Jun 162011

Today was my last week of the CVS Gift Card Challenge, as my gift card is basically empty. It has been 15 fantastic weeks, and the amount of products that I have received during this time is amazing. I could not have done it without Cheryl, and because of her CVS shopping skills and savings knowledge, I am left with lots of CVS Extra bucks that I can continue to roll over each week.

I actually went to CVS on Monday, but they had nothing in stock that I had on my list, so I returned today. Of course, they were still out of both the Bayer and the Motrin, so I had to scramble with three boys at a crowded CVS store trying to figure out how to use my CVS Extra bucks the best way and get out of there without spending too much. It was not my preferred way of shopping, but I did so and I did pretty good in the end.

My boys and I had hoped to walk to CVS around 2 p.m., but when I went out to check on the weather, I was hit by a wall of heat and humidity. I checked the thermometer in the shade, and it showed somewhere in between 95 and 100 degrees, so I quickly turned around. At 4:30 p.m., we finally braved the heat, and fortunately it was cloudy by then. We walked the 1+ mile to CVS, and on our way we ran across this newspaper stand.

I grabbed the last newspaper in the stand, and hoped I could use the coupon. I also managed to print two of the free Hershey’s bar coupons at CVS.com, just before we left. Since it said one per customer, I gave one to my eight-year-old son, and he was as always proud to pay with a coupon. 

After CVS, we went to Blockbuster next door to pick up a free movie, then we headed to the post office and went to the playground. By the time we got to the playground it was past 6:30 p.m. which meant the sun was going down, but it was finally possible to play at the breakdown without being drenched in sweat. When we got to the playground my boys shared the semi-melted chocolate bars. 

After a fun evening at the playground, my husband picked us up, and it was time to cook dinner. Somehow I managed to whip a home cooked meal of Jamaican chicken curry up for everyone, and it must have been good, because they ate everything there was.

My Final CVS Totals – The Gift Card Challenge Week 15.

The $25 CVS Gift Card Challenge

Cheryl at Simply CVS has challenged me to see how far I can stretch $25 at CVS Pharmacy, and she has provided me with a $25 CVS gift card just for this purpose. With the CVS shopping tips, coupon match-ups and CVS deals alerts from Simply CVS, I hope to be able to stretch the CVS gift card far.

Week 15 of the CVS Gift Card Challenge
Transaction 1
2 x Colgate 360 Surround toothbrushes (raincheck) on sale at $2.79 = $5.58 – (2 x $0.75 Colgate coupons) = $4.08 (4 EXTRA BUCKS BACK)

2 x CVS Batteries on BOGO sale @ 2 for $6.79

1 Zyrtec on sale @ $5.99 – ($4 Zyrtec coupon) $1.99 ($5.99 EXTRA BUCKS BACK)

1 x Rimmel nailpolishes @ $3.99 – ($2 coupon No longer Available) = $1.99

1 x Rimmel nailpolish @ $3.99 @ 50 percent off = $1.99 – ($2 coupon No longer Available)= FREE

Hershey’s candy bar $1.19 – (Free Hershey’s coupon) = Free

– $5 CVS coupon

– $10 CVS Extra Bucks

Subtotal $-0.14

Tax $0.93
Total $0.79
Saved $39.38

$9.99 Extra Bucks Back

Transaction 2 

1 Hershey’s Candy Bar $1.19 – FREE Coupon = FREE

Total OOP $0
Total saved $1.19

CVS Gift Card Challenge Update
Week 15 of the CVS Gift Card Challenge
Total out of pocket $0.79
Total Saved $40.57
Received $9.99 Extra Bucks back

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The Final CVS Gift Card Challenge Post

To help prepare my CVS shopping list, I used the following Simply CVS posts:

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Whenever I need a little encouragement, I always revisit this CVS Shopping post.
You can read more about the $25 CVS Gift Card Challenge at Simply CVS.

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I would love to hear about your CVS shopping trip:

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