Jun 162011
Fifteen weeks ago Cheryl from Simply CVS issued the CVS Gift Card Challenge. She provided me with a $25 CVS gift card and challenged me to see, just how far I could stretch the CVS gift card with the help of her CVS savings posts at Simply CVS.
15 weeks later I can honestly say that Cheryl is the CVS master, and she has taught me exactly how I too can stretch my money at CVS week after week and only pay around a dollar or two out of pocket every week.
Even though I have less than a quarter left on the original CVS gift card, I still have $15.99 Extra Bucks left to spend
Check out what $25 gets you at CVS, if you use Cheryl’s CVS shopping techniques. You can click on each image to see exactly what I paid, and how I did it.
CVS Gift Card Challenge Week 1

Gift Card Challenge Week 2
Gift Card Challenge Week 3
CVS Gift Card Challenge Week 4
CVS Gift Card Challenge Week 5
CVS Gift Card Challenge Week 6
CVS Gift Card Challenge Week 8
CVS Gift Card Challenge Week 9
CVS Gift Card Challenge Week 10
CVS Gift Card Challenge Week 11
CVS Gift Card Challenge Week 12
CVS Gift Card Challenge Week 13
CVS Gift Card Challenge Week 14
CVS Gift Card Challenge Week 15
Total Left on the Simply CVS Challenge Gift Card 


+ $15.99 CVS Extra Bucks

Total saved in the CVS Gift Card Challenge $401.16
For the $25 CVS gift card, I got everything from my favorite shampoos, to a curling iron, batteries for the hurricane stock, brand name beauty products and lots of snacks for the kids. I spent $24.77, got $426.16 worth of products, and I still have $16 left to use at CVS.

Will I use everything that I have bought with the $25 CVS gift card? Some items have been donated, but most will be used by my own family. Before I started the CVS Gift Card Challenge, I had just cleared my beauty stock closet for donations, and after rolling CVS Extra Bucks for 15 weeks, my beauty closet is now filled to the brim again.

What can you get for $25 @ CVS?
4 x 64 oz Tropicana orange juice
2 x Bottles of V8 Splash
1 x curling iron
12 x pieces/bags of candy
3 x packs of gum 
3 x bottles of tea
3 x 2 liter sodas
3 x 12 pack diet cokes
3 x Single serve cereals
1 x razor
8 x toothpastes
8 x toothbrushes
2 x mouthwash
2 x bags of flossers
8 x travel size shampoos 2 in 1
7 x full size shampoos and conditioners
2 x allergy medicine
4 x packs of panty liners
1 x Hemorrhoid wipes
1 x eye drops
1 x travel pack baby wipes
1 x piece of make up
2 x nailpolish 
1 x bottle of liquid hand soap
2 x 3 pack bar soaps
5 x deodorants
2 x bottles of sun screens
2 x  bottles of laundry detergent
2 x packs of batteries
Total value $426.16
Total out of pocket $24.77
Total saved $401.16
15.99 Extra Bucks Back

Simply CVSTo help prepare my CVS shopping lists, each week I have relied on the weekly deals posts, coupon match ups and freebie alerts from Cheryl at Simply CVS. Before I started the CVS Gift Card Challenge, I was getting tired of shopping at CVS, because it seemed they never had the items in stock that had been advertised. This has continued to prove true throughout the past fifteen weeks, but Cheryl has taught me how to use CVS rain checks to my benefit.

Thanks to Cheryl, I have also learned a very important CVS tax tip, which has saved me lots of money over the past 14 weeks. I never realized how something so complicated could be so simple. 

I would like to thank Cheryl for issuing the CVS Gift Card Challenge. Thanks to the challenge I am once again passionate about saving at CVS, and when I forget how much I can save, I will always return to the CVS Shopping encouragement post at Simply CVS.

Cheryl might have another CVS Gift Card Challenge up her sleeve, so make sure to subscribe to Simply CVS emails, so that you do not miss out on a CVS Gift Challenge or CVS savings opportunity.

If you want to try and see how far you can strech your money at CVS Pharmacy, make sure to enter the $10 CVS gift card giveaway here at Frugality Is Free. Although $10 does not sound like much, I think I have just proved that $10 at CVS is what you make them to be. 

Don’t forget you can earn CVS gift card by searching through Swagbucks.

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