is very warm and humid this could definitely have caused this explosion of spots, but it is also very contagious not only from person to person, but from one part of a person to another part of that person.

      So with that being said, if it was me I would give all three kids ACV baths…separately. Get completely hysterical when it comes to cleanliness, washing towels, sheets etc. every day….and then start the ACV cottonball treatment on your oldest son. Just do a couple of bumps at night after he goes to sleep, and be careful not to overdo it. I hope this helps, and good luck!

      • If you do the direct cottonball treatment, you should see a reaction in the bumps treated after one night, and once the bump starts reacting to the ACV, you no longer need to treat it directly, although the ACV baths are a great way to make sure that areas around the bump won’t be covered in full blown MC.

  53. I am so glad I came across your site! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! My 8 year old daughter has MC and we have been battling it for months. Let me say that she already has eczema, sensitive skin and a latex allergy. Anyway…much like everyone else, the dr said the MC would clear up on it’s own, which of course it hasn’t, instead it’s spreading. We tried the $$ cream he prescribed, which only aggravated he eczema. Ordered Zymaderm, which also did not work and again aggravated her eczema. I wash her bedding frequently as well as all clothes/towels after one use. She has started wearing leggings daily as denim rubs and irritates the MC behind her knees. Tonight I am going to try the ACV on a few of her many spots and cover with a latex free bandaid. I don’t dare cover them all in case she has a reaction. I’m hesitant to try to ACV bath due to her sensitivities. Any thoughts on sensitive skin and the ACV baths? Also, do you think I should wrap her knee area in gauze to prevent irritation? Again, thanks you so much!!

  54. I’ve noticed that the bumps typically get red, flatten out, turn white, then the ACV burns almost a white flat circle in the skin and the actual bump with get black in the center. At this point, should I continue with the cotton ball ACV tx? Or should I let the sore begin to heal? I’m scared that the whole circle isn’t black and only the center is.

    • Helpxo, once you see the bumps react to the ACV cottonball treatment, you don’t have to treat them again. With my sons I only treated each bump once with the direct cottonball treatment, but I did follow up with ACV baths.

      • I’m 20 years old and my MC is unfortunately on private areas and since I would not like to tell my family about it, the ACV baths aren’t an option for me. The MC spread throughout that area due to waxing, because like everyone else, my doctor said it was nothing to worry about and would go away on its own. He also did not tell me how it could spread. Thankfully, its been 6 months since the last time I waxed so I think all of the MC that are there as visible so I can treat them one by one.

  55. FrustratedMom, I agree with JK. Since your daughter has sensitive skin to begin with start with about 3-4 cups, and if you do not see any changes add extra vinegar up to about 7 cups. Also, try only doing a few bumps every night, as it is easier to prevent any burns this way.

    When it comes to covering up the bumps, all I can say is give it a try to see if it helps. It can have a contradictory effect though, as sweat mike make it worse.

    • Thanks, I’ll try the “mild” acv baths. Since I am concerned with any reaction she may have I plan to start them next Friday night. That way if there is a reaction we have 3 days to deal with it before going to school. I did treat the ones on her torso last night, first I ringed the MC with vaseline as to protect the healthy skin, then I used a q-tip to apply the acv, covered with a cotton round and adhered with medical tape. This morning a couple of the MC were reddened with a white head, but nothing black. Treated them again tonight, so we’ll see how they look in the morning.

      • We tried our first ACV bath tonight, I just couldn’t wait until the weekend! We’ll see how things look in the morning. I’m really hoping she doesn’t have a reaction and we can continue them. When I did the direct treatment, none of her MC turned black, but the larger ones became more inflamed and look puss filled, with a white head. We don’t pick or pop them because a) she will not let us and b) I don’t want to spread them. Should I continue treating them individually once they have a white head? With her latex allergy and sensitive skin we can only apply ACV with a q-tip and cover with cotton rounds held in place by medical tape.

        • FrustratedMom, as long as the bumps are reacting as they are, you do not have to treat them directly again, but continue with the baths. The bumps all seem to react differently, but as long as you see a reaction and they eventually start scabbing over, then you are in luck. Now, you just have to be consistent. If you can do the direct treatment on a couple different bumps every night for a couple of days, then just do the ACV baths, and hopefully you will soon be rid of this crazy virus.

          • Follow up…..We started the “mild” ACV baths the last week of May and were religious about giving them for a week and a half. After that she missed a few due to sleepovers, sports, etc… But we started them again, this time I upped the amount of ACV hoping for better results as the MC is just not going away! I won’t do the cotton ball treatment again due to how red the MC area still looks while they heal. The MC behind her knees has much improved, however the ones on her chest are not going away and she keeps getting more and more on her arms, chest and upper thighs. I know it’s normal for more to come out with the ACV baths, but I’d have thought by now they would all be out. We’re going on a month here and I am just at wits end. Do you have any other thoughts? Has anyone ever tried the Dr Minerals spray?

  56. I’m very interested in trying the ACV bath method. I like others was told by my doctor that they would go away, but after 6 months, my 2 year old son is only getting more. I have been using zyaderm for about 3 weeks now and haven’t seen many results. A couple have scabbed up and got smaller, but have not gone away and he appears to be getting more and more. Regarding the bath, my son loves to drink his bath water (no matter how many times I tell him not to). If he drinks some of the water with the ACV in it, is that ok? Also, do you recommend washing hair, etc quickly first and then putting the ACV in to let him soak in it? My son’s are on his upper torso and under his arm so I’d have to have a pretty full bath for them to be in the water, which is one of my only concerns. Thanks for your blog, it has been VERY helpful and it is very reassuring to know that so many others are going through this and also feel the frustration of doctors not seeming to think it’s a big deal.

    • Mel, I hope the ACV method works for you, Molluscom can be very frustrating. As for the danger of ACV….I’m not a doctor, but I can tell you that I use Apple Cider Vinegar in recipes. I did wash my children’s hair first, and then after the baths, I would do a quick rinse off.

      Remember not to rub when drying him off, as this can spread the MC.

      • Just wanted to update that the ACV has been working!!!! We did the baths for about a week and a few spot treatments here and there in between. I couldn’t believe after only 1 spot treatment they turned reddish black and started to fall off in a day or two! My son had 2 huge ones under his arm and they are both now gone!!! We had to stop the bath treatments after a week because he broke out into a horrible rash (99% sure it wasn’t from the baths but rather he got into something outside at daycare) so then I just continued to spot treat. I do a couple a night and I think we are down to only 1-2 spots left that I can see!! I’m so happy since the weather is getting warmer and swim season is upon us! Thank you so much for your blog, it has been a lifesaver!! I can’t wait to tell his doctor (who like everyone else said “just let it run it’s course”)!!

  57. My son is 8, and has had MCV for 5 months now. We tried Retin-A, Zymaderm, Compound W – all of which did nothing. At one point it seemed that they were going away, and we were down to about 4 bumps. This morning he has about 20 again, and 1 new on one his right leg (previously he only had them on the back of his left leg). My heart just sank when he said “Mom, my virus is on my other leg now”. 🙁 Now that it’s spreading, we have to get rid of it! Summer is coming!! I am going to pick up ACV on my way to work today. I saw in previous posts to use 7cups-1gallon of ACV. I’m pretty sure that you don’t mean 7cups of AVC for every 1 gallon of water, but anywhere from 7 cups- 1 gallon per bath, correct? I hope this works!!!

    • Sarah, the warmer weather definitely seemed to make my sons’ MC go crazy, so tackling your son’s MC before the summer vacation is definitely a great idea.

      You are spot on about the ACV, I suggest 7 cups for a full regular size bath tub. I used 1 cup for the small IKEA bathtub pictured above.

      Good luck getting rid of this insane virus, I am sure you are both ready to see it disappear for good.

      • Picked up the ACV and can’t wait to get home from baseball practice to start the bath! I’ll update on any progress we make!

  58. We tried our first ACV bath last night, and afterwards I tried the cotton ball treatment. My son about flew through the roof because it burned his skin so badly. So today when he got home from school, I diluted the ACV w/ 50% water and was able to apply a cotton ball without it burning. Have you heard of anyone still having good results with the cotton ball treatments using diluted ACV?

    • Sarah, I have not heard of anyone trying to dilute the ACV with the direct treatment, but it’s worth a try isn’t it? When you do the cottonball treatment make sure that it is not on a bump that your child has scratched open, and do it after he goes to sleep. If it hurts, you will see him squirming, so take it off. However, it will at least let you get it done. Also, you only need to do one or two bumps at a time. This is what I did with my youngest son for about three nights, and then I only did the ACV baths.

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  60. that is exactly my question, sarah! my son is 2.5 and now refuses to let me try the ACV on him again because of the stinging sensation it caused. and i was sooo excited to try this!! the MC are on his neck so it’s a super sensitive part and the baths won’t work since he’s not up to his neck in the water. and the bandages don’t stick because his neck is so moveable and the tape falls off. hmph… any suggestion? at this point, he doesnt’ care about the bumbs being there… he just doesn’t want the pain. :((

    • Raquel, as I mentioned to Sarah above, I have not heard of anyone trying to dilute the ACV with the direct treatment, but it’s worth a try isn’t it? I’d love to hear if it works or doesn’t work for you, if you try as I am sure there are other parents with the same question.

      This is a copy and paste from above: When you do the cottonball treatment make sure that it is not on a bump that your child has scratched open, and do it after he goes to sleep. If it hurts, you will see him squirming, so take it off. However, it will at least let you get it done. Also, you only need to do one or two bumps at a time. This is what I did with my youngest son for about three nights, and then I only did the ACV baths.

      • thanks so much! the bumps are so close to each other and are about the size of a point of a thin permanent marker so it’s hard to treat just one bump at a time, you know? also, have you heard of anyone having success just by brushing the bumps with a cotton swab several times a day, maybe, and having success that way? i want these nasty things gone!!! it’s so not fair.

        • Raquel –
          Did you try the ACV diluted with 50% water? We did our first trial of it last night without it burning my son’s skin. This morning, the 2 spots that we put the cotton ball are were significantly smaller, but definitely not black. I’m going to try it on some other bumps that have come to a head just today. I’m wondering if the ACV bath is helping them come to a head? Hoping this works. I feel your frustration 🙁

  61. I was also told that children with eczema are more likely to contract MC and that the outbreak tends to be worse.

    • My son has suffered from eczema since he was a baby. He’s now 8 and has had MC for 5 months. We’re on our 3rd night of ACV baths tonight, and did a direct cotton ball treatment last night. Hoping for success. This virus is AWFUL!!!!

  62. thanks sarah… no we haven’t tried diluting it. i think since the MC is on his neck, the tape alone is what also irritates him, poor baby… I’ve been trying the swab strategy, a few times a day, so I’ll let you know how that goes. again, the baths aren’t an option for us since the water doesn’t go up to his neck. :/ Keep me informed sarah, and i’ll do the same!

    • Raquel –
      After 5 days of ACV baths and 2 days of AVC diluted on cotton balls, some of the MC’s have turned black and others are just kind of “mushy” ( for lack of a better term ). I would recommend trying to dilute the ACV with 50% water, or even maybe a lithe stronger. The tape I use on my son is Medipore – its really flexible so you might be able to get it to stick on his neck in spots where regular tape wouldn’t bend. Its really soft and bendable. Here’s a link to it:http://www.amazon.com/3M-Medipore-Cloth-Surgical-MMM2962MMM2962_ea/dp/B000PWFSZU/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1338037240&sr=8-14

      Have you seen any improvement yet?

      • Unfortunately, the dabbing of the swabs is not working. Tonight, despite my son’s hesitation and fighting to not tape the swabs to his neck, we will do so. 🙁 WHere are your child;s bumps located? How many nights did you do the taping? So glad to hear that you’re getting success!!!

        • also, sarah…. are you still diluting the swabs with water or using straight ACV? Thank!

          • Raquel –

            Bummer that the dabbing isn’t working 🙁 My son’s bumps on the the back of his leg. I have been diluting the swabs with 50% water. My son wasn’t able to tolerate the straight ACV, so diluting it was our only option. We’ve found that putting the cotton on the spots that head the biggest whitehead worked the best. After the first night of the tape, we didn’t notice much improvement on most of them but by the 2nd morning most did turn black. They do take some time to heal so after it turned black we used neosporin to the area. I really hope this helps, and if the tape just won’t stick, I HIGHLY recommend the tape that I gave you the link to! Good luck – keep updating!

  63. After the bath I dried the area with MCs with a fresh towel (wash after one use) and covered up every MC with tape.

    And one more thing I started my daughter with multivitamins (the gummy ones). I don’t know if that helped the healing process.

  64. Thank you for all of your time on here!! I am so impressed that you comment on everyone’s post! It really is such a great service that you are providing for people in distress! So thank you!
    Now on to my story. I’ll try to keep it brief. My daughter first had MC 2 years ago when she was 4. She had alot of eczema, especially on the backs of her knees and the MC was on top of that so we didn’t even know what it was, just thought that it was associated with that. I just happened to ask her dr about it and he was the one who first told me about it. But said not to worry it would go away. He didn’t even mention that it was contagious so I wasn’t worried. We got very very lucky and it went away on its own and she hasn’t had anymore, but soon after that I noticed some on the back of both of my sons. So I did some research and found your sight! We did the treatments and my older son’s all went away and he was good for 6 months, but I just found 3 more bumps (so round two for him I guess).
    But I am having a really hard time with my second. He is 18 months old and I just cannot get them to all go away. We did the ACV baths for two weeks and some cotton ball treatment but his skin is really sensitive to the band-aids and he cries every time he sees them so we quit for a little while. He now has more of them on his back and chest and under arm and the worst is the one on his face next to his nose but that one he has had for 6 months. I have tried to use a band-aid but it won’t stick there and I have tried the q-tip thing but that isn’t working either. I just cannot get that face one to budge!! I think this is why my older son got a few more because we can’t get them out of our house!! So do you have any suggestions??? It is driving me crazy!!! Also have you heard of drinking a ACV 1TBS 2x a day in treating this? Or changing their diets so their immune system will reject the virus??(I read something about it) I just wondered if that would help too! I am getting desperate for these to be gone!!!

  65. Hi, Thank you for this wonderful blog post. Unfortunately, we found it too late. My daughter had 20 of her MC chemically burned off by her doctor last week. I think it actually looks worse:( My husband is off to Target picking up ACV, make-up pads, Qtips, et cetera. My question is, Do you think she will tolerate the baths being that she has freshly scabbed over blisters? It looks like she has 5 or 6 fresh, new MC popping up on her arm and neck. I really want to meet this head on.

    We have been dealing with this for 2 months. She is very embarrassed and wears long-sleeved shirts to hide them.

    • Kmom, it sure does not sound like fun to have them chemically burned off. Since I am not a doctor, I can only give advice from a mom’s perspective. If it was me, I would hold off on the ACV baths until the blisters from the chemical burns have completely healed. Why? Because you do not want to do anything to aggravate the blisters, or anything that will cause them to heal slower and create scars.

      If it was me, I would try to attack a couple of the new MC bumps with the direct ACV treatment overnight and see if that does anything. Just make sure to not to go overboard, and stay away from healthy skin, as you do not want to burn it with the ACV.

      However, as soon as the chemical burns have healed completely, then I would definitely start up with the ACV baths for a few weeks. The ACV baths are great, because they go in an attack all of those bumps that are not yet visible to the eye. This is why the freezing, and chemical burns etc., do not work as a permanent solution…they are just like a temporary fix.

      I hope this helps, and I wish you and your family the best of luck in getting rid of this virus. I am sure that your daughter is eager to be worry-free again.

      • Thank you for your mom advice:) I am just devastated – I sat there in the doctor’s office and didn’t have a good feeling in my stomach. I let him put the chemical on anyway. He told me to get her in the bath two hours later and wash it off/dilute it. The next day it was horrible.

        I am treating the blisters with organic aloe vera and that seems to be taking the red out and helping. I am watching her vigilantly and just praying I didn’t scar her… I feel awful.

        I will watch her, treat any new ones, and wait to get her in the bath. I will post an update next week. Thanks again for this posting. It was terribly difficult to find any good (motherly) information on MC.

        • Okay, I have been using organic aloe vera on it to help the healing process. Today I noticed that the surrounding area is red, like a rash or something. Not sure if it pulling out the poison or irritating it. I am going to leave it alone and not do anything with it for a few days to see what happens. In the meantime, I have started my other children on vinegar baths just to be safe….

          • Kmom, I hope the healing is going well! I remember going through all of the options at the dermatologist office, and the worst part was that none of them would actually get rid of Molluscum for good, and my husband and I were so desperate that we were about to spend $200+ to buy the cream.

          • Well, my daughter was putting on a fragrant lotion so I think that is what was causing the redness. We stopped that and all is on track:) Thank you again for your post. I have forwarded it to one other mom so far!

  66. Hi, I have a 7 yr old girl and she’s had this MC over a yr now and I have had her to the dermatologist and they have give cream plus a liquid freezing and nothing has help so I sure hope this helps me I’m so worried and stressed about this!! Her MC is under her neck? Have you heard of it coming there ?? I just pray this helps!!!! Thank you so much for this tip I tried tons of stuff!

    • Sally, I’m so sorry to hear that your daughter has battled with MC for more than a year, it is a virus that makes parents desperate for a solution….I know that firsthand. The good thing is that since your daughter has had MC for so long, the ACV treatment has a greater chance of working. I have heard of kids (and adults) having MC in the most crazy places, and yes under the neck is a likely place, just as behind the knee and other places where you sweat a lot.

      Be careful not to go overboard with the direct cottonball treatment, and make sure to be consistent in treating your daughter’s MC, as well as being extremely careful with washing clothes, sheets, towels etc. every day and hopefully you will see big improvements. It might seem as if the MC bumps gets worse before they get better though, as the ACV baths usually drag out a lot of the bumps that have been hidden dormant under the skin. Just keep at it with the baths….read stories for your daughter while she is in the bath, etc. and hopefully she will soon be MC free.

      I know it sounds almost impossible to have an ACV bath under the neck, but I am sure that with a little creativity the two of you will make it work. Also, perhaps a washcloth dipped in diluted ACV could be placed on your daughter’s neck, while she is in the bathtub…..anything goes!

      Good luck! I hope you will return to let us know, whether the ACV treatment helped your daughter.

  67. It’s working!!!!!! Thank you so much for this cheap solution! We had about 15 MC bumps frozen off at the doctor before I came across your story. I wish I would have seen this first. The AC treatment is less harsh and mostly pain free! My daughter is thrilled not to have to go back and get the other areas frozen off! After day 4 they were turning black and looking 80% better!

    • Mom of 2, I am thrilled to hear this! This is exactly why I wrote this post, because I remember being puzzles that something so simple as ACV could take care of such a enormous problem. Remember to keep up with the ACV baths for 1 – 2 weeks after the last bump scabs over….just to make sure that there are no dormant bumps under the skin. From what I have read Molluscum can lay dormant under the skin for up to two weeks after exposure.

      I hope your family have a fantastic Molluscum free summer!

  68. My son has been dealing with this for a year now & I was about to resort to heading to a derm… Happy to try this first. His bumps are looking horrible & with summer here, shorts & swimming season, I’m concerned about people seeing them.

    A few questions…

    1. What did you use to cover them with the ACV swab? A band aid, tape? Anything work better than others? My son has the most on the left knee cap so I’m not sure what will stay on.

    2. For the ACV bath, what about arms or areas not underwater during the soak?

    3. Did your child dislike the smell of the vinegar in the bath (or on his skin for that matter)? I know my sensitive “smeller” son isn’t going to like it (however, if it makes the ugly itchy bumps go away, It’ll be worth it!

    4. How are the scars now on your older son?

    I noticed my second son may have 1 bump! Ugh!!!! And my 9 month old daughter has one too 🙁

  69. any suggestions?? I have an almost 2yr old that has it on her face/neck and will not allow me to put or leave a bandaid it *not to mention it is very close to mouth and eyes* I have tried the ACV on one that was on her buttock and it worked .. my problem is getting it to stay long enough on these areas of the body.. any suggestions would be helpful!

    • kwelatti2d, the best thing I can advise is to apply the cottonballs after she goes to sleep. This is what i did with my 22 month old, and he never even noticed that I treated him every night. Also, only treat 2 – 4 bumps per night, because this way it is easier to control.

      Another way that parents here have tried is just applying ACV to each bump with a q tip. Just remember, use a new q tip per bump, so that you do not spread the virus more. It may not be as effective as the cottonball treatment, but it is definitely worth a try.

      Good luck!

  70. Hi!

    My child is 20 months. Diagnosed in January with MCV. Four doctors said the usual leave it will go away on its own. The original one started under her chin. The next one in the crease of her neck. And another 9-10 under the neck around the chin area. One random one behind her hairline. Do we still do the ACV bath treatment? As She has eczema on her arms and legs. I’ve had other mom’s ask me about them and she can’t have playdate or pool dates. I have to get rid of these nasty buggers urgently as she loves other kids and can’t just accept the doctors response of it will take up to two years to go away. Please can you guide me in this treatment plan. I have tried the ACV for just 15 mins during the day and they started to get white ( so I am thinking they will respond). Only concern is would 8 housr at night be too long as she has very sensitive skin as it is. Thank you in advance!

    • Monique, if it was me, I would just try to apply ACV on a couple of individual bumps every day. perhaps do the cottonball treatment, when you put her to bed, and then remove them before you go to bed yourself. You definitely have to be careful, since your daughter already has such sensitive skin.

      I hope you are already seeing results!

  71. I am starting your treatment suggestion. The bumps I have covered with a cottonball are responding well but my son has too many to treat individually…100 bumps for sure. Especially the ones in his armpit would be impossible. I am giving ACV baths twice a day for fifteen minutes as this is as long as I can get a two year old to soak in an infant tub…I can’t get him to lay down so I am constantly pouring water over the top of his body but his legs soak just fine. Is 15 minutes long enough? And do you think the baths will work since I can’t get him to lay down? Also how do the bumps look as they are going away with the bath treatment? Do they too turn black?? How do I know if the baths are working?

    • WDRmom, as long as you are consistent, I am sure you will soon be able to get rid of this crazy virus. Just keep on with the baths every day, and then use the direct cottonball treatment on a couple of the bumps that are not covered by water every day. You don’t have to be very aggressive with the cottonball treatment, just be consistent and treat 2 – 4 bumps every night.

      The reaction from the baths and direct treatment vary, some may turn black, some may turn white first etc….as long as you see a change, and they eventually scab over or simply disappear you are on the right track. The fact that you have already seen changes is a huge plus, and you do not have to cover all 100 bumps…once the body starts rejecting the virus, they will eventually disappear.

      • Thank you so much. I am seeing change for sure. Some turn black immediately and others ave turned white and I awaiting to see what happens to these. I got a bit aggressive tonight before I read your post and treated 8 bumps. I will cut back to 2-4 tomorrow. They are just driving me so crazy. I will keep up with treatments until his body rejects this virus.
        I have him on elderberry for an immune boost too. in case anyone is interested, you can get it at whole foods or any health food store. I am reading up on olive leaf extract for immune boosts also. I thought it may be good to treat immue system too. I will let you know what happens. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your article and comments. I am so confident this is working! I bought out all 7 bottles of ACV at Target. I was laughing as I checked out. They must ave thought I was nuts but this virus will make you nuts.

      • I meanttotell everyone NexCare waterproof band aids are a lifesaver. They keep cotton airtight around bump! I struggled at first with cotton drying out with regular band aids.

  72. Oh sorry I keep remembering things I wanted to say…the ACV definitely activates dormant bumps. It get worse before it gets better…I am just looking at the new bumps as his body cleansing itself and pushing all molluscum out of his body.

  73. JRFrugal –
    I just want to say thank you so, so much for this website. My son is completely molluscum free thanks for ACV. It took about 5 weeks from the first ACV bath to when the last scab fell off, but finally its gone!! Thank you thank you!!!!

    • Sarah, I am so thrilled to hear this. You and your son must be incredibly relieved, and now he gets to enjoy the summer without worry…and so do you.

      Did you continue with diluting the ACV?

      Thank you so much for letting all of us know about your progress, and thank you for all of your input as well. Have a fantastic Molluscum free summer!

      • Yes, we only used diluted ACV when doing the cotton ball treatment. We used about 1/2 gallon of ACV per bath. We did the baths for 2.5 weeks, and the direct cotton ball treatment on 2 stubborn bumps for about 2 weeks after that. I hope this website and your input continues to help many people! I’m sure it will!!!

  74. Well, we are back and very deflated. My daughter had MC back at the end of May (see above post). Those have all healed. We have started the ACV baths about 10 days ago and tonight I found about 8-10 new bumps – hip, neck, arm, thigh. I am so frustrated. I am hoping that the baths are just bringing them out. They are very small. If I wasn’t looking for them, I wouldn’t find them. Because they are so small, I can’t do the cotton balls overnight. She has a healed ACV burn on her leg now. So I have been doing a very small cotton piece on them and letting them sit for about two hours.

    Has anyone else found that after they disappeared, new ones came out because of the baths? I am desperate to get rid of this!

  75. My 5 yr old had this for 4 months. We went to the pediatrician twice and she kept telling us to let it run its course. Crazy. We finally went to dermatologist who put some wart acid on like 24 of the bumps. We treated the rest with the vinegar baths and cotton balls and over the counter wart medicine. All worked well. After a high of like 50 bumps, we are almost bump free… a total of 4 weeks since the dermatologist. We used lots of eucerin as well to help the dryness… she has eczema as well. Apparently that helps it spread like crazy. No new bumps for a week but we are continuing the baths. This is an awful virus and pediatricians need to be more well informed!

    • Mary, that’s great that your daughter is almost bump free, and I am glad to hear that the combination of treatments worked for your daughter.

      I completely agree about pediatricians needing to know more about this crazy virus, and I would like to encourage all moms (and dad’s), who have had success with the ACV treatment to let your doctor know. Our pediatrician was baffled by the results, and he is passing the knowledge on to any parents who needs it.

      I wish you all the best Mary, and I hope that no more new bumps will emerge.

  76. JRFrugalmom,
    I wanted I check in with you. We are two weeks and 2 days in to our ACV treatment. What a journey this has been. I have treated almost all the molluscum by now and we are almost done. His body is not fighting the virus yet but the ACV definitely is. We are still getting new bumps daily (today we got 3 new ones and I started crying) but since the old ones are healing I am just treati the new ones. The old ones are flat and gone and just pink skin remains which will go away soon enough. My doctor was shocked and he is recommending this treatment to all his patients…actually he is recommending they read your “recipe for healing” . he had never heard of ACV as a treatment. I find it shocking that this is not a widely known cure as it is the only effective one. Thank you for helping my family!!!!!!!

    • WDR, thank you so much for your kind words, they made my day!
      I remember how it felt, when those new bumps showed up, so I can completely understand why you would have that kind of reaction. It seems like you are doing great though, just keep at it, and hopefully you will soon win this battle. I am keeping my fingers crossed with you, and I hope that you will soon be able to experience some Molluscum free summer fun with your little one.

      Once you get to the point, where you think he is done getting more bumps, I highly advice that you keep up the ACV baths once a day for 1 – 2 weeks. Since the bumps usually lay dormant for about two months before they show, it is better to be safe and sorry.

      Good luck and keep up the great work!

    After just one day we saw an improvement! This treatment is a God-send!

    When the bumps scab over are they still contageous?? Once the bump is flat and the skin is pink, is it still contageous?

    Should we keep treating them after they scab?


    • Meagan, I am so happy to hear that the ACV treatment is working for you, the fact that the bumps are scabbing over is a fantastic sign. Since I am not a medical professional (I’m just a mom who won the battle with MC), I cannot tell you whether or not the bumps are contagious, once they have scabbed over. What I can say is that I would treat them as if they were…

      However, once the bumps have scabbed over you no longer have to treat them directly, although I do recommend keeping up with the ACV baths for 1 – 2 weeks after all bumps have scabbed over. This is just for precautionary measures though, because the last thing you want is for new ones to show up I’m sure.

      Good luck, I hope ACV continues to be your blessing!

  78. […] at all. Anyone who has been affected by Molluscum Contagiousum is desperately seaching for the Molluscum cure, and this is what I wrote about. Apple cider vinegar has been the Molluscum cure for my family, a […]

  79. I have to say THANK YOU! After battling MC for 7 months with my daughter since November, my son just became covered on his trunk. After just one week of your treatments, we have made tremendous progress! I had to share one finding, using cosmetic cotton pads instead of cotton balls works great to made compresses and truly target the affected area. I apply them while he sleeps as he complains of itchiness if I apply the ACV while he’s awake. Also, our pediatrician advised Tagamet whiche we are taking orally in tandem….. Again, THANK YOU!

    • Laura do you use the whole cosmetic pads or do you cut them in pieces? The reason I ask is that I am afraid that the ACV will touch too much healthy skin and thereby burn it, if you use the whole cosmetic pads.

      Good luck with the ACV treatment, I am sure you and the kids are ready to get rid of this virus by now.

  80. I’ve been battling mc for about 3 months now, nothing seemed to work until i tried the acv treatment about a week and a bit ago, the first night following morning I saw vast changes in the mc, many died and scabbed over within the first two days…

    however I had an outbreak even worse than before and it seems to have spread a bit but with the majority of these new mc they are smaller and seem to react different to the previous ones. they’re much smaller and go instantly white when in contact with the acv but if i do not keep them bandaged they seem to fade away. I was fed up so i held out and kept the bandaged for an extended period of time, the downfall was the acv burned me pretty well, the mc are still there but haven’t scabbed over, they’re just flat and white, is this a good sign? Im going to have to lay off for a couple of days to let my skin heal. Is there anything i can do to help treat them without the acv? I have just dabbed the infected areas with a bit of tea tree oil.

    any advice would be greatful, I am both frustrated and worried I JUST WANT TO GET RID OF THIS!!!!

    • John, you definitely have to be careful not to go overboard with the direct ACV treatment. Is there anyway that you can continue with the ACV baths only once your skin has healed?

  81. I have been treating my son for about a week and a half and my daughter for about a week. Cotton balls at night on a bump or two and ACV baths daily. I thought I was following your recommendations and used only 1/2 cup of vinegar – I didn’t realize at first that that amount was just for the little bath, until I read some of the comments and saw I had to increase it for the larger bathtub. I’ve used the larger amount for about the last 5 days. I’m never getting anything that turns black. Some seem to have healed up fairly quickly, but especially my son has some bumps that turned more white in the middle surrounded by red inflammation, and they have stayed that way for several days without changing. I am treating them with polysporin and keeping them bandaged so they don’t burst, but I’m hoping they look different soon. He will be leaving in four days for a week of scout camp, which is why I was desperate to get rid of these. My question is – when he is gone for the week, he obviously will not be able to do the ACV baths. I don’t think we’ll be rid of them entirely by then, so I’m just wondering whether you think that week off will set us right back to the beginning again? Thanks for any insight you can provide!

    • Liz, I just added the 7 cups for a full bathtub to the post, thank you for mentioning this.

      As for the spots on your son that just turn white in the middle, don’t worry the bumps have many different reaction, but the fact that they are changing is a great sign. Just keep up with the treatments until your son goes off to camp, and make sure that he tries to keep the bumps covered up, so that he does not pass this virus on to the rest of the camp. You don’t say where he he’s bumps are, but with my boys I was able to cover up everything with a rashguard and long swimshorts.

      You might discover that he returns with a worse case of Molluscum, since hot, humid air and sweat have a tendency of making it worse. All I can say is don’t worry about the Molluscum, while he is gone, but start the treatments as soon as he gets home.

      Good luck to you and the kids, I know this must be very frustrating with the camp coming up and the great summer weather.

      • Thanks for your advice. We’ll see how it goes.
        I did just want to mention that I learned about the ACV treatment and your site from our doctor’s office – so I guess you are getting a reputation in the medical community! 🙂

    • Hi Liz,
      My son had a bump that did exactly the same thing…white part got bigger and red and inflamed around the white part. I waited a few days and retreated with ACV cotton ball and bandaid…not sure if I had to treat twice or three times but it finally turned black and died. I ended up treating quite a few of his bumps twice just to be safe. I hope this helps.

  82. JRFrugalmom,
    We have been molluscum free for 9 days. I get so excited everyday when I see my baby’s molluscum free skin, i almost scream in joy. We have some scarring as I went a little crazy with ACV at first trying to learn the best way to get the band aids to stick etc but who cares…that will go away!! Thank you so much!!!!

    • WDRMom what a great way to end the day! Congratulations, I am so excited for you and your family. Thank you for coming back to let me know, I really appreciate the feedback.

      • I am disappointed. 4 new bumps popped up today and I am treating them in hopes to stop any spreading. Fingers crossed this is it for us.

        • What do the new bumps that pop up look like? I have been using a flashlight holding it at an angle to find any raised surface, and I can see dozens and dozens of little bumps all over my daughter’s torso, but are not white head, shiny, or pimple like, more just like goose pimples when you get the shivers. Do those bumps turn into molluscum?

  83. Thank you for your post. It’s helped me rid my skin of molluscum once. Dealing with it again in the bikini area. I went overkill with the ACV and because it dried out my healthy skin so bad, it actually caused it to spread. I read another article suggesting to drink 1-2 tsp of ACV before meals twice a day to cleanse the liver of toxins. I took a few days off from the ACV, and just applied an emollient cream to help my skin quickly regain its moisture. Starting back onto ACV. I’m a college student, and I soo appreciate you sharing this inexpensive solution. You are a life saver!

  84. I have been dealing with molluscum for a year and a half now. I know most people here can understand the frustration and shame that comes along with it. I had been trying tea tree oil and to no avail, lost hope, until I stumbled upon your post. In just one night I have seen extreme differences. No words can can truly share my appreciation for your post. Thank you, this site made a huge difference in my life.

    • hbee, I hope the ACV treatment will continue to help you, and I truly hope it will finally kick your Molluscum for good. Thank you for your kind words!

      • it has been successful in taking away about 6 of the molluscum. unfortunately it irritated my skin and i had to stop. I now have brown discoloring around the molluscum where the cotton balls touched the normal skin. is this normal?

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  86. My daughter is 3.5 yrs old, and has many many bumps on her inner thighs down to her knees (front and back). The bumps are all grouped closely together, so treating one bump at a time seems impossible to me. Has anyone else used this treatment in groupings of the bumps?

    • I tried treating in groups…the key is to put a tiny piece of cotton on each bump individually….I actually used makeup cotton rounds instead of cotton balls and cut tiny pieces , then dipped the tiny piece in ACV …. Once I had all the cotton on I would put a large bandwidth over all the individually placed cotton … this is so important so you don’t burn the healthy skin. I originally tried putting the whole cotton round on a large grouping and I burne my son’s skin and he has terrible scars…once I learned I never made that mistake again…the process is long and tedious but completely worth every painstaking minute!!!! This is a miracle cure…just set your mind to it and do it for as long as needed until they are all gone. Just do a few a night and be patient.

      • Sorry for the misprint…bandaid not bandwidth…autocorrect got the best of me…lol

        • Thank you for the quick feedback! I will be starting the ACV baths soon, but she has some scabs that are still healing over at the moment (she’s getting over Hand, Foot, and Mouth, which seems to have worsened the MC). I did treat two individual bumps last night and plan to do it again tonight. Can you recommend any bandages that stay on well, but aren’t painful to remove? I’m really really hoping this works for us, I don’t know what else to do!

          • Just wanted to update, I’ve done two nights of the ACV soaking on two bumps, and her first bath last night (less than 7 cups of ACV though, my daughter will freak out if the water were to change color) and there was progress after the first night! I’m really hopeful this works. Not sure if the bumps fall off, or if I should pick them off? I’ll read through the comments again. I’ll keep updating on the progress too.

          • About the bandaids, I used be care waterproof bandaids as they worked the best to keep the ACV cotton moist and treating the molluscum but they hurt to take off…I hated doing that to my baby, but it was worth it I the end. I have a friend who’s child was just diagnosed with hand,foot and mouth…how long are they cintsgeous as she had two other kids at home and how long do the symptoms last? What did you do for it?

          • WDRmom, I can’t seem to reply directly to your latest message. I got some of that nonstick tape (sticks to itself, not the skin) and used that last night on my daughter to cover several bumps at once. It made her upset and nervous since I had to wrap it around her legs, but when I took it off this morning she was happy it didn’t hurt. The bumps are changing, so I can tell we’re making progress!! As for the HFM, my kids were both really itchy with it, and there was NOTHING that helped. I gave them Benedryl to help ease the itching, but it made them sleepy so I could only give it to them at night or nap time. If your friends child has the sores in the mouth, have her call the dr to request “magic mouthwash”. It helps to numb the mouth and throat and is a HUGE help (the name is misleading, you do swallow it). It is super contagious and the other kids at our daycare got it as well. Best of luck to your friend!

          • I am so excited you found tape that worked…I tried that tape and unfortunately it didn’t work for us. My son had a terrible case of molluscum and this ACV worked. Keep at it and you will be successful and molluscum free. I forgot to respond about what to do with the bumps after you treat them…nothing…don’t pick at them…just let them go away..my son’s bumps all turned black or scab like and fell off. Some you made need to treat more than once but worth it!! Good luck and I can’t wait to see the post when you say you guys are molluscum free!! Thanks for the info about the hfm … I am going I call my friend right now about the mouthwash!!

          • We are making such great progress! It is really amazing!! I’ve been doing the baths every day, and treating three bumps for 2-3 nights, and it is just amazing. The bumps soon scab over and I’ve been putting Neosporin on them and just letting them be. Is that what everyone else is going? I’m hoping there are no scars, but even if there are scars they will be very tiny. SO HAPPY that I found this blog!

          • Jodie, I am thrilled to hear about your daughter’s progress, I know it is hard to believe until you see it with your own eyes.

            I used the neosporin for my boys, and then I tried some CVS scar cream. Each of my boys have two small scars after the Molluscum, but they are almost unnoticeable a year after the treatment.

  87. I am thinking of trying the ACV treatment. I am worried that doing so will cause irritation or new bumps. Do you think it would work by just using the cotton ball part and not the bath? I only have 2-3 spots so I feel lucky compared to other people. I want to try the cotton ball part with just one bump first. How many nights should I do the cotton ball? Just until I notice a change? Approximately how long do you think it will take until it is no longer contagious? I am really worried aout further spreading during/as a result of the treatment. I have was diagnosed with MC, I have not had any new bumps (knock on wood). I just really don’t want the problem to get worse than it is now. I have no one to talk to about this and I am embarrassed for anyone to find out about it. I would really appreciate any advice you can give me.

    • I’m 20 years old and I’ve had MC since September 2011. I am convinced my OBGYN caused the spreading, because when I went to him concerned about a bump, he popped it and said it was an ingrown hair. From then on, I noticed more popping up until the OBGYN at my university told me what it really was and that shaving/waxing could spread it (too late by that point). Anyways, I am too embarrassed to tell my family about this (due to the location of the bumps) so I’m only able to do the direct cotton ball ACV tx. I had a total of 12 before the tx and now I’m down to only six (the remaining six are too difficult to get bandaids to stay on and I don’t want to risk spreading them further). My experience with the ACV tx directly on the bumps is that you should use just enough cotton to cover the bump (the amount on one end of Q-tip was enough for me) and water proof bandaids. Simply soak the cotton in ACV and place over the bump and the waterproof bandaid over it (*wash your hands immediately after) I kept one bandaid on for at least 12 hours at a time before changing it. Some took 24-28hrs to begin reacting, but for me, they eventually all did start reacting. The reaction phases went from no reaction, to coming to a head (like a pimple that needs to popped) to flattening out or becoming mushy, to the center darkening (almost black in color). I would wait until the whole spot turned into a scab to stop the tx, which undoubtedly caused some scarring, but I am also taking vitamin E to boost healing!. Since I’ve had this for so long, I have noticed that occasionally a spot will flair up all of sudden (a sign my body began to fight that one – note: this was only 2 spots not included in the 12 mentioned) and then slowly recede without scarring! So, at this point I’m trying to let my body recognize the remaining 6 bumps and fight it off on its own. I’m also taking a multivitamin every single day along with vitamin E. I hope this helps you!

  88. I don’t know if I’m becoming paranoid or what, but I’m afraid that every little bump I see on my body is MC. I have a few small bumps on my forehead, near my hairline. For the past few days I thought it was acne, but now I’m afraid it’s MC. Then in the shower I noticed a red bump on my shoulder. Again, it could just be a pimple. My question is… I have not yet tried ACV on my known MC spots. What would happen if I tried ACV on the spots that my just be acne? Will I be able to tell what the bump is by the reaction to the ACV? I would just go to the doctor for a diagnosis, but I am running short on money. I just want this MC to be clear! It’s like I’m afraid of my own body and I am tired of living like this. 🙁

    • From what I’ve read in these comments, it seems like the ACV will bring up everything to the surface, so it may need to get worse before it can get better. I don’t know from experience, as we’re just starting the process this week, but its something to keep in mind. I know ACV, and even plain vinegar, can be used for many different purposes. I can’t imagine that it would make the acne worse, may just dry it out more.

    • A, I am not sure how a pimple will react to the ACV treatment. However, while a pimple usually disappears after a few days a molluscum bump may stay the same for months. So, give it a week, and if the bumps seem to disappear you might be lucky that it is just acne. If you suspect it is molluscum, you can start treating one bump at a time to see how it reacts.

  89. I want to first off thank you so much for sharing your story…. My daughter is 5 and we have been struggling with this horrible virus for almost 8 months. Just like you we went down the same exact road of dr’s, expensive rx’s, ect… nothing was even phasing them. They were everywhere on her legs and bottom and some on her arms. It was truly terrible for her. I never felt more helpless…. One day I was sitting on my couch, after having had my daughter turn me down for the 3rd or 4th time to go swimming with her friends at the pool….. I started searching the web…. I was desperate to find an answer. I prayed as I had times before and then I ran across your site… We are 2 weeks in the her bumps are almost gone. She still has some and we are still using the ACV bath treatment but she truly had a severe case according to her determatologist…. I am so pleased with her results… It’s summer and she can resume normal summertime activities with her friends without having to hide her legs.

    Again, I want to thank you and God for directing me to your site…..

    • I am so encouraged by your comments! We just started the process with our daughter and we noticed changes after just one night. It’s incredible, I hope I continue to see improvement!

    • Sharon, I am so excited that the ACV treatment is working for your daughter, and I sure hope that you will be able to enjoy the rest of the summer without anymore worries.

  90. In addition, when I brought her back for her follow up with her dermatologist, he was floored at the results and asked me to forward your link to him so he too could research it.

  91. Hi there! My daughter is 20 months and the doctor just diagnosed her with molluscum today. He prescribed epiduo to put on it but I am wanting to try acv treatment. I was reading about the acv baths but my concern is it Irritating her baby girl parts. Has this ever been a problem? Thank you for this page!!!

    • Hi Liz, I had the same concerns about using ACV in the bath with my 3-yr-old daughter. But everything I’ve read about ACV talks about its healing powers, so I thought I’d give it a try. My daughter didn’t notice a thing in the tub or afterwards (we’ve done two baths now). She just plays with her tub toys as she always does. I noticed a change after the very first night, we are definitely making some progress! Good luck to you!

  92. After the acv treatment with the cotton ball overnight, is the mc any more contagious than it was before treatment?

  93. Hi,
    Just found out my 5 yr old daughter has MCV from the derm. Didnt know what it was until he told us it would stay with her for few months to 2 yrs. My heart sank. My daughter gets self consious already as it is. I just didnt want to to start scaring her, especially her face.
    While we were there, we asked if he can try treating afew bumps so he dabbed some kind of acid to treat warts on it. When we got home, the next morningm we saw it had blistered. I didnt know what this means so I put a bandaid on it incase it popped, I didnt want it to spread.

    Anyway, i searched the internet and thank god I found you. There is actual hope.
    Well, i went and bought 9 gallons of ACV 5% acidtidy. I cut afew small cotton and dipped it in acv and placed it over afew bumps (not the one the doc treated). In the morning, nothign changed. In fact, daughter slept thru night without a problem. I took bandaid off and it looks like nothing changed. The bandaid and cotton was dry (maybe too little acv or it leaked out of bandaid? I didnt get water proof ones). Secod night, i tried it on new spots, same thing, nothing happend, this time I used water proof tape (daughter didnt like the tape cuz it hurts when u pull it off). Were these not working because it was still immature? None of them look like white pimples in middle…well, maybe 1 or 3 that were very very close to each other like 3 in a row. I did start her on acv bath 7 cups of acv in a large tub so she can lay down to her neck for 30 minutes. She watched a portable dvd move in there so it was not too bad. The next morning, i didnt see anything. This late afternoon, i noticed maybe 1 between her top lip and below nose, 1 above eyebrow and one on her bridge of her nose. My heart sank. I dunno if this is MC on her face. How do I do the cotton on it of dip her whole face in AVC bath to treat it? Im so worried now. And those spots Ive treated with cotton hasnt shown any changes. She has about 20 or so to begin with. Im not sure if they are 30 lil ones total now. Afew bigger ones, but no real puss ones except the blistered one from the doc.
    Anyway, Im hoping this works. Doc said we need to shower her and dont use towel or cloth to wash her body. Use our hands so thats what my wife has been doing. I got her gloves, but she didnt want our child to feel like she has cooties or something. Im so sad for my daughter. I couldnt sleep for 2 days. Exausted worrying about this. I read your blog 4 times completely already hoping I didnt miss anything. I dont know if I should jsut do the bath cuz i dont want cotton to scar my daughter. I also bought vitamen E pills 200mg and fish oil for kids. My daught hasnt really complained bout the cotton except for the bandaids I put on the ones that i suspect of getting scratched by my daughter during the day and at night when she goes to bed. I just afraid something popping and spreading to other places on her skin. I apologize for blabbing. I just need to know this will work for my daughter. I am hoping my other daughter doesnt get it. They are twins.
    Anyway, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    • Not doing cotton tonight. Already did bath. Where her MC are that we had previously bandaid, the skin is red and may of come off being stuck on the bandaid. Im not bandaiding today either. Im afraid of it spreading around her private area. )C=

      • LChen, first of all I want to start out with saying that I completely understand and recognize your frustrations and concerns, I have been there. How long have your daughter had the bumps?

        I am asking, because when my second son got his first bump, I tried the ACV treatment just as I did with my first son, but this time around it didn’t work. I let the Molluscum be for a few weeks, and then I tried again once some of the bumps started getting a bit white in the middle. This is when our pediatrician said, it seemed as if the molluscum was mature and he encouraged me to start the treatment again.

        The second time around, the ACV treatment did wonders, and all bumps were gone in a few weeks.

        So, if your daughter’s molluscum began recently, I definitely encourage you to give it a few more weeks, wait until you start seeing whiteness or changes in the bumps, and if you see it start up with the baths only. If you see a change, then you can try a bump or two at a time again. Just be careful not to go overboard.

        Your doctor is absolutely right about the towels, because by rubbing with a towel or a washcloth it is so easy to spread the bumps from one area to another. I know it is frustrating, but it sounds like you and your wife are determined to get rid of this virus before it decides to go by itself, and I am hopeful that you will be successful.

        Good luck!

        • Hi,
          Thank you for your response. It made me smile hearing from you, a real person who has dealt with it…TWICE.

          We are really concer because we see afew bumps starting on her face now. She wears glasses so it may be that she rubs everywhere.
          Hopefully, we caught it early enough that we stopped her from scratching so much. The bandaid we had yesterday had peeled away some skin which is what caused her pain so we didnt do the acv cotton last night. We only had her do the acv bath. I just dont know what to do about her face.
          I dont want to have to put acv cotton on her face if the bumps get mature. Im hoping just the acv bath up to her neck is enough. Or maybe just doing some mature bumps on her legs will eventually kill off the ones on her face on its own. I dunno, wishful thinking maybe.
          I just dont want to touch her face.

          I just want to know what I should be doing while I wait. Do i cover her small immature bumps with bandaid? I really hate to do it cuz daughter has sensitive skin. Or can I just put a long pants on her to cover the bumps. According to the derm, its not contagious until it pops. So immature ones arent contagious? What if they scratch the immature ones and touch other parts of the body? Thats what Im affraid of. I dont wnat it to spread even more, expecially to her face or places she cant cover up. School starts sept 5. I want this over with before then. Do i continue the acv baths daily while its still immature? Or do I wait until its more mature to start acv bath? Its 3 bucks a bottle which isnt really a problem. But im worried if the acv bath may be damaging her skin (i keep thinking my daughter is sitting in acid). She’s a picker. Like to pick, pick alot. BUt we told her to stop and she does try to listen. He doesnt want it to spread either. She is a trooper. I just dont want her to have to go thru it.
          Also, can us the parents get it from them too? Or are adults less likely to get this at all?
          Thanks again,

          • LC, I completely understand your concern about your daughter’s face, and I definitely agree with leaving the bumps on her face alone. Once the ACV baths and cottonball treatment start working on other areas of her body, the bumps on her face will disappear by themselves.

            As for in the meantime, scratching is definitely an issue, especially when it is hot and humid. I wish I had a remedy, but all I can say is that bandaging the bumps will likely just irritate them more and make her scratch more as well. This is what happened with my five-year-old son (before I found out about the ACV treatment), and it just increased the amount of bumps because of the scratching.

            Covering up the clothes with lightweight loose clothing is the best solution not just for spreading to others but for spreading to other areas of her body as well.

            As for parents – yes we can get it too! If you have a weak immune defense, you are especially at risk, and I have heard from many many parents and adults who have been affected with MC which can be a nightmare at any age.

  94. My son is 9yrs. old and this is his 3rd year of having MC. The first 2 years we waited it out because the Dr. said it would go away on it’s own and it did, but it took 6 mos. both times. The other day I noticed a bump on my son and thought ”Oh noooo not this again”, So here to the internet I came. Well I am sooo thankful I found this site. We started the ACV just yesterday, I put it in a spray bottle and sprayed all those pesty bumps(1 on his face, several on his armpits, arms and legs). I sprayed him 3x yesterday(a.m., afternoon, and night). This morning I noticed a big difference in how they look, they turned a reddish brown color and they look smaller, he did develop more bumps, but like u said that seems to happen. I finally feel some hope. We also use the TeaTree Oil which helps ease the itching and it prevents infection as it is an antiseptic. You said August is a big month for MC breakouts, you are so right, this is my sons 3rd year of dealing with this with all breakouts starting in August. Do you think he is contracting them from the pool?We live in a condo and go swimming frequently, it just makes me wonder, he never had MC til we moved here 3.5 years ago. Since I know August is the month I think next year I will start spraying him in July, to see if we can prevent another MC breakout. Thank you soo much for this site,I finally have hope.I will post an update soon as we only started the ACV yesterday, thanks again 🙂

    • Wow, 3 times! That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of anyone breaking out with MC three times, you must be a very frustrated mom by now. It is very likely that he is getting it from the pool, but I am still surprised about the three times. Just be careful not to go overboard with the ACV as it can cause scars, if you are not careful.

      Good luck! I hope this will be the last time your last time dealing with this virus.

    • Hi Angela, im sorry to hear that you had to deal with this 3 times. Im having a hard time dealing with this just once with my 5 yr old girl. If the bumps stays small and not turn into a boil or blister, i would not be as worried.

      I have a few questions if you dont mind me asking. You said you put ACV in a bottle?
      Did you pour pure ACV with 5% acidty? Or did you dilute it first? Wouldnt it burn his skin when you sprayed it on his skin? Did you cover it up?

      Also, during the 1st and 2nd time you waited it out, did the bumps stay small and tine or did they turn into boils and/or blistered? Im so paranoid now. Every single bump is freaking me out. I cant tell the difference between immature bumps and mature bumps and just a simple bump.

      Anyway, i hope you get this resolved fast. Im going to try documenting everything.
      Right now I have opt to just do the ACV baths only. I think my daugters bumps are still immature.


  95. Thank you for your fast reply. I know 3 years!!! my heart sunk the other day when I noticed the bump, but hopefully we will continue to have good results and have a much shorter duration this time around using the ACV. How long can we expect new bumps to surface? Is their a time frame from the first new bump to the last? Just curious because in the last hour he has new ones on his chest and torso.

  96. I dont have other children. My husband is fine, no signs of MC on him. I have small red bumps on my lower legs and left arm that are itchy, they do not resemble the MC bumps at all, but I have developed these bumps at the the same time my son has gotten the MC, and this is our 3rd year now, so I am seeing a pattern. MC is very contagious, I think more so in kids, so be careful.

  97. Hi LC, yes I put the ACV(5%) in a spray bottle and sprayed the bumps, he tolerated it very well, only the bumps that he scratched were a lilttle sensitive for a few seconds. He has so many of them, they started on his lower legs, then quickly(over the course of a week) he has them all over from his face, torso, under arms, arms, and legs. I have read here that people have found that the ACV seems to bring the bumps out quicker, which may be not so bad, thinking they will come out eventually as they lay dormant under the skin. We are now on our 5th day of ACV treatment, I spray him 3x a day, as of yesterday he developed more bumps, which is frustrating, but I know we’ve got to hang in there, I think it may take 2 weeks of ACV treatments to see them go away. I just feel so sad for my son, he is totally tolerating the ACV treatment very well, he wants these bumps gone. It definately puts a hinder on everyday life when u are dealing with MC. Just keeping our fingers crossed that the ACV will clear them up soon. And LC the first 2 times he had MC(no treatment) it took 6 months for them to go away and for his skin to clear up, but it may have been prolonged to him scratching. Hang in there, I know it is a hard fight. Thank heavens for this site so we can help each other through this. Angela 🙂

  98. I would like to thank you for sharing this! My son has had MC for about 6 months, and it is getting very worse. He has it all down his arms, and its going to his legs now. I, like you, have been searching for something to help with this. I am going to try this starting tomorrow. I would like most of the bumps to be gone by school.
    I really appreciate you sharing this. Becasue I was told all the same things by Drs. and it was nothing i want to do to my child.
    I will keep you posted to let you know how it goes.
    Thank you again.

  99. Hi Laura, I know how you feel, this is my sons 3rd year in a row in dealing with MC, it is so very frustrating. I have the same concerns as you, my son starts school in 3 weeks, and I so want him to be clear of these bumps. We started the ACV last week(6 days ago), and by the next day I started seeing some bumps develop scabs already, which is good, but he has developed more bumps and in new places.The first 2 yearsdealing with MC, we did nothing, the DR. said MC isn’t harmful and that the bumps should clear in 6mos. to 18mos., not an answer any parent wants to hear. I sure hope the ACV helps. Keep us updated.

  100. Hi, I had commented above but wanted to make sure this was seen by everyone – this treatment WORKS!!! I am amazed at the progress we’ve made just since July 24th, I am really in awe. My 3-yr-old has a few scabs that just need to heal over and she’s FREE of this yucky infection. I hope this never comes back, but if it does, I’ll know what to do. Oh, just for reference, my other child did not catch this from my daughter, nor did any of the kids at their daycare. So far she is the only one.

    • Jodie, I am so happy to hear that youyr daughter is close to being rid of this craziness, and it’s great to hear that your other daughter (and the kids in the daycare) did not get it either.

  101. Jodie thanks so much for reposting, that is great news!!!!!. Can you tell me the time frame from the first bump to the last. My sons first bump showed on Friday July 27th. We started the ACV on August 1st, and so far(fingers crossed) he developed his last new bump on Saturday August 4th. Thank you in advance.

    • My daughters bumps started showing up around May, I believe. So it was a few months before I found this treatment. Good luck on your journey, I hope this works for you as well!

  102. My 4 yr old has been suffering through MC for about a year now. We are doing the ACV baths and it is amazing what a difference it has made on the clusters on his back and chest. He wouldn’t let me do the cottonball overnight as it burned so badly for him. My dilemma now is that he has some erupting on his lips…two so far. Does anyone have a way to tackle them?

    • Wow, Jacque. I wish I had an answer for you, but I have never heard of anyone having MC on their lips. The only thing I can say is that hopefully by combatting the rest of the MC bumps on his body, the bumps on their lips will disappear on their own.

      I never had to treat all of my sons’s bumps, because once the body started rejecting the virus, the remaining bumps vanished on their own.

      Good luck Jacque!

  103. I’m very excited to find this information. I have been bathing my son in epsom salts, with no improvement, in fact they are spreading 🙁 I’m going to switch of ACV though and give this a try. It recently dawned on me though that perhaps I needed to clorox the tub out after each bath and maybe that’s why they were spreading? How often & what did you use to clean out the tub? He has too many bumps to use the small bathtub and too many to think of doing the cotton balls so I’m really hoping the ACV bath will work for us.

    • If your son is small enough to fit, try using one of those storage buckets with the rope handles (or a storage tote big enough for him to sit in)! We fill it about 1/2 way with warm water and add 2 cups ACV. Its perfect size to sit in and the water rises as they submerge to really soak the bumps. We use that time to read so he doesn’t get bored sitting in the bucket-lol! In only a few days, his bumps have become significantly less noticeable. I just clean out the bucket and tub after I dump the water with the usual bathroom tub cleaner which has bleach in it…Best of Luck to You!

      • Thank you! The storage tote is a wonderful idea! We did it straight in the bath last night and to get 7 cups of ACV in there I ended up using almost half of the gallon jug. This will be much more cost effective and will soak those bumps in his armpit a lot more thoroughly. Plus it will be easier to clean! I will keep on it and hopefully will see an improvement soon.

        • Rach/Jacque, I also used a small tub (IKEA baby bathtub), which is more cost effective. To get the most effective ACV treatment, I highly recommend doing the ACV baths and the cotton ball treatment.

          You only have to do 1 or 2 bumps a night, and I highly recommend doing it after your child falls asleep. Try to do mature bumps that have not been scratched in though, as they will burn more if the bumps are open.

          You can also try to take a look at Angela’s posts above, she has been using the ACV in a spray bottle, and this seems to work for her.

  104. Hi,
    Been soaking in ACV bath since August 1st, 2012 (7 days so far).
    7 cups of ACV in half of the jacuzzi tube for 30 minutes daily.
    It looks like the bumps are bigger and white on the top. Im not too crazy about putting AVC cotton on it because of the bandaid that rips her skin when we pull it off.
    Also, how big are the cotton people have been taping along with the bandaid? I had no effect when we cut small tiny pieces of cotton and taped it with duct tape, waterproof tape or bandaid. Maybe it was too early to tell then.
    Does anyone have pictures of mature and immature bumps? I prefer to see real live pictures from you guys. Ill try to post some of my daughters tonight.

    • LC, it sounds to me like the perfect time to do the cotton balls overnight. I stopped using the bandaids too, and used some sticky tape from Walgreens/CVS (the kind of tape that sticks to itself and not skin). It worked for my daughter because her bumps where on her legs, so I’d lay her down and put the cotton with ACV on the bumps, then carefully wrap the tape around her legs. Comes off with no pain. Actually, instead of cotton balls, I used a suggestion above and got make up pads cut very tiny. It’s important to only cover the bump and as little healthy skin as possible. Good luck!

      • Thanx for the advice, but how big were the cotton you used or cut up?
        Also, the tape that sticks to itselves, what is the name of it? Doesnt it have to be water proof so it doesnt evaporate?
        Thanks again.

  105. My daughters bumps were very small, so it was nearly impossible to cut the cotton small enough. Less than 1/4 inch for sure. As for the tape, I can’t recall the name, but check your local drugstore, they’ll have a first aid section with a variety of options. You’re right about the tape, I don’t think it was waterproof because the cotton was dry by the morning. However, it worked for us!

  106. UPDATE: THIS TREATMENT WORKS!!!!!!! My son has developed MC the last 3 years in a row, the first 2 years(before knowing about ACV), we followed Dr’s orders and waited the MC out, it took 6 months both times to clear up. This year I noticed the first bump on July 27th,. August 1st I started the ACV tx.(I put the ACV in a spray bottle as he had multiple widespread bumps) I sprayed him 3x a day the first 4 days, 2x a day for 2 days, and 1x a day for 2 days-total 8 days of ACV tx.)August 4th the last new bump arrived and August 8th his skin is all healed, no more new bumps, no more scabbed bumps, the bumps are gone and his skin is clear.

    • Angela, I am so excited for you and your son! I certainly hope this is the last time you will ever have to deal with ACV, because you sure have had your share.

      Did you rinse of your son after spraying him with the ACV? Did you dillute it? I am asking, because I am very curious about this method of spraying the ACV.

    • I would like to know more about spraying as well. My son’s skin is looking pretty dry already just from the baths, so I’m not sure what to do.

  107. I put the ACV 5% in a spray bottle. I did not dilute it. I sprayed each bump directly and waited a few minutes for it to dry. I did not rinse him. I did spray him outside on the deck in the fresh air though because we found the smell of the ACV empowering.

  108. Thank you so much for this blog. I am currently on day 2 of my treatment and my bump has already turned white with a black center. I’ve had MC for 4+ years, but I’ve been lucky enough to have it in small bursts, usually getting a few on my upper legs to lower belly, typically no more than 10 at a time, but I got a new one on my lower leg that got fairly large and I became very self-conscious about it. I used to use hydrogen peroxide daily and scrub it hard (not hard enough to rub it off, just enough for a decent scrub) and I usually had good results, clearing up in a few weeks, but this most recent one hasn’t been as successful.

    I’ve definitely noticed I typically get outbreaks during the hotter parts of the summer. This will be my year though, I’m going to be aggressive with my treatment and work at eliminating it completely once this hot summer ends. I’ll do my best to share my progress with everyone and I wish everyone the best of luck!

    • Wow, AuR,….4 years! I think that’s the most I’ve ever heard anyone dealing with MC.

      I hope this will indeed be your year, and I hope you’ll never have to deal with MC again after your done treating it this time around.

      Good luck!

  109. My 3 year old son just diagnosed today! Of course we live in florida and it’s the middle of summer. I was doing some research without and good news it seemed and then came across this site. I would like to give this a try but my question is my son has severe eczema does anyone know how the ACV baths would affect a child with that?

    • I didn’t know what I should do because of my sons eczema. So because of the Compound W not going over so well with my son I decided to try just dabbing the AVC on his spots (about 50 of them) two nights now and to my surprise the few that were on his right wrist are gone! They didn’t turn black or anything they just went away. The ones that are on his belly are doing the same but he had more there. His left wrist is the issue which is where it started and is where he has the most. I’m hoping in the next coming days that just dabbing on the AVC will do the trick without me having to do the more aggressive action of the cotton balls over night or the bath because I’m sure that will make his eczema sting and burn. I will keep posting incase anyone else here is wondering about this with eczema.

      • Dawn, I’d love to hear how your son is doing. I don’t have any answers in regards to ACV and eczema, but I know there are lots of parents asking the same questions. Good luck!

        • Well we haven’t noticed any change except for the fact that they are spreading. We dab the AVC on every night and have only tried a couple of baths because of the fear of what it would do to his eczema. For now I have gotten his eczema under control for the time being (I actually think the AVC very diluted baths may have helped with that) so any way I think this weekend I will be more aggressive and try the over night AVC bandaids and more baths. I’m hoping to see some improvement, poor little guy. I have him constantly covered and I keep telling him and his sister that they can horse around like they do. 🙁

  110. So thankful to have self diagnosed after two months. Thought it was more psoriasis, an allergy, my rheumatologist thought it might be excema. So many bumps between my hips and shoulders and all places in between. I have taken the apple cider vinegar from the fridge, put it undiluted in a spray bottle and misted all over. As a middle age mom, I can only hope I don’t infect my husband or daughter!

  111. My 3yo daughter got MC and, not knowing what it was but seeing the white bump, I popped it and it spread, of course! When I went to the doctor she jumped back 10 feet (not literally, but I could see her face and she didn’t want to touch anywhere near the spot) and said we would just have to wait and see. Six months later, and spreading to her chin and now face, we are determined to get rid of this. I finally looked online and found this blog and have been giving her ACV baths two times daily, and taping up a few of the bumps at night. She has definitely developed more bumps in this process and last night was the first night I noticed any difference in any of them. They are not black in the middle but are red at the base. It looks like the ACV just irritated the skin around the bump, but didn’t actually kill the virus. Anyway, I am still working at it and went and bought liquid band aid today and applied it to the ones on her neck, chin and face because she has been itching her chin all over the pillows, coaches, my arm, her brother’s face, etc., etc. I am hoping the liquid band aid will prevent it from spreading. She won’t keep a regular band aid on.

    On the other hand, my son’s bump immediately turned black in the middle and disappeared after 1 light dot of ACV while he was napping. I think it helps that he is nursing so his immunity is high. I thought I might have had a bump (so small it was hard to tell) and applied some ACV a few times and the bump also turned black in the middle and completely went away within two days.

    I guess there is nothing to do with my daughter’s but just keep at it. I am hoping it will end soon since the bumps on her neck, chin and face are obviously itchy and her rubbing them on everything is going to spread it to all of us (five kids… can you imagine if they all get it? Ugh!). Will post re: progress and all of your “successful” posts are the only thing that give me hope that this will eventually end!

    • Theresa, it sure sounds like you are in the middle of a Molluscum nightmare. I’m glad to hear that both you and your son reacted to the ACV treatment in a positive way, and hopefully this will keep up your spirits when treating your daughter as well.

      I definitely think you should keep up the treatment for a few more days, and if nothing happens, then give your daughter a 1 – 2 ACV break. However, even if you do decide to take a break, make sure to be vigilant about cleaning sheets, towels, clothes etc. every day, because it really is extremely contagious.

      Good luck with the battle Theresa, I hope you will soon return with a better progress.

  112. thank you so much for this after being embarrassed by this for over a year I tried this and after the first night am already seeing results I can’t thank you enough.

  113. Hello and to reiterate what everyone else has said, THANK YOU!!!! Both of my daughters (now 7 & 10 have had this), first my youngest (who had it from about age 5)–her doc said it would go away after a year or so (!!!) and I didn’t know anything else to do so we ignored it as she suggested. It did finally go away, but it was seriously about 18 months! Then shortly after that, my older daughter contracted a few bumps. They spread from the top of her leg to her side and one arm, and being older and more self-conscious (she was in 4th grade at the time), I was more motivated to be more aggressive. We booked an appt with a dermatologist, who said basically the same thing (thanks, $50 down the drain). When she started 5th grade a few weeks ago, I noticed how she was always tugging at her clothes to keep the bumps covered, so I decided to do more online sleuthing, and voila–I found your site!

    We have been doing this method for a full week now, following all the instructions you used (and scanning other comments for ideas/cautions as well), and things seem to be going along just as you describe. My daughter is beyond thrilled at the idea that these may soon be gone for good!

    Now, I have a question for you. (I bet you didn’t think you’d become the resident web expert on ACV treatments, did you? LOL!) One of the larger bumps on her leg became very red and raised after about 1-2 nights of direct application of the ACV. We left it alone after that, just doing the baths, and it developed a large white head on it. Sure enough, yesterday it began oozing pus (gross, I know–sorry!). I covered it with polysporin and a bandaid overnight, and it kind of healed enough during the day but in tonight’s bath, it broke open and the pus began to come out again. I drained the water (from what I understand pus is not something good to spread), dried the spot off, and repeated the polysporin/bandaid application. Has anyone else had this happen? I’m wondering if I’m doing the right kind of treatment for this one bump, and I don’t want to make it worse. I realize you’re not a doctor but I thought I’d throw the question out there in case someone else has had a similar experience. My daughter did have one of her MC bumps get very red and inflamed (no pus though) a few months ago, and I brought her to her pediatrician and she was prescribed abx and a topical cream. Again, just wondering if this has happened to others… I may check in with our doc tomorrow but of course it’s now late on a Sunday and they’re closed… TIA for any help/info you can share! And many thanks again for posting this ACV cure! 🙂

    • Libby, I am thrilled to hear that the ACV treatment is going as planned. As for the red bump, I definitely suggest that you observe it carefully. Perhaps use a sterilized wipe (from the emergency kit) to keep it clean, and then add some neosporin or other antibacterial gel to prevent any further infection. If you feel that the area is getting too inflamed, definitely take your daughter to the doctor. I would not bandage it, as it may heal faster if you leave it uncovered.

      My oldest son recently got a severe infection from a tiny almost invisible scratch on his finger, and you do not want an infection to turn into sepsis. This can happen very fast, and all people react differently. My son got the scrape one evening, and the next morning he had red lines following his veins up his arm. Luckily the antibiotics worked, but it was a very scary situation. So, my best advice is to trust your mom instincts as for when to seek medical advice.

      Good luck, and please keep us updated!

      • Thanks for the advice and help! We did end up going to the doctor yesterday and it was infected as I guessed. We got some oral abx but are having to stop the ACV baths until it heals. We did the cotton balls and baths for the first few days when we started, then continued with just the baths for the next few days, so a little over a week total. Do you think having to take a break with the baths will undo our progress? Many of the bumps had started blackening and scabbing, and a few new ones seemed to be getting “drawn out” as well (but they’re still tiny so I’m guessing we’ll have to wait awhile before treating them).

        I’m hopeful that this was enough to take care of our the largest of the MC bumps. Let me know if you have any additional thoughts or suggestions, and again, many thanks!!!

        • Libby, I am happy to hear that your daughter got the oral abx, and I hope it will take care of the infection in no time. I don’t think a little break will hurt the ACV/Molluscum progress in the long run, the big thing is that you have seen results. Some people do not see immediate results from the ACV treatment, so consider yourself lucky.

          Just make sure to keep on washing those sheets, towels etc to prevent the MC from spreading, while you are taking a break from the treatment. Good luck to you and your daughter!

          • Just checking in to let you know we have seen a HUGE improvement over the past few days in the MC bumps! The one that ended up getting infected is still red and scabby but healing well considering… my daughter is SO thrilled that some of them–almost overnight, it seemed–lost their scabs and are hardly even visible. We haven’t been able to continue the ACV baths as I mentioned, but have been religious about changing her bedding every night (actually I just swap out different warm fuzzy blankets–one to sleep on, one to cover up with), so thank you once again for your help and advice. She is feeling so much less self-conscious and I think we are going to have our own “bump free” party when this is all over! 🙂

  114. Hi,
    Its been 27 days of daily ACV baths. We haven’t seen scabs. Just more bumps near the private parts (might be due to underwear pulled up and down). The bumps look like decent size. I tried AVC on waterproof bandaid ball last night on a cluster of 3 that has been there for quite sometime. No changes. I just wish I saw something already. We went back to the Derm last week for a followup and they decided to dab the acid on most of the bumps. No changes either. One got irritated and popped during horseplay. I neo it and bandaid it to prevent further spreading. School is upon us (next week). I was hoping to be rid of this before then. No such luck. )C=

    • LChen, I am so sorry to hear that the ACV treatment is not working. I know how frustrating it can be (this happened with my second son), and I suggest you give your child a 1 – 2 week break from any ACV treatment. Are any of the bumps getting white in the middle (this means they are maturing). If you see the white in the middle, it is time to start up the ACV treatment again.

      With my second son, the ACV treatment worked the second time around, but I did give him a break for a couple of weeks first.

  115. Right now all I have is the 5% ACV from Kroger. From what I’ve been reading, I should be using the ACV with the “mother” in it, like the organic kind. Can this treatment still work with the 5% ACV from Kroger that I have?

  116. I ran across your ACV remedy because my daughter has a few bumps. I’m sort of hoping they are just chigger bites because she just got them and it’s too early to say. I just wanted to tell you I think it’s great you posted this and tell you my experience with MC. My son had molluscum about 3 years ago at the age of 6. It was around his knees and crease of one arm. His doctor said it would go away and never really diagnosed it. Creams and lotions seemed to make the bumps more plump and worse. Neosporin didn’t make it worse but didn’t do much. He was good about not scratching it, but I noticed a bump went away if he did scratch it, as long as that little white seed thing came out. (I guess that’s why one of the treatments a Derm might use is to scrape them off.) After several more months of having the bumps, I took him to a Dermatologist. He promptly diagnosed it and applied a liquid treatment to 1/2 the bumps with a small brush. He didn’t explain it until he had already treated it. He said to come back in two weeks to do the rest. THEN he explained the blisters and pain the treatment would cause! It was really horrible for a week or so but my son handled it quite well. It worked but besides the pain, the treatment cost a fortune! I googled Molluscum when I got home from the dermatologist that day. Unfortunately, your post wasn’t on the internet yet. Buried in the comments of one of the hundreds of posts I read, someone recommended using Insect Sting Relief pads. I happened to have a first aid kit and was glad to see I had a few of them. I tried it only on his arm first. It was like a miracle. It worked great. If I recall correctly, I noticed results quite quickly. I don’t think the bumps got all scabby or anything I think they just got less plump everyday. I ran out of the pads, but, upon reading the ingredients, realized it was similar to Benzocaine spray. Since I couldn’t find the pads in the store I grabbed Benzocaine and Lidocaine sprays and they both worked. Needless to say, I didn’t have to go back to the Dermotologist and drop another $300. I haven’t read through all the comments here to see if anyone else has tried this but I just wanted to throw it out there. However, I will definitely try the Apple Cider Vinegar if my daughter’s bumps are Molluscum!

  117. I have had a bandaid with ACV soaked cotton ball on my bump constantly since Monday evening. I do not notice a difference. I have not yet tried the bath. I’m afraid that due to the placement of my bump, I am not getting the cotton ball directly on the bump or maybe it’s scooting over while I apply the bandaid. Reading all these success stories gave me so much hope and I’m beginning to get frustrated and worried that my bumps aren’t responding to the ACV. I think I will try Darla’s recommendatipon of Insect Sting Relief Pads.

    Because of the location of my bumps I have not told anyone about the MC, so I’m feeling pretty alone. When I first discovered the bumps, my doctor told me it was nothing to worry about and that it would go away in about 3 months. It’s been about 7 months and nothing is going away. 🙁 I’m desperate for any advice that may help.

  118. Thank you so much!! This apple cider vinegar treatment works amazingly! I have had them for about 5-6 months and finally went to the doctor to see what they could do about them. Same reply, had to wait it out. Well my girlfriend witch was working at the beach for the summer was coming home soon and did not want these bumps around for her return. Was getting worried and had such bad anxiety about them. Apple cider vinegar took them away in 1 week and a couple days! Was so happy and saw results after the first treatment! Been two weeks now and you can barely see where they were. Just to show that doctors might not always know the best ways of dealing with somethings. Thanks again for the help and for releasing my worries about the whole deal. Apple cider vinegar works!!!!!! No doubts about it!

    • Jack, I am thrilled for you, what a relief it must be. Having Molluscum as a grown up definitely poses a lot of different issues, than when young children are affected. Remember that the molluscum bumps can lay dormant under your skin for about two weeks, so make sure to keep an eye out for new bumps.

  119. I also found that Mint Julep Masque helps dry them out witch i did after every shower.

  120. I’ve been doing a mixture of ACV and tea tree oil on one of my bumps since Monday. The area is fairly sore and the skin around the bump is turning a greyish color. I’m not sure I’m seeing a different on the actual bump though. Did anything like this happen to anyone else?

  121. Yes indeed it can. Should i keep applying the ACV even though they are gone just to make sure? I found drinking about 2 tablespoons of ACV mixed with water helps too. I am on the lookout but is there any other tips you might have for me?

  122. You have no idea how happy I am to find this site. I’m 20yrs old and been diagnosed with MC. I thought I had something else so I went to planned parenthood freaking out. She said not to worry it was just a skin virus that eventually goes away on it’s own. Well they prescribed me the cream. Thankfully insurance covered it. The only thing that I can think I got it from would be a tanning bed. It’s so humiliating explaining to your bf what the bumps are. (oh yea they are on top of my vagina area.) So embarrassing. So im hoping this Apple cider vinegar works because the cream is not and making the area so much more red. Thank you so much I want this embarrassment gone asap!

  123. Jgindia1981, your wife definitely has to be extra careful with the ACv, since her bumps are on her face, and you do not want her to get scars. I have not had to try the ACV treatment on the face myself, but other readers have mentioned taking a q tip and applying ACV directly to the bump only this may work. I suggest giving it a try with 1 – 2 bumps to see if there is any effect.

    Now, with this method it is important that you use a new q tip for every bump, so that you do not spread the virus.

  124. My 6yr old daughter sufferred from a severe case of Molluscum Contagiosum. After numerous trips to the dermatologist and being told to just let the virus run its course as a frustrated mom, I felt helpless. Living in Florida, the heat was unbearable and to keep the virus from spreading my daughter was miserable having to wear long sleeves & long pants to school. I tried ACV but my daughter couldn’t stand the smell & she said it was making her skin sting. As a last resort, I ordered Dermallay figuring I had nothing to lose. Within 2 weeks of applying the ointment daily, my daughter’s symptoms were completely gone! Unlike ACV, the liquid didn’t “burn” my daughter’s skin so this was a huge plus! If only I had ordered it 6mths sooner… My daughter wouldn’t of had to suffer as she did. Dermallay is well worth ordering, I just placed another order so we have some just in case she has another flare up as school just started and the virus is highly contagious. I just thought I would give you all an alternative option to ACV if it didn’t work out for you!
    – Patricia

  125. I have had molluscum for about nine months now. I have tried everything. I went to the doctor and he suggested that we remove the core and just let them heal. He said it would be gone in a week. Boy was he wrong. They kept spreading and spreading and about 4 months in there were about 50 of them going down my leg, not to mention the ones on my genitals, where i originally contracted them from. I was hopeless. The doctor removed the core and they eventually healed but the virus will not go away. I saw a dermatologist who was no help and said nothing of use for me except that they would go away eventually. I am only 20 years old I do not wanna wait two years for this to go away. I then went to another doctor who gave me nitrogen sticks to burn them off. It was painful and I thought it worked but then woke up with 8 or 9 more. I’m desperate as all get out. I have read about ACV before and I think I will try it out. I have nothing to lose. I will let you know how it goes.

  126. Also…if i take an ACV bath do I dilute it with water? And if so how much?

    • Suzie, it surely seems like the wait-and-see approach is outrageous, and I can definitely understand why you want to get rid of this virus. As I mentioned in the post the most effective treatment is to do the ACV baths (1 tub will take about 7 cups of ACV) plus the direct cottonball treatment (1 -4 spots a night). Hopefully this will get you results. You may want to increase the amount of ACV in the bathtub, but start out with 7 cups to see if you notice a difference.

      Just buy the store brand of ACV, it does not have to be organic etc. The ACV bath should also be helpful in those hard-to-reach sensitive areas.

      Good luck Suzie! I hope you’ll come back to let us know, how it works out.

      • The 7 cups of ACV..do I add water or is it all ACV? And I should do this every night?

        • Also after i take it do i wash it off with water or just dry off like a regular bath?

          • Yes, Suzie you dillute the 7 cups in a tub full of water. If you are able to stay in the tub for 20 – 30 minutes, you can rinse yourself up quickly and then either towel dry or carefully pat yourself dry (no rubbing as it will cause spreading), and dry non-affected areas first. After you use the towel, it is important that it goes straight in the laundry basket, and you get the best results if you use new towels, clothing and sheets every day.

            Yes, I know it sounds like a pain…because it is a pain. But, but, but it is nothing compared to what you are going through right now, and I promise you that the hassle is worth it, if the ACV gets rid of your Molluscum.

            Good luck!

  127. My daughter is just starting with this. She has three bumps. I have done direct acv application for four nights. She has had two acv baths – last night and tonight. Tonight two of the scabs fell off in the tub. But then it looked like some white stuff may have been leaking out?? Question…I did the application until a brown scab formed. In your experience was this not long enough? I know people on here said it turned black. I wouldn’t call her scab BLACK though…just a scabby brown but the skin around was getting red and angry from the band aids and acv so I figured it was good. Has anyone else had the virus leak out after a scab formed?

    Sorry if you have already addressed this – I have read every single one of these comments over the last week but I can’t recall if i read about something like this. Oh and any recommendation about what to do when the stuff is coming out? Alcohol? Acv?

    • Stacey, in my own experience some bumps turned black, some bumps turned red, some bumps just scabbed over, some just disappeared, and yes some of them did have some yucky stuff coming out, it is just part of the healing stages. What I did was simply clean away the fuzzy stuff with a piece of paper, but be careful not to spread it to healthy skin. It should heal by itself in a few days, but if you see signs of a big infection (swelling, severe redness etc.), make sure to see a health care provider.

      Keep up with the ACV baths for about 10 days and preferably for two weeks, because of the fact that more molluscum could lay dormant under the skin. The baths may even pull out the bumps, which will likely be smaller, but don’t get scared, just keep up with the baths.

      It seems like your daughter is reacting just like she needs to to the ACV treatment, so despite it all consider yourself lucky. With only three bumps and a reaction to the ACV treatment, you may just have avoided a severe Molluscum round.

      Good luck with the Molluscum fight, it sounds like you’ve already won the first battle!

      How long has your daughter had Molluscum?

  128. Wow! Thanks for the speedy response. And for reassuring me that what was happening is probably normal.

    To answer your question she developed two bumps about three weeks ago. It was about four weeks after she had been exposed…yuck. the third bump popped out about a week after the first two. It was hardly a bump at all when I started thie acv but I kid you not…I put some acv on it with a qtip and within two minutes a white head appeared. It look the longest to scab over of the three (a night or two more of acv application).

    I waited to start treatment because at the same time she started with these bumps there was a scabies outbreak at her school and we weren’t sure what it was. After some internet research I decided it wasn’t scabies but molluscum (they look a lot different). I wanted a doctor to confirm it though. That took another week and much to my surprise she gave us a prescription she said she has seen success with but that it would take a month or two. I asked about the acv and she supported me in trying it. I decided to go with the acv to see what happened first because a two days to see results seemed like a better option that two months and the potential of more spreading.

    I really want to get this gone asap as my younger daughter has eczema and this has the potential to be really horrible for her. Have you heard or thought anything about acv baths to prevent it?? Thanks again!

    • Just wanted to update on our battle with these crummy bumps…the three original bumps scabbed over and fell off.

      I did reapply acv at night because it felt like there was still a very small bump and a tiny scab did form again. I actually dragged her along to little sisters Dr appt and ask her to look at older daughter again . It had been 2 weeks since that Dr diagnosed it and she was super impressed. She told me to keep doing what I was doing. And she is the one that thought I should try it again just for a night since it still felt like something. Little sister also had two behind her ear. At big sisters initial appt Dr said if little sister got it that she needed to get in to the Dr asap because of her eczema that can easily get out of control. Upon examining them both she was no longer concerned about the eczema and said to keep doing what I had been doing and that she thought she would be okay.

      That was a week ago big sister has had six bumps total. Four are small red scars…I am not worried about them. They will probably fade with time. The other two are scabs…one that looks like it is about done. After the first three she got about one a week and so far this week none.

      Little sister has one behind ear that is gone and the other that has a scab that looks to be nearing the end.

      Most recently I have gotten a few spots of my very own. Joy. Thankfully it seems to be working for me as well. I have been diligent in my efforts to keep it contained…washing towels and sheets from three beds daily, hands, faucets, toilet seats, tubs, etc. Well maybe we all got it at the same time and not from each other. Anyway. That is where we are at today. Hopefully in a week from now all the scabs will be gone and no new ones will popping up. I plan to buy some stock in Heinz (the only brand at my store) and then continue these baths well passed the time the last person’s scab falls off.

      • Stacey, I am glad to hear that you got the pediatrician’s advice on this, because I am surely not a doctor, and it always make me feel better when the pediatrician is involved in the treatment.

        I am so happy to hear that your daughters’ MC is improving, and I hope it will only be days before they are MC free.

        As for you…isn’t it just typical! We were never even told that MC was contagious, until I finally looked it up online 10 months later, and it is a mystery to me how only one other family member got it. I hope you are able to get rid of those bumps ASAP, and yes please keep those ACV baths going until you are absolutely sure they are all gone.

        Good luck, and thank you for giving us an update!

        • Another update: I will not be buying stock in Heinz as I had preciously joked. After going through a gallon a day for nearly a month I happened to notice that in much smaller print between the “apple cider” and the “vinegar” on the label it said “flavored.”. I looked at the ingredients and sure enough…made from grain with natural flavors and carmel color added. I just went to another store and bought their store brand which is infact, made from apples.

          I had been using organic raw unfiltered acv for direct application so at least that is real. It seems that the flavored vinegar baths worked fine for the kids. Seemed to get more after starting…just hoping we don’t get more after starting real acv baths. Hopefully the results will be the same and it will still be on it’s way out without popping out new ones.

          Just wanted to out that out there cuz I was pretty frustrated to realize I had been using the wrong thing for so long…but like I said maybe (and hopefully) it did what it was supposed to do regardless.

  129. Update on status using the ACV.. This is my fourth day doing the ACV baths and cotton balls. Most of the bigger bumps have either turned black or scabbed. I am getting a few smaller bumps which I guess is the ACV pulling them out. I fell like it’s working though. If I have some that are scabbed should I still be putting cotton balls on them at night, or just the new ones that aren’t scabbed?

  130. 3 out of 4 kids ave mc 🙁 we started acc treatments 2 night’s ago and my 2 1/2 yr old has the most under her armpit. When we took off the cotton balls this morning 2 are turning black. Do I continue the treatment tonight. She screams when putting them on and her skin is red and sore help pls

    • Rochelle, it sure sounds you have quite a challenge in front of you, but it is a good thing that your 2 1/2 year old’s bumps are turning black. It it was me, I would try just doing one or two bumps with the direct cotton ball treatment every night (not on the ones that already turned black or have started healing). Since you know that the ACV is working, the biggest emphasis should be on giving her (and all the kids) separate ACV baths every day to keep the MC under control.

      The direct ACV cottonball treatment will sting, and you may want to only leave it on for a few hours after she falls asleep, because you do not want to burn any healthy skin.

      I know it is a hassle, but make sure to change the towels, sheets and clothing every day for all of the affected kids, because this crazy virus spread so easily even from one area of the child’s body to another.

      • My pediatrician prescribed a cream for my daughter’s molluscum. She said it would be hard on the skin around the bump so to apply Vaseline around the bumps to protect that skin. I didn’t use the medicine because I wanted to try the ACV first. However, I have used her other idea to use a qtip and paint a small circle of Vaseline around each bump I am treating. It seems to be working and the skin around it isn’t getting burned. Sometimes I use Vitamin E oil in the same way. I just make sure I use a new qtip around each bump and no double dipping the old qtip in the vaseline jar! We seem to be having great results. Hopefully we can wrap this up soon!

        Oh I have found it is best for us to apply it after they go to sleep. They sleep through the whole thing and don’t complain about it being painful.

  131. Have you ever tried clove oil diluted with a carrier oil. The ACV didn’t work for us, because it stung my two year old too badly. But the clove oil worked very well. All gone in less than a month. No big scabs like with the ACV. And cheap maybe $5 at your local health food store.

  132. I have another question. My daughter’s scabs have fallen off, but it still feels like a slight bump in the center. Has anyone had experience with this? It has been two weeks so I can’t remember exactly what it looked like before…the bumps were definitely bigger but I am worried there is still something in there. ??

    • Stacey, I encourage you to continue the ACV baths for at least another week and perhaps even two. Don’t do the direct cottonball treatment again, unless you see a mature pimple like Molluscum bump with white in the middle. Hopefully, this should do the trick, and your daughter will be completely Molluscum free in a few weeks.

      Good luck!

  133. Saturday will be two weeks I have been doing the ACV treatment. I was really excited because it looked like all of them had healed when I got more some more :/ I have been doing the baths and the cotton balls too. Should I continue with the treatment?

    • Suzie, I completely understand your frustration. If it was me, I would continue with the baths and spot treatment directly, since you have already had success. Now you are in the homestretch, and you just need your body to reject the virus. From my research and experience Molluscum can lay dormant under your skin for up to two weeks after an area has been exposed initially, so seeing more bumps appear after two weeks of treatment is not uncommon.

      If you do get fed up with the ACV treatment, then give it a break for a week or so, and start up again. I encourage you to stick to the treatment for another two weeks though, since you want this virus to be gone for good.

      Good luck, and please come back to give us an update. With so little information from the medical community, it seems that Molluscum sufferers can learn more from each other than from their doctors.

  134. My son suffered with molluscum for months – by suffered, I mean had to endure lots of different treatments. I tried everything – all the home remedies such as apple cider vinegar, etc. etc. I was getting so frustrated because it seemed like every few days I would see new ones popping up. When they spread to his face, I became very concerned and went to my dermatologist. She looked at the bumps all over his torso and looked at me and said – yes, he has a lot of them and yes, we can get rid of it. I had heard horrible stories of dermatologists and parents holding kids down in the office while they did “procedures” on them and I didn’t want my son to go through that. His pediatrician said it was generally a “18 month” condition and would resolve itself – but at this point his torso was covered and I was feeling desperate. The dermatologist said “Veregen” – it is actually for genital warts but is an extremely gentle formulation made with green tea leaf extract. So gentle that I could use it on his face. I picked it up at the pharmacy – doubting it would work – after all I had tried what felt like 100 different things recommended on blogs and had purchased oils, etc online that did nothing. I told my husband (and God) that if I found something that truly worked, I would tell parents about it. Veregen worked. It took a few weeks, but they gradually disappeared. I don’t know if this will work for everyone – but the results for us were nothing short of wonderful. While applying Veregen everyday, I also gave him vitamins for immune system – a zinc, vitamin c, echinacea gummy chewable. I am so glad we are over the molluscum and my heart goes out to parents trying to treat these things every day and night. It is so stressful for a family. Good luck to all of you going through this….

    • Hi, did you use Veregen on his face? Did it work. My son has some on his face and if it works I would like to use it. Do I need a prescription though? Thanks,

  135. My two daughter had MC and I went through the process of seeing the rash around and spreading the MC more and more even after treatment. But after it was gone I understood that the fact that the skin was so irritated was because it was fitting the MC and they finally went away. Unfortunately, now my 14 month old baby has MC and they are all over his neck, chest and torso. He even has a few on his face. Tomorrow I will start ACV. Since he is so little for the other treatments I decided to not do any of them, but I am so desperate. I had use EMUAID and other cream that I can’t remember at the moment. Neither one worked. I am using at the moment retina, wich is just irritating his skin and some are kind of getting dry but I think is not strong enough treatment to get all of the MC.
    I have very high expectations on the ACV treatment and I can’t wait to use it tomorrow. I will keep you posted on the results and also if I have any more questions. Thank you so much in advance for all the information on this blog. It is giving me hope. Thank you!

  136. I have had molluscum on my buttocks and thigh for about three months now. I am a 20 year old female. When I first started feeling these bumps popping up I started freaking out and of course started doing Internet researching and came across molluscum. I was pretty sure this is what it was and honestly do not know how I got it. I am married and I am sure that I did not catch this from my husband since he has no signs of bumps anywhere but this summer I did go swimming many times at public pools and wore small bikinis and sat on the cement with no worries in the world, I also shared towels with friends. Anyways as soon as I realized that they weren’t going away I decided to go to my gyno and she told me it was follicutis and there was no way it was molluscum so I was very relieved and as weeks passed I noticed they were staying the same and seen no changes so I decided to book an appointment with a dermatologist. I finally went to see him 2 weeks ago and as soon as he took a look he said molluscum. Of course I was super bummed and he went ahead and did cryotherapy which consists of freezing the bumps and then he applied this liquid stuff on them and put bandages to cover them up and I was told to take them off and wash the area 4 hours later. At first there wasn’t much pain, but as they day went on and I finally washed the bandaids off I noticed they started to blister as he said they would. But let me tell you these blisters were HUGE and turned into big bubble looking things. I had to work that day and since they are by my butt crack I could feel them rubbing on my skin as I would walk and it even hurt to sit and even wiping when I had to go. Honestly I felt like deformed like the people from the hills have eyes. Everytime I looked at my thigh are and butt I wanted to cry because the blister like things looked so horrible and disgusting. After a few days they started swelling down and started scanning now my skin in that area is pink and most of the scabs have fallen off. The derm only froze of 12 and I still have about 6-8 of them that we’re not touched and I have an appointment in 2 weeks to freeze off the rest, the dermatologist was very nice when I told him I had no insurance and he offered to jot charge me for the next office visit and just for the treatment which will probably be about $40-$60 which I don’t mind paying but I really don’t know whether to continue with the treatment I am very afraid that my skin is going to stay looking pink around those areas and never heal, I would really love suggestions about continuing the freezing treatments or not. I went to target today and bought a huge bottle of ACV and just started the treatment tonight on a few bumps, I am really hoping for results before I return to the dermatologist. I do not want to deal with more of the freezing treatment but if its necessary then I will (anything to make these things go away) my husband and I are also not having sex for now as I am scared that he will catch the bumps 🙁 I just want my buttocks to go back to being beautiful and soft like they used to be. I am so paranoid now like everyone else I’m scared to pass them on to other parts of my body. Please if anyone has advice on continuing the freezing treatment I would really appreciate and will be more than glad to keep an update on the ACV treatment as these next two weeks go by.

    • Lisa, freezing the MC sounds excruciating, and it should definitely be a last effort. The problem with the cryotherapy (besides the pain and the blisters) is that while it attacks a few of the bumps, it does not take care of any areas that may already have been affected, where MC is dormant under the skin. From my research it can lay dormant under the skin for about two weeks after an area has been affected, which basically means that more bumps will appear or that you will have to have several rounds of cryotherapy (which I am sure you are not looking forward to).

      If it was me, I would hold off on the cryotherapy, and instead use the ACV that you already bought. Is your skin healed now? I would recommend the ACV baths, and if you do not have a bathtub be creative (a storage bin, a cheap, small kiddie pool (less than $10 at Target or Walmart), because this way you will be able to treat all affected areas. The cryotherapy has already aggressively attacked some of your bumps directly, so I unless you have visible bumps which you feel you can get to with the direct ACV treatment, just stick to the ACV baths (for at least 2 weeks).

      I hope this answer helps, but when it comes down to it, you know how your skin looks, you have to make the decision as to whether or not you should go back for more cryotherapy. If it was me, I would give ACV a shot first, see how it works, and if you do not see the desired results, then go back to get rid of the last visible bumps.

      • Thank you for the reply! I ended up going back to the dermatologist two more times. The second time the blisters were not as bad but and the third time he only did about 4 that were left. My skin feels more smooth now but as of tonight I noticed about 4 more small bumps and I have been using the ACV as well, I am really hoping for results! Of course I have pigmentation on my skin but I can tell that it is slowly fading and I am hoping that my skin completely heals and goes back to its regular color around those areas. It just really sucks because my buttocks just happened to be my favorite part of my body and now I feel hideous with these spots that the cryotherapy left but hey I can’t complain at least it’s molluscum it could be worse right? And as of now I am pretty healthy so hopefully my body learns how to attack this nasty virus. I will keep sticking to the ACV and nomore derm visits unless I see major progress with the spots on my skin. Thank you very much for the reply 🙂 I am trying to remain positive because like I said it could be worse. I’ve also read about putting pee on these things and as gross as that sounds I’m thinking about giving it a shot because the molluscum never spread near my Vag lips maybe the pee thing might work well it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try
        Will keep you updated on my progress as months go by. Thank you once again!!! 🙂

  137. First of all, THANK YOU for posting about ACV and MCV – it has truly been a lifesaver! My 5-year-old son has had MC since March/April this year, when I first noticed 1 ‘pimple’. I didn’t think much of it, and didn’t burst it forcibly, thank goodness. I saw the dr in May for something else and showed him the bump, which by then had become 3. He diagnosed it as MC, and told me it would go away by itself, but could take up to 9 months. Or I could try to Imiquimod 0.1%, an aqueous cream directly applied to the bumps designed to ‘encourage’ the body to fight off the virus. I tried it, but it didn’t work for my son. I thought I would leave it, and made the mistake of not researching on the net. Then we had a warm spell and the bumps literally spread like wildfire – I was desperate, finally searched the net, and very quickly came upon your website – THANK goodness! Luckily, I had ACV in my pantry as that is my vinegar of choice for salads and cooking. So I woke my son up and applied the cotton balls right away to all of his bumps (on torso and one arm), and he was a trooper and kept them on all night. I started with the baths from the next day onwards. 2 days later I took him to the dr to show him the miraculous results. Already the bumps were turning brown/black. I asked him to please spread the word about ACV to other possible patients with MC, and he said he would do so, and to obviously continue what I was doing as it was working. We did the direct cotton ball application for 5 nights in a row, but then the healthy skin was getting too irritated and the MC bumps were pretty much all brown and scabbing over. It’s been 8 days since we started ACV, and my son takes up to 2 baths a day. His scabs have fallen off already, though the ‘craters’ underneath still looked a bit white (drying pus?), so I have been applying an anti-bacterial ointment, Bactroban. This seems to be working. There are a few smaller bumps coming out in new places, so will wait until they mature before applying cotton balls directly. I am also planning to continue with the ACV baths for at least another week, if not more. My only concern is this: My son has now developed small ‘rashes’ on his healthy skin, i.e. they look like goose bumps. They are not MC bumps, nor prickly heat. I wonder if it’s because of prolonged ACV baths? I just realised reading past comments that I have been putting way too little ACV in the water, so it can’t be the skin burning, but I wonder if that could be a reaction to ACV in general? Have you come across this at all? To soothe my son’s skin, I have been applying a natural lotion with aloe vera and sage oil and Vit E, which has helped a lot. It’s supposed to help with eczema.
    Once again, thanks so much for blogging about this – I only wish I had discovered it sooner, while my son still only had one bump – imagine how quickly and easily the MC would have been rid of!

    • Monika, I recognize so much of what you are saying, and I am so thrilled that you found this post….families like yours are exactly why I decided to sit down and write about my family’s crazy encounter with MC.

      It sounds like the ACV is doing what it needs to do, but I am concerned about the rashes you describe. You say that you have been doing the ACV baths and direct treatment for eight days now, and since you already see a dramatic difference, I am hoping this means the body is beginning to reject the virus as well.

      If it were me, I would take a break from all treatments except for the continued use of the antibacterial ointment, which will hopefully make everything heal faster and prevent infections. Give your son’s body a break for a few days, and see if the rashes go away. Then you can reassess, whether you should continue with the ACV baths or not, but at least see if the rashes get better.

      I hope you will return to give us an update, since I am sure that many parents are going through the same thing you are, and you never know if your answer is the one that helps them.

      Good luck, and thank you for all of your kind words!

      • HI, I just thought you would want a quick update. The rash seems to have been due to the prolonged ACV baths, but probably because my son has a slight tendency to develop eczema. Once I stopped the baths, and started moisturising, the rash disappeared. There are still a few bumps I am treating directly with the cotton balls & ACV, and 1 or 2 that are immature so are not responding to the ACV yet. But overall my son’s recovery from molluscum is amazing – very little scarring, which I am sure will go away with time. I may do the baths for just a few days again, to be sure any dormant MC virus will be expelled, but I have to wait until my son’s open wounds are healed, because:
        I went to the dermatologist 2 days ago, who was very impressed with ACV and highly encouraging. However, I made the mistake of allowing him to dab this tincture on the last 2 bumps on my son’s arm which have not responded to the ACV at all, even though it’s been 3 weeks. It wasn’t freezing, but something that would cause it to blister (I think Lisa above had a similar experience). A few hours later my son was screaming in pain and the blisters were ‘weeping’. It’s been nearly 2 days now and they are finally healing (with some help from Bactroban), but I bitterly regret doing it. The skin around the bumps is also sore and peeling. I should have just waited a week or so and then done the ACV direct treatment. Too late now, but I thought I’d mention this so if anyone is deciding to do this – don’t! It’s a drastic step and more painful than any ‘burning’ of the skin due to ACV. At least the bumps scab over quickly and flat, with no ‘weeping’ at all, therefore minimising the risk of spreading the virus.
        All I can say is: stick with ACV only! It has truly helped and provided relief, with only very minor discomfort.
        Thank you once again for blogging about this in the first place!

        • Monika thank you so much for coming back to give us an update, and also thank you for adding the part about the thing the doctor put on the bumps. I did hear about someone with a similar experience, and it sure sounds excruciating. As a parent, it is just so darn difficult to know when we should trust the doctor in regards to a treatment, and when we should listen to that inner voice.

          I am glad to hear that your son is getting to the end of this MC fight, and I sure hope that it is only a matter of a week or two before you can say farewell to this virus for good.

          Good luck Monika!

  138. Hi. We have had MC in our house for a good year. It started with our oldest girl who was 7 at that time. It didn´ t get to bad, had about 20-30. Some we killed with duct tape.. had it on for about 2 weeks. Our doctor recommended it. She thought it was the adhesive, I think it was because you give th MC no air- it suffocates. Things is her skin got all upset and rashy from the duct tape.. She has sensitive skin. So I read up and found a site that recommended ACV on cotton pads. After 3 days, changing the pads and bandaid (witch also made her skin rashy) they were gone. It hurt though, but she was 7, hated her MC and sucked it up.

    Now our 2 year old has them, with her atopic skin.. and she has 200 of them. I use jojoba oil (I have read it all!), witch seem to have stopped the spread at least, nothing else has worked. And I was not about to put a 2 year old through the bite of ACV. She has them all over her torso, armpits, back and some down her arm and legs. I am however going to do your bath of ACV, and thinking that after the bath, when the MC are soaked, I wipe ACV over them with cotton. My question is: After the bath, do you wash her up with soap? Or do you leave her drying in the water from the bath..? Leaving the wonderful sent of ACV… 🙂

    • Kikki, it sounds like your little one has a bad case of MC, I am so sorry to hear this. I would rinse of my kids quickly after the ACV baths, but I would not use soap. Just be careful, when you are drying her, and even better let her skin air dry, or use a hair dryer perhaps. Also, do not use the same towel more than once, as the towel is a well-known way to spread the MC from one place on a body to another (or from person to person).

      I hope the ACV baths will help your daughter, and I would love to hear, whether it works for her or not.

      Good luck!

  139. Hi, This is my second day on ACV treatment and so far it’s reacting as you describe. Only on some of them though, my son has sooo many MC that I had being just putting the cotton balls with the ACV and circle bandit on it on just few. He is very cranky though it looks like is bothering him a lot. He wants to scratch and he’s just not himself (happy and calm). So I am thinking that maybe some tylenol at night might help? Did you ever use it when you did the treatment? Does it even help?

    • Tita, the ACV can certainly sting, and be very careful with putting the cottonball on healthy skin, as you want it to touch as little healthy skin as possible. I did the cottonball treatment at night only, and while my little one did not even notice, my then 5-year-old son certainly did, and he was not a happy camper either.

      Now that you have done the direct treatment on some bumps, I suggest continuing with the ACV baths only, and if you see a bump or two that looks mature, you can attack it with a cottonball after a few days.

      I would love for you to let us know in a few days how the ACV treatments are working for your son. I hope it will get rid of this crazy virus!

      • Hi,
        Thank you very much for your advise. Today is the fifth day and so far so good. The MC that I treated day one and two are black and they look like drying out. I had to use the cotton flat pads and made them in little pieces as little as the little square in the circular bandits. I had to treat MC as many as I can and as many as he lets me do after the bath. I guess he is getting use to it because he is not as cranky as he was the first few days.
        thankyou, thank you soooo much. I will keep you posted on the progress. I can not believe how fast this is working.

  140. Hi There! I have been dealing with my young daughter’s MC for almost 3 years now. I am absolutely at my wit’s end. The worst part is that some of them will become infected, turn black and red and be very painful. Most of them are harmless but I am tired of “waiting it out” like the pediatrician and pediatric dermatologist both have said to do. My main concern with ACV treatment (or any other treatment for that matter) is with scarring? Would anybody be able to let me know what their experience was with scarring and discoloration after treatment? Thank you so much in advance!


    • Amber, your concern is certainly very valid, and yes MC and/or MC and ACV can leave scarring, but so can leaving them to bumps to heal on their own. I can only speak from my own experience with my two boys.

      My then five-year-old son had a BAD case of MC, and he ended up with two small scars on his belly, one of which is now gone and one that is barely visible. My toddler does not have any scars, and he had probably 40+ bumps at the height of his MC experience.

      To prevent scarring with the ACV treatment, there are a few things to consider.

      1. Only use the direct cottonball treatment on a few bumps at a time, so that you can carefully supervise the reaction/progress.
      2. Watch out for infections in treated or untreated MC (excessive swelling, redness etc.)
      3. Use an antibacterial ointment (name brand, store brand, it doesn’t really matter), apply it with a qtip after treatment while the bump is healing, but only one qtip per bump to prevent spreading.
      4. Make sure that any direct ACV treatment touches as little healthy skin as possible.
      5. You can consider using an anti-scarring cream (name brand or store brand), but I cannot guarantee that this will work. I use a CVS brand scarring cream on my boys, because they have a tendency to get scratches and scars (boys will be boys I guess), and while it seems to help the visibility of the scars, I am not sure if it is the body that does it on its own, or if it is the cream that actually works.

      I always encourage being very careful with the direct ACV treatment, as it is a very rigorous treatment. However, the ACV baths are very mild (7 cups of ACV to a full tub or 1 – 2 cups of ACV to a baby bathtub), and the risk for scarring is therefor less.

      Perhaps you would be more comfortable with starting out with the ACV baths. You might see a positive reaction just with the baths, and then you can always treat a bump or two later on, if the baths do not do the job,

      I hope this answer has helped you, and most of all I hope that your daughter will soon be rid of this horrible life-changing virus.

  141. Thank you SO SO much for your help! I felt so helpless until I came across your blog. We have started on the ACV baths and I will keep you posted.


  142. Hi, for how long should the ACV baths should be? and how many cups of ACV in a regular bath top should I use?
    Thank you very much!

    • Tita, I recommend 20 – 30 minutes of the ACV baths every day with 7 cups of ACV to a full bath. Adjust if you use less water, or increase the amount if you do not see an effect.

  143. Thanks for your posts. I have started the ACV treatments and my daughter can handle that bath but the treatment on larger areas is very painful for her. I am getting mix reviews regarding putting creams/moisturizers on the skin to keep from spreading. My Derm Doc told me that dry skin seems to make it spread however ever since I started using creams it is spreading like fire. Please advise.

  144. Hi FrugalMom,

    First off I want to say thank you for posting this thread and keeping it up to date, this has been so helpful so far. Anyway, I went to a doctor after thinking this was razor burn, and ended up being Molluscum, and I was prescribed Aldara cream for it (for up to 16 weeks). Well I am a sexually active guy, and regardless did not want to wait for up to 4 months for this to subside. I came across your site and that night went to Safeway to buy ACV. I did, for 2-3 nights, the cotton balls and tape and it seems to be working fantastically. The spots began to look like sores, very dark in the middle and reddish on the outside (a good sign right)? Other clumps began to look white and almost fell off like dead skin in the shower (don’t know if it actually was dead skin or what as the ACV did do some burning so surrounding skin). But, it is good news they turned dark in the middle and now look like scabs right? In the shower i picked at some of these and once removed it just looked like almost a disc shaped scar. Does this mean I am on the mend? And you reccommend now to use neosporin on these scabby bits (this wont spread anything, right?). Thanks again, hopefully I can get back to normal life soon.

    • SDSUbaseball, everything you are describing sounds like you are right on target….awesome!

      As for the neosporin, just apply it with q tips. Just makes sure to use only one qtip per mc bump though, as you do not want to spread the MC. If possible continue with ACV baths for a week or two, to prevent any bumps from reappearing.

      Good luck!

      • FrugalMom,

        The spots I had are still now very red around the outside and scabby in the middle. I have ceased with the ACV, because it burned a bit of skin not affected pretty badly, but began to use neosporin with Q tips and a bit of the Aldara I got from my doctor. Is the Aldara applications im doing making it stay red and irritated looking? Right now the “sores” from the MC bumps look almost worse than the original bumps! What do i do? I am starting to lose patience 🙁

        • Is it possible to continue with the ACV baths only? This is what I would do, and simply stop with the direct cottonball treatment. No matter what the bumps needs time to heal after the cottonball treatment, so only do the direct treatment once on each bump.

          As for the Aldara, I have no experience with it, so I cannot advise you about it. All I can say is…trust your instincts.

          Good luck!

  145. thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing all of this information about this insane virus. I have been so frustrated with it on my 12 year old son. I have been dealing with it for the past 2 years with my pediatrician and just watching and waiting for it to go away. It was just some small, clear looking bumps on his arm. Visited 2 different dermatologists and got two other different diagnosis. Well this past month he came home from school and told me his arm was hurting from them. When he lifted his sleeve I could not believe what I saw. One of them turned dark pink and was very swollen and surrounded by a big, pale pink bullseye circle. It seemed to be filled with pus or something. I took him right to the pediatrician and she said it was infected. She managed to squeeze out some of the liquid and sent it off to the lab. She prescribed an oral antibiotic and an antibiotic ointment. I kept is covered with the ointment and a bandaid and it resolved over a week. Now the other ones are all getting pinker and this past week another “erupted” It is scary looking. Again, big, swollen, pink and hard underneath and filled with white substance. He is on antibiotic again and warm compresses. It is slowly draining and getting smaller. I had taken him back to the dermatologist between these two episodes and she felt that his immune system was finally attacking this virus and this was a cycle they needed to go thru to be gone. I have been on the internet non stop to try and find some help or a doctor who specializes in Molluscum. But I knew it was going to be another mom who was going to help me and I am so thankful to have found this blog. I put an apple cider vinegar cotton ball and bandaid on two of the smaller ones last night and today and now the white center is gone and it seems to be drying. I see the original one that erupted back at the beginning of this month and it looks like it did when it started, a small clear pinhead looking one. BUT it is not gone i still see that tiny dot I want it gone. He has about 15 right now on his arm between his wrist and elbow and they are all at different stages. I was wondering can I make an apple cider vinegar basin and soak his arm in it once a day (and what would be the ratio) as well as cottonball/bandaid coverings at night???? and which ones get the acv treatment??? the small tiny ones, as well as the ones with the white center and the pink small ones and what about the BIG erupted one that is oozing out the white substance that the doctor is calling infected??? I havent heard anyone mention infection so Im wondering am i mistaking this process of getting rid of them as infection??? Have you heard of anyone else being on antibiotics for this??? Im not a big fan of all this medicine for my son. I would love to talk to you so if you want to email me privately I would gladly give you a call at your convenience. Thank you so much for your concern for the rest of us frustrated mothers and for all of your wise words……….

    • Alise, this is a crazy virus for sure, and for a 12 year old having to deal with it must be just horrid.

      First of all, yes I have heard of someone else having to get antibiotics thanks to an infected MC bump, and yes for an infected bump it is probably the best treatment. You want to make sure to avoid the infection spreading, and hopefully the antibiotics will help clear it up.

      As for the ACV basin for the arm, if the arm is the only place he has the bumps, it seems like a perfectly good idea. I used 1 cup of ACV for a small baby bath, so you have to adjust the amount of ACV to the water you are using.

      When it comes to the direct ACV treatment, my advise would be to avoid bumps that are oozing, as the direct treatment is going to hurt hm on those bumps. However, if you can do the direct treatment on a couple of the bumps with the white center (mature MC bumps), this is where the direct treatment will be the most effective.

      Hopefully between the ACV treatment and the antibiotics your son’s body will finally reject this virus for good.

      Good luck to you and your son!

      I would love for you to come back and give us an update in a couple of weeks.

  146. I’ve been doing the ACV treatments on my middle daughter (age 4) for almost 3 weeks now and have seen a huge difference. She had a bunch of MC mainly on her torso with a few on her legs and arms. She got her first bump a year ago and we have two dermatologists we know socially who both told us it was no big deal and to let them go away on their own. She’s had a few get red and angry before going away, but always had more. We were at our wits end with it a few weeks ago when I started looking online for natural remedies and found your site. Thank you! We do ACV bath almost every night and I’ve done the cotton/tape treatment on a few when they seemed to need a boost to go away (I did a few at the start of treatment that turned black). She’s had a few pop after a bath, but screams in terror if I try to squeeze them, even if one is oozing and needs to come out, so I no longer do that.

    Poor kid has such sensitive skin that I think the baths are now starting to irritate her skin, both from the dryness after getting wet every night and the irritation from the vinegar. I’m wondering if we should go to every other day for a bit so her skin can heal. She also has some areas that are very irritated from having bandaids on them every night, so I’ve backed off from covering them. If one is open, it gets neosporin and a bandaid, but if they aren’t open and have been responding to ACV, I’ve been leaving them alone (sometimes I rub a bit of neosporin on them). I’ve also started putting hydrocortisone or calendula gel on the irritated skin so she gets some relief from that. I just bought some Vit E to start rubbing on her healed areas that are still red. I know from ones that popped in the past that the redness will fade and hopefully she won’t have much if any scarring, but I figure it can’t hurt and might help soothe the irritated skin.

    My oldest, 6, and youngest, 2, also both got a few bumps each a few months ago. I’m focusing on my 4 year old first since her bumps are the worst (and I can’t give 3 separate ACV baths every night before bedtime!), but I am starting to do the cotton/tape on a few bumps. My 2 year old has only a few on his back right now and 1 turned black from the tape the other night. I’ll try the other again soon. I noticed tonight that my 6 year old has some new ones, including one on her face by her lip and a couple on her neck. The original three that I treated with cotton/tape turned black and went away, so I’m hopeful we can get rid of these before they spread all over. I’m going to start with her ACV baths this week and really try to nip this in the bud before it gets bad like her sister’s. I do feel more confident after this site knowing we can do something to get rid of them. Thanks!

    • Amarit, it sure sounds like you have your hands full with three kids with Molluscum. I remember how I freaked out, when I discovered a bump on my youngest son…oh my did I get into action. And when his bumps did not react to the ACV at first, I really freaked out. It is great that all three of them are reacting to the treatment, that’s a good sign.

      As for your middle daughter, if you feel that her skin is being irritated by the treatment, I definitely suggest giving her a break for a couple of days, maybe even for a week. Then start up again every 2 days, as you suggested, and do the direct treatment only if you feel it is needed, and if you see any mature bumps (with a white pimple-like center), Don’t try to squeeze the bumps, because you might end up infecting healthy skin (or even yourself), and it may be more likely to cause scarring as well.

      I know you have your hands full, and I really do wish you all the best of luck. You have already been at this for three weeks, which means you are determined. Don’t give up! You’ve got the upper hand now, after so long of not knowing how to fight it.

  147. Hi,
    It has being almost 3 weeks. And some of the mc are reacting, unfortunatetly not as many as I wish or as many as my baby boy has. He has around neck, chest, back and torso. At first I felt like I was making progress, but now he has more than before, even though I had success with some of the mc.
    Also he has some on his face and I don’t know how to treat them. Do you have any suggestions. I am confident that the ACV treatment works, but if there is anything else that I might be able to do along with the ACV I will do it.

  148. I have been putting acv on my sons bumps for the last two days no big results yet but I will not give up im going to try the acv baths tonight and see how that go I will keep you all posted on our results (DONT GIVE UP)

  149. Your post was so helpful!.. thought I would share my experience too as reading others helped with our process.
    My now 4 year old son had his first MC papule almost 2 years ago. We tried Zymaderm with NO results and “beetle juice” ( topical treatment done at a doctors office that makes MC blister) and felt like all it did was spread the virus.
    After one year of trying to stay on top of new bumps (2 visits to pediatrician and 2 to a dermatologist) and feeling like all I was doing was spreading the virus I decided to leave them alone. Now within the last 12 months the papules have started to get infected. At first I went to the doctor to have them looked at ( they would drain the infection and squeeze other the waxy center and send me home with a oral antibiotic prescription) After two times of this I decided to treat the infections myself ( my sisters are both doctors and gave me some pointers) This was all very traumatic on my son, he would kick and scream when I had to squeeze them. So I went to the internet dedicated to kick this MC butt! and I found these posts, here is my experience with ACV treatments.
    We started with 4 very large papules ( zit like waxy head with dimple in the middle) We are almost 10 days into treatment.
    – Every day my son drinks 3 tablespoons of ACV (1 tablespoon mixed with apple juice 3 times a day).
    – He takes a 5-10 minute bath in sink with 3/4c of ACV every day( didn’t want to deal with filling up and disinfection a bath tub every day and felt sink was a better option for us)
    – One childrens multi vitamin with 30 IU of vitamin E to help with skin healing (caution should be taken with children taking too much vit E due to how your body metabolises this vitamin)
    – On day 1,2, and 4 I did cotton balls soaked in ACV and applied directly to papule overnight.
    Here is my outcome
    On day 2 saw reaction to two of the papules turning white then black, those still are very “infected and fleshy looking” I am a little concerned about this and can’t tell if all of the waxy head is out of it, but I keep the area cleaned and ointment on it twice a day.
    The other 2 just seemed to be getting a little swollen or fuller. So after the bath on the 7th night I thought I would try a different approach and decided to see if I could squeeze the waxy center out. I was successful! The pore is very clear looking and skin around it looks good (no infection)
    So basically I have had two reactions/approaches 1) let the ACV “eat” away at the papules turning it white and then black and 2) the ACV seemed to raise the papules to the service so I could squeeze and remove the waxy center. I am most hopeful about the second method as I can see the skin is clear of waxy center.
    Words of wisdom disinfect, disinfect disinfect!! I dont do anything with my sons MC without putting on gloves, I disinfect the sink after every bath, I disinfect my sons leg with iodine and apply a prescription antibiotic cream or triple antibiotic ointment twice a day. If MC is covered by clothing let the skin breath and don’t apply too many bandages, if your infection is exposed keep bandage over it to keep from spreading the infection but try to remove bandage at night so the air can help heal the skin. Don’t reuse towels, clothes, and bedding (my sons are on his legs so long pants at nite save me from having to wash the sheets every day 🙂 He has only been taking showers as I have read the virus tends to spread more in a bathtub type bathing situation. Also I don’t dry the area with a towel but a papertowel, again in hopes not to spread the virus around.

  150. I have been using the ACV treatment for 3 weeks now, I have to day I have seen improvement on myself but the larger MC bumps are really fighting it, PLUS i’ve tried heating the ACV to a mild “sting” of a temperature to find it working even better, knowing that the virus spreads with warm water.
    (may be this is working because the AVC now can saturate the open pores)
    I found washing with Sulfur soap does help keep the Virus at bay and prevent spreading, but the cost is dry skin.
    I hope this information is useful and I will post updates on my home treatment.

  151. Thanks for writing this! I tried the apple cider vinegar and its totally working for me. It hasn’t gone away yet – some bumps opened and then healed and then turned back into bumps with white stuff inside… but I’m going to start doing baths too. (previously i was only doing the cotton ball thing.) Thank you!

  152. So it has been a while… I did the ACV treatment and it seemed to work at first but then I got more 🙁 I did it for two weeks straight then got more bumps, did another two weeks and have them again. I am looking into alternative methods as I have tried liquid nitrogen, tea tree oil, popping, and ACV. Have you or anyone know anything about Conzerol or Terrasil?

  153. Hi there,
    So I’m still working on getting myself rid of Molluscum. 7 cups of ACV is almost half a gallon – am I supposed to use that everyday? Is there another way? Maybe using a garbage bag with ACV in there. Any ideas?
    And my other question is: do you change the bandages everyday? I started to leave them on until they fall off themselves and then I replace the band-aid. Is that a bad idea? am i reinfecting myself?


  154. I am curious how the scarring has been for everyone? My 6 year old daughter has close to 20 MC bumps in her armpit and upper arm. I am trying to find the best method of treatment that will not scar. We all know how self conscious kids are (especially little girls) and I don’t want the physical scars to leave emotional scars. What say ye?

    • My 3-yr-old daughter had MC on her thighs, and responded beautifully to the ACV treatment! She does have one small scar on the side of her knee, but I know that was my fault and I made the cotton ball too big and I did the overnight treatment on that one for three nights. I knew right away I did it for one night too many, and stuck with two nights on all other bumps. I hope this helps!

  155. Hi. I am a 56 year old male. I’m pretty sure I caught MC overseas while staying at a resort from pool towels.
    I had never heard of MC until the doctor told me about it. The stupid thing is I have had MC now for almost 2 years. My doctor keeps saying that there is no treatment.
    My infected area is around my groin and buttocks and also around the top part of my thighs.
    I’m curious as to what treatment everyone would recomend because the infected area is a very sensitive area and I’m worried about burning …… well my groin area.
    After 2 years it is playing havoc with my self confidence.

    • Hi Shane, MC is definitely frustrating, and the doctors’ answers only seem to increase the frustration. I would definitely recommend that you try the ACV baths with diluted ACV water, as this should help the ACV reach sensitive and hard to reach areas. If you have a couple of mature bumps that you can reach, I also suggest trying the direct cottonball treatment on them.

      • Thanks for the reply. I will certainly give it a go. I am very surprised that the medical world haven’t done more to finding a cure for such a virus. To be told the body just has to built up antibodies and the body can only do it very slowly is just crazy. I suppose this virus is one of those embarassing ones that very few people talk about.

  156. Hi Frugal Momma,

    Thank you very much for your post; it finally gained me some traction in my treatment of this annoying skin disease (infected for 5 months). I’m 25 and caught MC from a girl in June, dang it! I’ve been doing ACV baths for about 3-4 weeks now, along with direct cotton ball treatment. The ACV baths really highlight where the next bumps are going to form, and if I catch them early enough (red area protruding 0.5 cm from my skin, but seemingly without a fully formed white core [maybe I’ll call the white core a MC root]), a direct cotton ball overnight stunts the bump’s growth right away and will be gone within a few days. I’ve had some nagging bumps, but they are dying as well.

    I also wash my sheets every other night (I have a queen bed and sleep on one side each night, then change the sheets), plus new pillow case each night. New towel every day. No repeat of clothing.

    I’m running into two problems…
    1) I keep spreading the disease to new areas when I shower. (Lately I’ve been ultra ultra ultra careful about touching anywhere on my body, but it has only slowed the spreading) However, I have to wash my armpits at the very least, and now I’ve got two new bumps on my pits. How do you effectively wash your body? It seems difficult to do without spreading further. Lately I’ve been wearing latex gloves to wash my body, but it might be the soap?

    2) Do you have any recommendation as to keeping the areas covered during the day without tearing up your skin? I feel like I’ve spread the disease by having one part of the disease touch a piece of clothing, and because the piece of clothing also touches another part of my body, it becomes infected. A number of bumps appear right next to each other.

    General Question
    Can the disease live on your hands without infecting your hands? IE I scratch my face, and infect it, even though my hands aren’t infected. I swear I did that. Maybe it was the pillow case infected from my arms as I sleep on my stomach.

    General Rant/Thanks
    This disease sucks, thanks for a glimmer of hope! I hope to report freedom soon.

    Another point of potential interest
    I’ve found a cotton ball filled with ACV and applied to the skin for 1-2 minutes is nearly as effective as an overnight cotton ball. I also am able to do this type of treatment in the morning to start my day.

  157. Dan, it sure sounds like you are fed up with the MC – no wonder! Self spreading is really one of the big issues with MC, and I wish I had something promising to tell you. The truth is that I never did find a clear solution to keeping the spreading at bay, other than being ridiculous with washing clothing and sheets. We tried bandages…didn’t work as the bandages just ended up irritating the skin and inviting more itchiness. Covering the affected areas did seem to be the best solution, but as you mention it surely isn’t fool proof.

    You can definitely infect other areas of your body by touch, even if you do not see any MC on your hands. I really wish I had something good to add, but you really seem to be doing everything we did to get rid of the MC. Keep up the treatment, and hopefully you will soon have a MC free life.

  158. Haha, in December I spent more on laundry and apple cider vinegar than on groceries and gas 🙂 I’m a laundry fanatic! The spreading has diminished greatly since starting acv treatment. Maybe 2-3 new bumps this week, but when I treat them they die now. Where before they would live and multiply!

    Also after my first two baths about 30 new bumps presented themselves. That was scary. They are all dead now.

    • Yes, Dan the first ACV baths do have a tendency of pulling all of the under the skin bumps out, which can be terrifying at first. I’m happy to hear that they are all gone now though, and that your Molluscum bumps are reacting to the treatment…that is fantastic news, because not everyone is that lucky. Just keep up the treatment, and hopefully you’ll be clear in a few weeks.

      From all the comments I have read over the years, it does seem that adults may have a harder time getting rid of the virus, do don’t despair …give it a few more weeks and hopefully you’ll get rid of this forever. I can tell you that I never hope to encounter this crazy virus again!

      Happy New Year!

  159. I’d never heard of this approach before and will certainly give it a try – feeling really confident I can tackle this naturally now and get some success – my poor son has had it for months.

  160. Been using the ACV treatment on mature bumps, and it works like a charm. It kills them literally overnight and is a godsend. The small ones however seem unaffected by the treatment until they mature, which is frustrating. Im also having a really hard time deciphering between MC bumps and normal pimples. Ive been fighting this for two months now, and hope to see a light at the end of the tunnel soon. If only the small ones would mature I could ACV them to death overnight… 🙁

  161. I cannot thank you enough for this information! I’m a 21 year old female and I noticed a few bumps around my bikini line during the summer, I didn’t think anything of them until more started appearing and I finally started to notice tiny bumps around my mouth. It wasn’t sexually transmitted as my boyfriend doesn’t have them and seems to be immune but they began to make me feel disgusting and I didn’t want to go near or touch anyone incase I accidentally infected them with this shitty virus.
    I started this treatment as soon as I could – soaking the ends of q tips in ACV and covering them with a plaster over the spots overnight and sometimes during the day (if I wasn’t doing anything too energetic) I had about 12 and after the first two nights two of them started to turn red and have now completely gone, I’m still working on the others.

    The ones on my face were more difficult to constantly treat but I would just sit watching a film or something and hold a cotton wool ball soaked in ACV to my face over the spots for an hour or so and they reacted incredibly quickly. Maybe because they’re more sensitive (the ACV stung quite a bit on these) but they’ve almost all gone now, after a few days. The only thing I would say is that if you’re dealing with a cluster in a visible place, start treating them if you can at a time when you don’t have to look your best! The ACV made them swell, go red and then scab over… luckily this was over christmas so I could hide away in my room while they were at their worst.

    Like the baths, it did make others appear but again they’re all going now. At the moment I do have some slight discolouring of the skin and a little indentation where the bump was, but I think this will go away with time and I may try using anti-scarring cream.

    I’d read about different expensive creams and treatments and I’m so glad I found out about this incredibly cheap alternative that actually gives results. My doctor, like everyone else’s told me I just had to wait (and maybe rub them a little to try to make the system react and fight them off!) what a joke.

    I’d also read that tea tree oil helped so I bought some while waiting for the ACV to arrive (I couldn’t find any in my local shops so I bought it online) It didn’t help me at all, however I would still recommend buying some because it is one of the only things which can cover up the smell of the ACV! just pat the oil over wherever you’re treating and you’ll smell like a medicinal bath rather than a salad dressing.

    Don’t give up, you can get rid of these horrid things!

  162. My middle child had MC around his neck area for over a year. We went to our Dr. and she said the same as everyone is saying, “Let it take it’s course.” With them being on his neck and very noticeable I wanted them gone before other kids made fun of him. We went to the Dermatologist and they applies a type of acid that blistered and was supposed to remove them but after $600 they were still there. Then we had to take him in to the Dr because he wasn’t feeling good but we couldn’t get into our Dr. The Dr. who saw us said his nephew had these and he put him on Cimetidine. After being on this for about 6 months he warts were cleared up, they got big, popped and scabbed over.

    Now my oldest has them all over his side and arms. I started him on the Cimetidine when I noticed his first one on his shoulder (Aug). Now they have spread all down his side and arm. We are going on Vacation in March and my son wants to be able to swim but doesn’t want his warts to be seen. I’ve started to apply some cream that I had from my middle son but this cream didn’t work for him so I am doubtful it will work with my oldest. I know that he has some smaller MC warts starting and I don’t want to take the chance of them being all over by March. Since my son has them on his shoulder, down his side, on his back and on his arm he will have to take a full body bath. How long do you recommend staying in the bath? Does the water need to be as hot as you can handle or what ever? From reading the other post I didn’t read anywhere if you are supposed to rinse off after the bath. I am also planning on doing the ACV on a few of his bigger ones and then once those are gone I’ll work on new ones.


    • Dear Mom of 3,

      Your experience with the dermatologist sounds like so many, who have already shared their experience. I am glad to hear that the cream worked on one of your sons though, as you have already learned not everyone is so lucky.

      As for the ACV baths and cottonball treatment, this is definitely the time to start, if you want the bumps gone by vacation time. Just use regular water temperature, and let your son soak for as long as you can get him to do so. We did 20 – 30 minute baths, and my sons were so eager to get rid of the bumps that they often asked to take several ACV baths every day. As for rinsing off, we just rinsed off quickly, and then either air dried the kids or carefully dried them with a towel without rubbing, Make sure to throw the towel in the hamper after each use….

      Don’t get scared, if the ACV baths draw out a bunch of smaller bumps after a few times. These bumps have been laying dormant under the skin, and they would come out at some point any way. Just continue the baths and the direct treatment, and they should go away faster than other bumps have done.

      Good luck!

      • I started putting ACV on my son’s warts by using straight ACV and cotton balls for 15 minutes each night. A lot of them have turned brown/black/scabbed over. Here is my question, Do I still need to be treating these after they have turned? If I do how long? The ones that have turned are the ones now that hurt when I put the ACV on?

        Thanks for your help

  163. This website was a lifesaver for our family. My two year old son started with only 3 small bumps on his shoulder. We tried a $50 prescription cream, and they were gone in a few weeks. Then he suddenly broke out all over his chest, chin, legs, arms. We knew that the small tube of cream wasn’t going to last. The pediatrician recommended that we google “ACV Treatment”, and here we are. I referenced your directions repeatedly. We started off with the baths, but always had trouble keeping the saturated cotton balls in place. After some trial and error, we realized that dividing the cotton balls into smaller pieces and placing them under “tattoo style” band-aids worked best. These bandaids have adhesive all the way around, keeping them in place for a long time. They can be difficult to remove, in fact. Doing this on every single large bump for a week straight with an ACV bath nightly was all it took. After dealing with these bumps for approximately 4 months, they were gone within a week. At night, the bumps were large and red. In the morning when we removed the bandaids, each one was flat and white with a black center. I would advise those trying the saturated cotton balls to be very careful not to cover too much of the skin around the bumps. My son did have two areas that actually burned the skin. He has a little bit of scarring that has not healed..approximately 4 spots out of 25. Nonetheless, I would recommend this method to anyone. A jug of ACV, cotton balls, and tattoo band aids were a small price to pay for a healed little boy!

  164. Hi jrfrugal: the pix of your son’s healed mc showed some scarring–did the scars/discoloration go away overtime or are they permanent?

    • I started putting ACV on my son’s warts by using straight ACV and cotton balls for 15 minutes each night. A lot of them have turned brown/black/scabbed over. Here is my question, Do I still need to be treating these after they have turned? If I do how long? The ones that have turned are the ones now that hurt when I put the ACV on?

      Thanks for your help

  165. Hi JRFrugal, thank you for posting about this treatment! SO thankful! We are on day 13 of the baths/cotton ball treatment and the bumps are definitely being drawn out but they still look active. When he is in the bath, many of the bumps look white but after he is dry, they look red. Should I continue with the cottonball treatment on those? Also, can we continue past the 14 days with the baths. Or do you recommend taking a break? We are anxious to get rid of these buggers!!

    I have a picture I can send.


    • Soraya, I am glad to hear that you are seeing a difference. I say keep up with the ACV baths, if your sons skin can tolerate it. As for the direct cottonball treatment, I caution you to only do one or two bumps a day. Look for bumps that are pimple like with a white middle, these will respond the best to the direct treatment. At this point, it seems like it is just a matter of time before his body starts fighting the virus itself, so don’t give up…

  166. I am so glad I found this, my daughter’s first MC bumps showed up last summer and are getting worse. I just have a question. her bumps cover most of the backs of her knees up to her bottom. What would would be the best way I could go about covering them without touching healthy skin? For some, I could probably cover 5 bumps with 1 cotton ball, but not all are that close.

  167. I have just recently discovered i have MC, i only have about 6 bumps at the moment, am i expecting to experience more, i dont touch them however they are in an area (bown below) that can rub anaginst your clothes ?:
    thank you for all your storys they are great help!!

  168. My 6 yo daughter was diagnosed with the dreaded MC around nov 12. I found your blog and started ACV treatment ASAP! We got rid of all of the original bumps but here we are 6 months later and she has doubled and spread the bumps? I have about bought the store out of ACV. We do diluted baths, about 1/2 gal every night in the tub. Then she takes a regilar bath after that to get the smell off. We have not missed a night in almost 3 weeks. We stopped putting it directly on the bumps because it was burning and I thought maybe I was spreading it that way? She never wears anything twice and we do a lot of laundry. Am I missing something here? I seem to see a lot of results with tea tree oil?

  169. I was pretty much going to write exactly what “Frustrated momma” wrote above this post.
    What is the recommended apple cider vinegar-water ratio? I am wondering if maybe I haven’t been adding enough? But I don’t want to burn my daughter’s skin. She no longer lets me touch the bumps with cotton balls because she complains it hurts. A few bumps have gone away, but she seems to have more than before. What a frustrating virus!!

    • Jo, I did the same thing and think more spots started to appear when tried to get rid of some. I commented below, read it, it really worked. spots got red and scabbed of.

  170. I think HONEY may be just as effective as ACV, but totally pain free!

    Keep honey on it constantly. Put a dot on the band-aid (I use curad sensitive skin) and change at least twice a day. The white stuff will stick to the band aid, and in a few days it will all be gone, or fall off in the bath/shower. It will leave an ugly red/black sore, but continued use of honey helps it heal up in a few days. My worst ones have healed in under 2 weeks. I take Epsom salt baths with soda and ACV at least 3 times a week. That really helps too, but the honey does the trick.

    I’m going to try direct ACV as discussed here because I have more to treat, but if I had kids I’d be all about the honey. It doesn’t hurt at all, in actually reduces inflammation and pain, and smells good! It works, just be vigilant for a couple weeks.

  171. Hi,

    My son had the same problem and I was dealing with this for about a year, till my friend suggested to go to neutropath chemist.
    I got a bottle of mulluscum mix and gave my son 5ml 3 times a day. It took about a month and his spots all cleared up. I tried vinegar and stuff, and it worked too on some spots, but too painful for children. Try to cure it from the inside and kill the virus not the spots. I didn’t believe it at first, but was ready to try anything to get rid of those spots. And today I’m so happy I want to cry!
    Hope that helps, good luck 🙂

    • Mind you I live in Australia, but hope there is a neutropath chemists in other countries too.

    • Hi jolenta
      I live in Australia as well and am going through this terrible thing with my son and am trying everything and it’s not working just wondering if you could tell me what neutropath you used so I can get the same stuff I am now getting desperate…..please help
      Thanks Belinda

  172. This blog/or chat room was really helpful. My 13 old son had this skin tag looking thing, or so I thought. As it turned out, this sking tag thing turned into a bunch of blemishes and was spreading like wildfire. So, off to the Doctor we went…diagnosis was MC. My first reaction was ????? As I had never heard of it. The Doctor said it would go away but could last up to 2 years. Now, puberty is hard enough without these evil creatures spreading all over his body. I searched al over the web and found this site the best for info. **I am not a Doctor so please take that into consideration after reading what we did.. You can buy those fancy creams like Terrasil (like I did)…fine print says it will work in 2-6 weeks, yeah right. Or consider an alternative like we did.

    First I went out to buy the following, Q-Tip swabs, rubber (doctor) gloves, waterproof Band-Aids big bottle of apple cider, cotton puff balls, Vitamins, Zinc pills, extra laundry detergent and Hydrogen Peroxide.
    The key for me was “cross contamination” I washed his bedding every day and washed his clothes PJ’s too. He did not wear the same thing two days in a row. I explained to him that he can’t touch/scratch his sores and went over cross contamination with him.

    I followed the suggestion of damping with a apple cider on a small piece of cotton ball putting it on the sore and covering it with a band-aid. Next morning it had scabbed over. I did that for the first couple of big ugly ones. Since there was so many I started to put on rubber gloves then dab the Q-tip (only once to prevent cross contamination) in the apple cider and blot each of these devils once in the am and before bed. We have been doing this routine vs the band-aides at night and after 3 weeks we have had no more break outs (fingers crossed, knocked on wood) and all of the blemishes are looking like they are going away with only a slight fading red mark. * Whenever the blemishes appeared to be infected/oozing I used a Q-tip dabbed it in the hydrogen peroxide to help speed up the infection recovery.

    ACV worked for us…my son also took multi vitamins and zinc (good for immune system, so I read) every day. I think that is all I have to say, but a Big Big thank you for posting this site, it was really helpful. Good Luck to all of you out there dealing with MC.

  173. PS

    As the spots were healing I used 100% Tea Tree oil and dabbed them, to help the healing process.

  174. Help please…as u may have read my stuff above….after 4 weeks my son’s MC have all but gone to a light red mark. Way better and looks like it is done…My question is…do I keep treating the red marks or is he finished with the ACV treatments.

    • Shayne, I’m thrilled your son’s MC is almost completely gone. At this point I would not do anymore direct treatments. I still continued with the ACV baths about a week after the MC was gone just to ensure that no more bumps reappeared. I also used a cream against scars from CVS (CVS brand) just in case it could prevent scars, but there are no guarantees that it works.

      Finally, congratulations! This is quite a victory…

      • Thank you, I am not sure how things would have turned out if I had not found this site. If something changes with his condition, I will let you know.

        Thank you from Canada.

  175. I wonder if anybody could grant me some advice here.. been battleing with this now for 6 months. I’ve been using ACV for five months to treat the MC but it doesn’t seem to be going away. Don’t get me wrong, the ACV works overnight on the bumps, and clearly kills them and they go away, yet it seems no matter how long this goes on, more keep appearing. The area is completely covered on a daily basis, and i’ve been taking ACV baths here and there as I don’t have the resources available to take them every night. It doesn’t seem as they the bumps appear in large numbers either, usually one or two and a time, and I kill them with ACV and they’re gone. I get a week here and a week there with nothing but healing bumps and no new ones.

    I’ve read the success stories here, and yours JR Frugal Mom of having won this battle in two weeks, and its really beginning to frustrate me, i’m 25 and this virus is almost ruining my life 🙁
    Might someone be able to help me out and shed some light on my situation? I’ve read apparently this can last up to 4 years before it goes away on its own, I really don’t want to be almost 30 before this subsides.. Any help would be appreciated.

    P.S: In the experience of the people here, what do the MC bumps look like in the morning after direct ACV treatment? Mine tend to be bigger white circles, really ugly ones, then scab over. Is this consistant with the results of this community?

    Please help, and best of luck to everyone else fighting this affliction..

  176. Thank you so much for this article! I have 3 MC bumps (diagnosed by my doctor) and I’m terrified they are going to start spreading. I’ve been trying tea tree oil, but I haven’t noticed a difference after about 5 days. I read online that other people who tried TTO often had irritated skin around the bumps, and I don’t have that. So I’m thinking it might not be strong enough for my skin (which is normally the opposite of sensitive).

    I’m going to get some ACV today and try your cotton ball method instead. The only problem is my 3 bumps are in my pubic area (nowhere sensitive, but there is hair there), so I’m not sure how to make the bandages stick on the hair. Do you have any thoughts on what might work??

    Thank you again!

    • I have the same issue.. use 3M Medical Tape, you can buy it at any drugstore or pharmacy section at any grocery store. It doesn’t stick enough to hurt your skin, and will stick enough to keep your bandages in place. Just use big strips if there is hair. It works fine for me! Good luck!

      • Thanks so much!! I will definitely try the medical tape.

        However, I’ve actually stopped using ACV. It didn’t seem to be making much of a difference for me after 3 days or so, and I was way too anxious to wait two weeks and try again 🙁 Plus, the ACV never caused any stinging or discomfort for me, even at full concentration on very sensitive skin, so I suspect it might not be strong enough for me.

        I saw on another site that benzoyl peroxide gel worked for some people, so I decided to try it. It’s an extremely common acne medicine, as you probably know, so I already had some lying around.You want the 10% “maximum strength” variety. I had Target store brand, though I’m sure they’re all the same. I dabbed a generous amount on each bump, then covered all the surrounding skin with a thin layer (after washing my hands) in case there were any bumps lying in wait to pop up. I’ve been doing this every morning after I shower, every evening after work (just wipe away the old cream with a wet cotton ball), and every night before bed.

        With the benzoyl peroxide I saw significant results after one day/night of treatment. The bumps turned dark red, then an ugly bruise color on day two or three, then started shrinking. To give you a sense of what I started with, I had one larger bump that was about 2-3mm across, plus four or five tiny bumps. Only one new (tiny) bump has sprung up so far with the BP, and I’ve been using it for about 6 days now.

        My bumps aren’t 100% gone yet, but they’re MUCH smaller than before–the big one is now tiny, the small ones are almost flat, and one of the small ones has totally disappeared. There seems to be no scabbing (and therefore no scarring, I’m guessing) with this method.

        Have you tried BP yet? If not, I’d definitely give it a shot. It might be helpful with the new ones that keep popping up for you, because it works immediately (no need to wait for the bump to be ready for ACV treatment, which I’m sure gives the virus more time to spread). I’m 25 as well and I can imagine the frustrations you’re having with this 🙁

        • I’ll have this give that a shot Maddie. I recently exhausted all my ACV, I had 12 one litre bottles and had a bath every night. It seemed largely ineffective since all I have had recently are tiny bumps appear very sparsely and the ACV doesn’t work on them until they mature.


          Are you also having trouble identifying these bumps in your public area? That tends to be one of my issues that I think may be contributing to the spreading.

          P.S: I’d love to chat with you directly since our situation is almost identical. If you’re up to share info and fight this without being alone I think it would be beneficial!

          Anyone else that figures they might benefit from a one on one conversation is also welcome to contact me as helping myself, and other through this would be a blessing. I have AIM Messenger, as well as skype.. or email.

          • I’m pleased to report that after a week on benzoyl peroxide, I am almost 100% clear (barring any new bumps, of course, but my fingers are crossed). All I have now are flat red marks where the bumps used to be. I’m pretty sure it would be safe to stop treating them now, but I’m way to paranoid for that, haha. Plus I figure the BP will help the surrounding area if there are any new tiny ones I can’t see yet.

            I should also mention that I’ve been using iodine as well, usually once a day. I apply a thin layer over the whole area, wait for it to dry, then apply benzoyl peroxide on the bumps. I saw iodine was mentioned on a few other websites, always in conjunction with another treatment (usually salicylic acid or tea tree oil). I don’t think it would be effective on it’s own (though what do I know), but it might have contributed to my so-far success with benzoyl peroxide. I decided to add it to the BP because of 1) desperation and 2) in case it helps with spreading by killing the virus contagions, since it’s an antiseptic.

            I definitely have the same problem with identifying the bumps because of location 🙁 The pubes are an issue, plus just the simple distance from my eyes… I can’t bend that area toward me like I could an arm or a leg, or get close to it in the mirror like I could if it were on my upper body. I try to keep everything trimmed, but there’s only so much hair you can get rid of without shaving, and I’ve heard shaving is a major no for MC sufferers. I don’t have a good solution for this issue except that I apply a thin layer of whatever I’m using (BP or iodine) all over the whole area in addition to globbing it onto the bumps. I have no idea if this is effective, but I figure it can’t hurt.

            I would definitely be happy to discuss all of this directly. I don’t IM much, but you can email me at cheshirecat987 at yahoo dot com. And if anyone else wants to do the same, please feel free. One day we will win! :\

          • Did the benzyl peroxide work for you?

  177. Your website is a God sent. I have so much hope although I have ony just started using this ACV and have not seen results yet. I am positive that I will do soon. I found the website rather late a stupidly popped all my bumps in the however as suggested by a youtube video I saw. Now I am covered in little bumps. The most heartbreaking ones are on my face. I have lovely skin before and this virus is set to ruin my skin.
    I have the bumps all over my face, more than 100 of them I think. How do I cover all the bumps on my face with ACV as it is near impossible to tape them with cotton wool soaked with ACV individually. Please please respond. I have a shower at home no bath. Is it safe to use the acv on my skin and rinse it off in the shower?

  178. Hi

    A little update from my April 2 post. My 13 year old looks like he will have at least 1 scar from the MC bumps, but no signs of it coming back after 2 months. Fingers crossed. AC treatments and the other things worked for him, but obviously not everything works the same way for each individual. Good luck to you all.

  179. Shayne, I am so excited for you and your son, what a great way to start off the summer. Thanks for returning to let me know about the progress, I really appreciate it.

  180. Your time and responses on your webiste has been just invaluable. Our 3 year old has been sufferring with this crazy virus for few good months, bout 7-8 months now and just lately they have been erupted like crazy. They are morely visible on her legs, hands and arms. We have made some doc visits and derms visits but all in vain.. just a complete waste of time & money. Feel like the docs are there just to take your money and not really give you an honest effective treatment suggestions. Anyways, will try this out and get back with our findings. Again, god bless you for all your time and valuable suggesitions and directions in fighting and curing this frustrating virus.

    • VINDY, the hot summer months are definitely when the Molluscum bumps go crazy, believe me I’ve been there, and it’s no fun. I hope the ACV will be the help you need. Good luck!

      • JR Frugalmom,
        Thanks for your prompt feedback. I will reply back ASAP on my comments as well. Didn’t expect you would reply back this quickly. Anyways, so we have started the ACV baths and also did the cotton ball in some spots. The challenge has been to bandage the cotton balls on her spots. She just cries her lungs out and would be so defensive to put it on. Just can’t tell if that is just loud cries from her tantrums or it must be really stinging her. These are not open wounds but just those popped up red white ones. Should we continue doing the cotton and bandages or would the baths would be enough ? Our hearts just go out hearing the 2 year old scream everytime. Please advise if we should continue doing the double defense ? I read in your post that you had done it only for 3 nights (the cotton ball treatment) and then continued only with the baths ? Was it stopped only when they all were popped open and they stung ? Thanks again for all your feedback and invaluable time and advise…we just can’t thank you enough.

        • VINDY, it definitely stings, which is why I did the cotton balls after the kids went to sleep. If you can do a couple for a few days, then continue with the baths only and see how it works. You have to be aggressive to get rid of the virus, but you do not want to over do the direct treatment. Even a few hours with the direct treatment may be enough (plus the baths), just see what she can handle.

          • So that I understand this correctly, I’m using the cotton balls for the ready to pop big white headed lesions coupled with the baths ofcourse. But what about the real tiny ones that are just surfacing up and barely visible on other parts of the body? Do we need to do the cotton on those as well to make them bigger or the bath itself will make them emerge out and kill it ? Also, just curious, the idea of giving ACV bath at night vs. during the day ? Is it because they may hit the bed soon after the evening bath and thus less chances of scratching or getting popped by kid’s movements ? I guess we will need to toughen up and bandage the spots when they asleep as you suggested. Thanks. Will update on our progress soon.

  181. So continued with the bath again last night for 20-25 minutes. Right after the bath, wife & I tagged up and tried bandaging her big white spots that looked swollen after the bath amidst her loud painful screams. She kept wanting to remove the band aids but we managed to keep them on all night. We were very hopeful that the big ones would atleast change color or something different than it’s last night’s status of big white.. unfortunately it is still in the same state – big & white centered but rather seemed to burned the area around where the cotton and tape were. Seems this happened due to her excessive dry & sensitive skin. We are thinking of not taping her spots anymore but rather have them touched up with cotton or qtip and continue with the baths ? Do you think this is ok ? I’m still very hopeful reading your experience and other’s postings that we will see positive results being perseverant. Please advise if there is anything else we can do here… Thanks again.

    • VINDY, now that you’ve done the direct treatment for a couple of days, I think you’d be safe with just trying the qtip treatment and the baths. Just keep a watchful eye that the ACV do not burn her, and you may want to dillute the ACV before you apply it with a qtip.

      Try this for a few days and hopefully the bumps will start reacting to the treatment. I wish you all the best of luck, and I know how frustrating it can be.

      If you do not see any changes at all after another break, I’d give the treatment a break, and then try again after a few weeks. This is what happened with my youngest son, at first he did not react at all. After a break we tried again, and the second time around the ACV did wonders for some strange reason.

  182. OK.. going to stick to the routine of 2 baths a day for now. Will try to qtip maybe when shez asleep or distracted in something else. Will update in a couple of days.

  183. So we have been doing the baths twice a day for a week now. Everytime after she comes out of the bath tub, the spots look all white and popped up. We had done direct cotton/band aid treatment on 3-4 spots couple times and left them overnight but didn’t seem to have any effect. No color changes on those spots but have stuck to the baths. During the day, the same spots look smaller and non-white but it is only after the baths that they look big and white but havent’ turned red/black or scabbed yet. Do you think that her body is reacting to these or do we need to give her a break ? Our older one, 4.5 yrs has been getting baths too in another tub as we have seen some spots on her back and her arms as well. Now the ones on her back are reealll tiny spots that you really have to look for under bright light. We have been doing direct cotton acv on her arms but again they haven’t changed the colors. Do you think for the older one we should give a break and wait for the bumps to get bigger ? Or for both, since it has been 1 week of baths, we should just stick to the routine for another week ? Please adivse. Thanks again.

    • VINDY, I understand your frustration. If it was me, I’d give the baths another week, and if there’s still not changes and no scabbing over, I’d give the ACV a rest for 2-3 weeks and then start again. I cannot promise that it will work, but I can tell you that this is what worked for me when a second son of mine got inflicted with MC.

      • Thanks for the reassurance and that much needed motivation as it surely seems that we have been seeing these sucker bumps forever now… will update soon.

        • Hi,
          A quick update. So after doing ACV for 3 straight weeks and this being the 4th – doing 20 mins bath daily twice, and doing direct ACV cotton ball and band aiding every couple days to few spots as the lil ones cries her lungs out – the improvement has certainly been there. Have also tried spraying Hydrogen peroxide as had read that it had worked for some others. I believe this may have helped a bit in bursting some of the lesions. Not seeing any new spots come up but the original stubborn ones are still there. They always seem to get bubbled up and white headed but don’t die away. These are the ones behind her knee area. Seems that with her folding her legs, there seem to be small new ones right around that area. Thinking of giving a break for couple weeks after this week. Any suggestions or piece of advice we could take here ? It sure has tested our perseverance here. Thanks.

          • VINDY, I am happy to hear that you finally see an improvement. The area behind the knees is difficult, because it is one of those places where she will sweat a lot. As to whether or not to take a break, only you can make that determination. Perhaps you could stop doing the direct treatment completely and only doing the baths…

            I hope you will soon be completely rid of this horrible virus.

          • Thanks JRFrugal. Yes for now, we have brought down the baths to once per day and no directs to giver her a break. Will update soon.

  184. Take it from someone whose kids have had it plus had it himself, Applewel therapeutics products work.

  185. I’m going to start the ACV baths soon & I was just wondering if I should clean out the tub after each time I soak? Or just rinse it out with hot water? Also, would 7 cups for a reg sized tub be enough or should I use an entire gallon?

    • I would start with 7 cups, if it were me. Add more next time, if you do not see any changes. As for cleaning the top, hot water should do it, since apple cider vinegar can be used as a cleaning agent as well. Remember, you do not need to purchase the expensive brands, any store brand should do just fine.

      Good luck HelpXO!

  186. Does it matter what brand of apple cider vinegar? Or if it is organic? Or if it has “with the Mother” on the bottle? There is a huge price difference! My 4yr old son has it all over his body, no way we can do the cotton ball treatment but could do the bathes 2times a day. He has had MC for about a year, did the expensive cream, horrible experience, it made huge sores all over him, he would cry for hours at a time,it got rid of some spots but it spread with a vengeance!

    • Melisse, we used the regular store brand version with excellent results. I am sure that the summer heat is probably making your son’s MC even worse, and I sure hope the ACV will help clear it up. If he has had it for about a year, the MC should definitely react to the treatment.

      Good luck!

      • Hi! I am SO thankful to all of your comments! I am taking our 6yr old daughter to the dermatologist tomorrow afternoon. I am not a Dr. but in my research online feel it is MC. It started under her left arm spreading to the under side of the arm…I guess where the 1st blister/patch burst and infected that area? I have tried everything from her eczema meds to peroxide…< which helped more than anything so far. Although now it has started on her inner thighs and she says it hurts all the time. Needless to say she is very self conscience and with school starting she is very anxious about her "blisters". I really thank you all for posting comments and what has worked for you and your children! I want to go right now and buy ACV but will refrain till tomorrow on the way to the Dr. (I guess) 🙂 Thank you again!

  187. I’m so glad I found your story my daughter has molluscum on her leg and shoulder and several spreading 🙁 I’m so depressed about it but I’ve started the acv and I have seen a small difference thank God. It does sting her when I put it on though 🙁 I hope it goes awsy fast.

  188. I was wondering if you had taken any photos of what the bumps looked like in the process of this treatment? I started using ACV and my bumps have turned either a gross white color or very red and scabby. It’s been about five days since I started doing both the baths and sticking cotton balls only a few times (the tape really hurt my legs). Thanks in advance.

  189. I am very happy I found this blog. I first started noticing some small bumps underneath my four year old’s arm pit in January of this year (2013). Since it was not accompanied by a fever or any other symptoms, it did not even itch him, we played the waiting game until it started to spread. When we took him to the pediatrician he diagnosed it immediately with MC, said it could take a very long to clear up, but rest assured it would clear. We kept the area clean, never used the same towels twice without washing, etc… but it continued to spread down his torso and lower arm. We then took him to the dermatologist and were told they would not recommend treating him since the treatments were painful and not necessary for a four year old. I took the internet and was so overwhelmed by the home treatments and alternative remedies. We tried zymaderm… very expensive and no result. Then we started the ACV treatment using acv soaked cottonballs overnight. At first he was not thrilled but we got “cool” bandaids (batman, spiderman, etc.) and soon the nightly treatment became routine. In the morning, we washed off the area, applied neosporin and let it breath/heal/scab over. Then at night after bath the routine would continue. This treatment took one month and now he is molluscum free. I am so happy as now he can wear a bathing suit and tanks without worry. He is only four but became very self conscious about his “bumps”. Thank you for this blog. I am sure he would still have molluscum if it weren’t for ACV.

    • Annette, I am so thrilled to hear that the ACV worked for you, and especially that it only took a month of fighting back with ACV. I hope your son will stay MC free, I know that we never had any reoccurrences, and I sure hope we never will either.

      • I am so encouraged to hear that you have not had any reoccurrences. We’re working on the ACV treatments with my 5 year old and we’re down to 2 bumps. I’m so hopeful. I can’t thank you enough for your blog.

  190. Thank you for your blog! My son is 6 and has MC. It has only been a month so it is not as bad as some on here. I’m hoping that since we caught it soon, it will not get extreme like some of the others on here. I do have one question…after the ACV baths do you wash them with soap or just rinse them off? We are taking our first one now and since its the weekend, it doesn’t matter if my son smells like ACV but I could see that being an issue when he is back in the classroom. Does it leave a smell on the skin after several weeks of baths? Thanks for your help with this, you have no idea how great it feels to possibly have an answer to resolving this skin problem.

    • Beth, I just rinsed them off with water no soap. I hope this will be the solution to your MC problem. Good luck!

  191. Thank you so much for this. I have been searching the internet all day to try and figure out what my 5 yr old has. I have taken her to the pediatrician twice who has told me “it’s nothing, just put neosporin on it” It’s been two months and it’s only gotten worse. I am a firm believer in natural alternatives to healing. Especially after having dealt with severe eczema with my other child and thousands of dollars spent on allergist, dermatologist, and expensive creams. What has actually helped it taking some Omega 3,6,9 cod liver oil pills and applying organic coconut oil to her skin. Who would’ve thought. Anyways I will take her to a pediatric dermatologist just to be sure but I already told my husband to get a gallon of ACV @ Publix on his way home. Fingers crossed, hope it helps.

  192. Eeek, if you are seeing a change in your bumps after the ACV treatment then you are on the right track…and in luck. As you can see yourself, the changes varies from bump to bump, and one you are seeing sounds like what we saw in our boys.

    For us, we were rid of the Molluscum in less than a month after starting treatment, but it takes motivation and consistency. So keep up with the good work, and you might just be lucky enough to be molluscum free by the time you are going away.

    Good luck!

  193. I started the ACV cotton ball treatment with my daughter a couple nights ago and it’s definitely working. I’m a little nervous about the baths because it’s on her bottom, very close to her girlie parts and worried it could spread. I haven’t read through all the threads, but I definitely need to get this healed as quickly as possible, as she’s a gymnast, and it’s on her legs now as well. Just want to make sure the baths couldn’t make it spread to those ‘sensitive” areas.
    Please advice on your experience!

  194. Dear JR Frugalmom, I just want to say thank you for your site and it actually made me cry a bit out of SAPPY feeling (Sad to see so many parents and kids and adult suffer from this but Happy to see them having won/winning the battle). And thank you for responding to many of the questions people ask. You are great.
    I am an adult in my 40s and was just told by my primary care I have MC, and she diagnosed by visual examination. I have three small red bumps (about 2mm) in inner thigh of both legs for a week, and one in my pubic hair area. I just found your site 12AM last night and so started on “really small cotton balls -so I can target the area” on two. This morning, one ball was missing, and the other one was there. The bump that kept the ACV ball looked winkled but not really white or black. So I will try again tonight. 4 questions.
    1. How long should I bathe, like 20 minutes?
    2. Should I bathe the entire body or just around the affected areas?
    3. In the morning like today, when I saw winkled (but soft), do I cover that bump with bandage or something so that in case something comes out it, it will not infect other parts of my body?
    4. If white pus comes out (like others experience) after ACV ball is taken out (or any time), what would I do? Wipe it and cover it with bandage at night as well as during the day? And do I again do ACV ball on that bump until it gets black?

    Looking forward to your advice!

    • Hi Kayla,

      I apologize for the delayed response. I hope that by now you are winning the MC battle.

      1. 20 – 30 minutes
      2. Just the affected areas
      3. don’t cover with bandages, after you are done with the treatment. Give it some air to let the wound heal faster, the bandages might irritate the skin as well.
      4. Wipe it off if you can,but be careful not to get the puss on healthy skin. This virus is horrible at spreading, which is why it is so difficult to combat.
      5. Once the bump turn black, leave it alone. When it starts healing, you can begin applying some neosporin.

      Tood luck!

  195. My 8 year old daughter has this horrible virus. In her groin area under one armpit. I gave her a bath tonight in the vinegar. 7 cups of Braggs vinegar for about 35 minutes. She had a hard time with the smell. I tried to to the cotton ball with acv but it stung so bad she screamed. Is the bathing enough. I did a tea tree oil dab on them and put bandaids on anything that looked white. the ones in her arm pit are just all red and rashy looking. Are these the immature ones? Is it possible it will go away with the bathing or does it definitely come to heads and scab. I am so distraught for my little one. It is such an ordeal. When can I put neosporin on her? Do they have to be scabbed. I feel like she needs something to soothe her as well. Can I just use generic APV or does it need to be raw? Thank you for taking the time to read by desperate plea.

    • Diana, your frustration and confusion is very understandable. Let’s see, first off – yes use generic, because you will likely go through gallons of vinegar, before you get rid of this virus. Second, definitely do the baths – at 8, she is big enough to understand that it is either the smell or the bumps.

      To get rid of this virus, you really need to be aggressive. This is why the combination of the baths + direct cottonball treatment works best. If it was me, I would wait until she is sleeping. Then do one or two bumps only every night for a few days. Don’t leave them on all night, just for a few hours, and be very careful that the ACV does not touch healthy skin. As an alternative, you can try dabbing a couple of bumps with ACV on a q tip (1 q tip per bump), but again be careful with the healthy skin. You need to keep a close eye on her though, as you do not want the ACV to burn her skin.

      I put neosporin on, after the bumps had scabbed over and were beginning to heal. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  196. Dear Frugalmom,
    Thanks to your site I have learned a few things and with a recent review have realized a few mistakes. Our oldest had one, very stubborn one, that with the bandaid treatments would not go away (located on jaw). Unfortunately it has spread to include another on his neck and a third on his shoulder. Although with only using the bandaid method, was able to get rid of one on jaw and shoulder, neck one remains stubborn.
    Mistake made, allowing the two boys to bathe together or spread by other means. Now 18 mo old has bumps from diaper area to cheek. They just showed up, I noticed them today. Will begin the separate acv bath tonight using a t-shirt to keep the upper body saturated during the bath. Not sure what to do about the neck and face for now.

    • Pamela, I learned the same mistake the hard way, when my little one got infected as well….likely due to taking baths and using the same towels before I learned just how contagious this virus is.

      Perhaps applying the ACV directly onto the two stubborn ones with a q tip (new q tip for each bump to prevent spreading) might help. Just be careful to observe them to prevent burning any healthy skin.

      Good luck Pamela, I know it is a lot of work trying to combat this virus.

      • Please explain further what you mean by “applying the ACV with q-tip”, do you mean only to dab the liquid on the surface of each bump then leave exposed to air, or is there more to it, since we are talking about an 18 mo old and/or areas that are difficult to bandage or submerge?

  197. Pamela, that’s exactly what I’m taking about: “dab the liquid on the surface of each bump then leave exposed to air”, when it comes to areas that are hard to use the cottonball/bandage on. I have not tried this method, but if you read through the comments, you will find that other parents have used this method on hard to reach/hard to bandage areas.

    Again, with the cottonball method…just do one or two each night, and don’t do it until after your child falls asleep. Leave it on for a few hours, and hopefully this will do it. This is what I did with both my my kids, and my youngest had only just turned 1. He has now been MC free for 3 years!

    • Thank you so very much for your time and attention today. It sounds as if the process could also be accomplished during their nap time, if the application is for a few hours. Or, would 2 to 2 1/2 be too few?
      Again, thank you for the clarification.

  198. I am so thankful to have come across this post last month! The apple cider vinegar is working for us! I had never heard of Molluscum Contagiosum until I noticed 2 bumps on my 4 year old’s back and took him to the doctor. We saw 2 pediatricians and a dermatologist, and all agreed it was best not to treat the bumps, that the body would attack the virus on its own. However, the bumps lasted over a year and started to spread. He had a total of 8 bumps on his back, 3 of which healed on their own. I have applied ACV every day to the remaining 5 (we have not tried the baths) and now we are down to only 2 bumps with no signs of new ones. I couldn’t be more excited and thankful. If the spreading stops, I can finally see a light at the end of this tunnel. Hopefully in another month we will be 100% Molluscum free! Thank you so very much

    • My 2 year old now has about 20 bumps on her bottom. I’m certain it was because I was bathing her with my 5 year old before I knew how contagious this virus is. 3 more bumps have appeared on my 5 year old. I feel so defeated. We started the baths tonight which stung. We’re going to stay the course to see if we can rid ourselves of MC. Thank you again for this post. I’m so grateful for the information and being able to share my story along with others. It is helpful to vent. Thank you.

      • We have continued the baths once a day for a week, without fail, with 7-8 cups of ACV. We immediately wash every piece of linen that comes into contact with their bodies. Each child is bathed separately in their own bathtub with their own ACV. We don’t use wash cloths in fear of spreading the virus to healthy skin, and we let the kids air-dry to avoid spreading through contact with a towel. We have continued the cotton ball treatments on my son’s mature bumps and he’s down to 1 (amazing!). I don’t believe my 2 year old’s 20+ pink/red bumps on her bottom are mature enough to treat with the cotton balls. I tried and she screamed and screamed because of the sting. I didn’t have the heart to continue and decided to just do the baths which she can tolerate. However, I haven’t noticed any changes or improvements.

        The baths continue to reveal pink/red spots on both of their their bodies, but they don’t seem to be maturing into full bumps. I’m assuming the spots are the virus – I’m hoping and hoping the baths are helping to attack it. We’re going to continue the baths until we don’t notice any spots any more.

        Has anyone else been free of mature bumps, but still notice pink/red spots appear with they bathe with ACV? Do you think it’s still the virus? How long would you continue bathing in the ACV once all of the mature bumps are gone? Any feedback would be so appreciated! Feeling exhausted but hopeful.

        • Chris, I am so happy to hear that your son is down to 1 mature bump, I hope this is a sign that the end is very near for you. Keep up the good work!

          As for your daughter, don’t give up. I know it can be frustrating, I know it feels like an endless battle, but now that you have seen the results with your son, you know it can be done.

          However, you are probably right about the bumps not being ready for the direct treatment. Please read this post http://www.frugalityisfree.com/2011/10/molluscum-cure-apple-cider-vinegar.html, which is my update.

          My youngest son caught the virus from his brother, and the ACV did not seem to have any effect. I was devastated. I gave the treatment a break for a few weeks, and then I started up again once the bumps became maturing…after which it took two weeks for us to get rid of all the bumps.

          So, perhaps giving the treatment a break for your little one might be a good idea.

          As for continuing the baths after the bumps are gone…I’d continue for two weeks, as it seems that this is the period that the bumps can be dormant under the skin.

          Good luck!

          • Thank you so much! I actually got teary when I saw that you responded to my post. We are just so thankful for you and the information we have found on your site. I will continue to post updates on our progress in the hopes it will help another family dealing with MC.

          • Just a quick update: My children are currently 100% Molluscum free. I absolutely can not thank you enough for your blog on ACV. It was the miracle cure for us. After having the bumps for over a year, we were able to ‘cure’ my son in a matter of months using your information. We were extremely diligent didn’t miss one day of cotton ball treatments, ACV baths, and laundry. And I can now say (with a tear in my eye!) that both of our children are free of bumps. If it should return, we will know what to do. Words can not express our gratitude, JR FrugalMom! THANK YOU!!


          • Chris, I am so excited for you and your family. What a fantastic way to start the new year – Molluscum free!!!

            Thank you so much for returning to let us know how the treatment worked for your kids, this really warms my heart and thank you for your kids words.

            You know, I am just so thankful that we got rid of the MC, when we did, and while this post might be a bit off topic here at Frugality Is Free, it is actually the most popular post ever – which will tell you how many parents are desperate for a Molluscum cure. Just from sharing your story, I am sure that you have helped hundreds of other desperate parents as well – sometimes we just need a little hope and encouragement to keep on fighting in any of life’s daily battles.

            Happy New Year!


          • Hugs to you, JR, and Happy New Year!!


          • Still 100% molluscum free after nearly a year!! It works, it works, it WORKS!!! I still check back to this site now and then to offer support to other families dealing with molluscum. It is an exhausting, unsettling battle, but our family is proof that ACV can be the cure. Thank you again for the information you have shared!



        • I know there probably isn’t much chance that you will check this almost a year later but I am desperate to know…did those little red bumps quit showing up, or did you just quit the ACV baths two weeks after all the mature bumps where gone? My 19 mo doesn’t have any mature bumps left (actually gone with zymaderm) but still has small red ones pop up every day after bath, which I treat again with zymaderm and are gone the next day (usually). I keep wondering if maybe we’re actually done and I just don’t know it? On about day 5 of ACV baths so plan to keep up for at least another 9 days but really hope that I’ll get visual confirmation when this is really done.

          • Hello! I check the site now and then to send encouragement to other parents who are battling molluscum. If I remember correctly, we continued the baths for about 2 weeks after the last mature bump was gone. And then we stopped and hoped for the best. We got lucky and continue to be 100% molluscum free for both of our children. ACV works miracles!

  199. Hello,
    I read your post. Have you tried continuously bathing with apple cider vinegar in the water? I saw that suggestion posted above. It said it may help to kill any virus that is still present on the skin. We’re going to start the baths with my son this week. We’re down to 2 bumps with him, but I’m worried about new bumps appearing. Good luck to you – this virus is such a pain!

  200. We started the baths for my daughter. We had been going to a dermatologist for months, every other week, and the chemicals she was putting on her skin were working on some, but as soon as one was treated, three more would pop up! The baths are amazing. They are shrinking so beautifully. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this information! Who would have thought something so simple could finally get rid of this horrible virus!

  201. I’m so happy I found this site! My 7 year old had 2 bumps on his ankle a year ago that we had frozen off. 2 weeks after that he had 2 on his toe that we had frozen off. He hasn’t had any since. My 10 year old started with a bump on his stomach last month, and since then they have been popping up like crazy..stomach, elbow, and last night a big patch popped up on his back.

    He has been to a dermatologist for 2 treatments for the ones on his stomach and elbow but the freezing either doesn’t work well or it works SLOWLY. and its a $25 copay each time we go, which adds up!

    I am hopeful to try the ACV treatment starting tonight. He is so afraid they will start showing up on his face. I wish I had found this site weeks ago, but I have hope since you didn’t try the treatment after a year. I also have a 6 month old and am worried she might get it, not knowing if I used a towel of my son’s to dry her after a bath.

    I will let you know how the treatments work and hope that soon this annoying virus will be a thing of the past!!

    on a side note, i actually use ACV as a rinse for my hair and I LOVE it. I do it once or twice a month to rid my hair of any build-up. after washing and conditioning my hair i’ll rinse my hair with 1 C of warm water mixed with 1 TBLS ACV..massage it in well, scrub the scalp. My hair feels super soft and amazing after, and the smell goes away once it dries

  202. Hi, just one more question after posting my last comment. On other websites about treating MC with other home remedies such as tee tree oil, it says that MC thrives in wet environments , so bathing -especially for a long time- is not a good idea and showers are recommended. I do see the success stories on here but just wanted to add that I did see that as well. Maybe it is believed more come out after bathing because those are the ones lying ‘dormant’ ?

  203. I found this website a few months back, tried to apple cider vinegar on my 6-year-old son, and gradually over several weeks all his Molluscum Contagiosum went away.
    We stopped using the vinegar for about six weeks, and a lone Molluscum appeared last week. I treated it with the vinegar and it responded well.
    Unfortunately, earlier this week, he had a Molluscum outbreak (many spots on his legs) a day after his weekly swimming lesson. He’s back taking vinegar baths, and hopefully that will help.
    I know water can spread the Molluscum, but I thought that wasn’t the case in chlorinated water. He always showers thoroughly shortly after getting out of the pool. The bandage over the original Molluscum came loose in the pool.
    I’m really getting sick of this and so is he, but at least I know the vinegar will help.

    • Stuart, this is both puzzling and scary. Six weeks? Now, I always say keep up the treatments for at least 2 weeks after the last bump if possible, as bumps may be dormant under the skin. But seriously…six weeks is a long time to keep up with the treatments, and I am very surprised to hear about this sudden outbreak after so long.

      Our doctor and the dermatologist first told us that keeping the MC bumps covered, when in the pool would prevent spreading. However, I have since read a few articles about how the doctor offices are flooded with MC patients in August, after the kids come back from summer vacation. Apparently, the pools are the big culprits, when it comes to spreading.

      I sure hope that the ACV works this time around as well. You must be very frustrated… good luck! Thank you for coming by to tell us your story, it helps so many others.

  204. The baths are the best! It’s working for my 4 year old! Thanks for sharing! What did you do for the marks it left? Ready to make all traces of this gone!

    • Hi Renee, we just started the baths. Was wondering how long it took for you before they started working. Also, did you just do the baths or the cottonballs too? Thanks!

      • Sorry just got on to see you post Momto2. I did a bath every night. My son had over 50 and we went through 3 gallons of ACV a week. 3 weeks before completely gone. I saw results within a few days on the ones I put cotton balls on too. Did 5 a night and within 2 nights they turned black so I’d put neosporin on those and move on to 5 more. I used cotton balls and surgical tape as bandages irritated his skin. I gave it a break when skin was too irritated. It takes time but so worth it! So glad I found this mom who shared her secrets! My daughter had 2 bumps appear. I just did cotton balls for 3 nights and they turned crusty and black…now gone! No baths needed for her. Hope it’s going well for you!

  205. Hi, we just started the baths with my 4 year old, who has probably 50 or more MC bumps. I’d tried ACV on a couple of bumps in the past (before doing the baths too) and had seen one crust over. However, last night after her ACV bath I covered three bumps with ACV cotton balls/band aids, and I didn’t see much difference this morning. Can it take more than one night for a particular bump to be affected? One of the ones I covered with a band-aid looked smaller, but not white or black, and the others look pretty much the same. Thanks for this blog, it’s giving us hope!

    • Some take a few nights. I’m happy to report that my sons left side…not a trace and right side just has redness in some area but I’m hopeful it will go away too.

  206. We have been dealing with MC for about 6 months now with our 6 yr old. Dr told us the same not to worry it will take about 6 mo – 1 yr to go away, but lately they are spreading worse than ever. Always his stomach but now legs and other areas. We are starting to wear jeans every day because of it. I feel so bad for him, we tried freezing off a few and he cried in so much pain.
    At first Dr told us the Vinegar but the organic kind with “The Mothers” but the tape and bandages irritated his skin. We have fought Echzema most of his life in the same areas. I thought it was a flare up to begin with but none of his Exchzema meds worked, they made it worse. I recently read an article about the reason why their bodies can’t fight it or it takes their immune system so long to fight it is food allergies. We already fight a milk/wheat allergy, but reading more now Gluten/dairy is a huge culprit and cutting out all of that in 2 weeks time can generate the immune system to start working. I do not know for sure, we are going to start the ACV treatment tomorrow.
    Our dr also had us start a liquid medicine made for stomach ulcers that helped it temporarily, but now it is much worse at least 80+, some red blistery starting to pop on their own with the organic vinegar and most are white or red bumps. What do you use when the skin is irritated from the bandages? We tried cloth tape but the gauze pads soaked in vinegar made that useless. I tried dabbing vinegar on him every night but feel like it is like putting out a fire, when a few start to pop 10 more appear.

  207. IT REALLY WORKS!!! Thank you so much for you advice. A month ago I read this article because I have a preteen who was diagnosed with molluscum around her mouth. You can only imagine the embarrassment around her peers at school. The dr prescribed an ointment that she used for 2 months and an there was NO progress and it seemed like the bumps got larger. I didn’t want her to go thru having them surgically removed to only leave a scar that will be even more embarrassing but out of desperation, I scheduled her an appt for Dec. 19th. In the meantime I did some research and came across this website and thought I’d give it a try. I am EXTREMELY happy to say that after only 1 WEEK we have seen progress. I actually seen it after day 2. She only applied ACV to her bumps at night before bed and covered it with a bandage. It has been 1 week and they are already decreasing in size and fading. As I stated before I noticed the change after day 2. So we will keep this going until her surgical appt is scheduled but I already know that she will no longer need it because the ACV is already doing wonders. Thank you for sharing your experience and the pictures were very helpful as well. I wish I would’ve done an before and after pic so I can share myself because the bumps have already gone down dramatically. So anyone who has molluscum, I’ll definitely vouch for ACV to get rid of the bumps a lot faster than any ointment out there.

  208. ACV absolutely WORKS!!! My 2 children are 100% MC free because of this blog. We were seen by 2 pediatricians and a dermatologist who told us not to treat the MC because it would go away on its own. It didn’t go away. It remained on my son for over a year, started to spread, and was contagious. But thanks to ACV and JR FrugalMom, we became 100% MC free after a only a few months. Our full story and battle with MC is on this blog dated October 23rd. Good luck! Be diligent with the treatments and don’t give up!

  209. I had MC around 2 years ago. During that time I used some Neosporin on the bumps. Today, I used the same tube of Neosporin on an open wound on my face. I was wondering if it is possible for the MC to spread to my face via the tube of Neosporin. It has been a long time, but I read that MC thrives in moist environments. Is anyone able to tell me if it’s possible?

  210. My daughter had this pretty bad at first I thought it was skin tags but they kept spreading I use ACV and coconut oil on pretty much everything so I thought it couldn’t hurt to try it I taped a cotton ball to a couple of them over night and asked her father to do the same which he didn’t because the area was red a couple days later one turned black and he was mad at me saying a nurse told him she had a staph infection I knew it was just scabbed so ignored what he said. It went away so I also decided to add coconut oil rubbing it into her skin after I use the ACV she loved the oil and since it has high antibacterial properties I figured it couldn’t hurt. Now that I know what it is I can continue with what I’ve been doing.

  211. I’ve started the ACV baths with my son who is 7 next month. They seem to be responding well without the direct spot treatment. He has had this for 15 months now and even with the treatment from the doctor they were not going away. The treated ones went away but not the others. It’s so expensive to go to the doctor all the time. I’m hopeful this will work.

    My question is regarding the baths. When do I need to wash his hair and body? Do I give him a regular bath then add the vinegar or wash his hair and body with the vinegar in there? I just don’t want him going to school smelling like a pickle. 🙂
    I stood him up and showered him off a few times at the end of the bath and washed his hair this way. That’s just a lot of trouble to take a bath then a shower each night. He doesn’t want to shower after being in the tub. So, how did you wash your kids hair and body?

  212. Hello,

    I have been searching a lot online. I had gotten molluscum over a year ago and didn’t pay much attention as the doctor said it will go away on its on. Soon after I had two more parallel to my arm, (basically on my breast). They didn’t seem to bother until a few weeks ago when the one on my arm started to get a secondary bacterial infection. I went to the doctor and she prescribed me with oral antibiotics and they worked fine. The one on my arm had popped and cleared but it somehow left the two on breast to become infected. Now the second visit of the doctor she prescribed me with second round of oral antibiotics. They are not helping at all, the muluscum seems less thick but its completely red, hurts a lot, is dry and puss leaks here and there. I don’t know what to do, I am scared since the doctor said the next treatment is to surgically remove it. PLEASE GUIDE ME! I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT

  213. Hello everyone, I’ve been reading you’re posts and it looks like a lot of you have found your cure and others haven’t. It also looks like many of you are dealing with children. So, I thought I’d contribute and share some more detailed info I’ve found through trial and error and research.

    I’m a 28y/o male, I am Canadian and I live and work part time in Chile and other South American countries for a mining company. Molluscum is actually very common down here, being mostly developing this sort of things runs rampant. I contracted it on my groin and arm, which is an odd combination. I later learned that many others on a particular project site camp that I visited 2 months prior had a breakout of it due to laundry issues. Pretty bad, but, par for the course here. I thought it was folliculitis at first, until it didn’t go away after 4 weeks. So I went to the dermatologist (there is excellent health care in Chile, better than anything we have in North America. I leave my country and come to Chile just for doctors’ visits) and he looked at me for a few seconds and diagnosed me. I was skeptical, but after a few days I came to terms with it.

    One thing I think doesn’t get talked about enough is the fact that not everyone is susceptible to this. In fact most adults will come into contact with it and not get it. One notable difference is I’m “atopic”, meaning I’m susceptible to things like acne, asthma, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis. My dermis’ immune system is not the best, but my internal one is. That’s how it was explained to me. So, if you’re like me, be careful around this stuff. If not, be careful anyway, but you’ll most likely be ok.

    The doctor prescribed me Clidets gel for bacterial infection and to stimulate the dermal immune response at the sites of the spots (that I had picked at ). As well as an imiquimod cream similar to Aldara. These creams basically don’t work on new infections, only when you’ve got it on the run.

    So I tried using MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution). This stuff is no joke, I’ve been using it on and off for a couple years and I brought 10 bottles with me to South America that I bring around to disinfect water, etc. The active ingredient is chlorine dioxide, not to be confused with chlorine. They are different molecularly.

    I tried the protocol 1000 but due to the fact that I eat regularly, drink coffee and tea, etc, I couldn’t commit to it. Also, it makes me nauseous around half way through. But, while doing it I did notice spots would come and go within a day. Just, I couldn’t keep up with it. So, I take large doses in the morning after I eat (which r