Jun 232011
With summer vacation well under way, I think it is important that my kids keep on using what they have learned at school through fun activities. My five-year-old son is starting kindergarten this coming August, so with him I am focused on teaching the basics of reading. One of the tools that I have found to be of big help is free learning games for kids. We use many different websites, and it is amazing how many free learning games for kids can be found. One of these free learning games sites offer free reading games for kids!
GoGo Kabongo develops cognitive skills that are essential to reading. Fun, educational children’s games will build confidence and stay challenging with auto-leveling games that advance at your child’s pace. Discover three different games in each habitat, each with six levels.
My son is an aspiring shark scientist, so his favorite game at GoGo Kabongo is the Scuba Dude game.  
At GoGo Kabongo kids can:
  • Play challenging learning games geared for kids ages 4 – 7
  • Solve exciting minquests
  • Create their own characters
  • Make their own comic book
At GoGo Kabango parents can:
  • Access reports on their child’s in-game progress
  • Find skill-building activities that can be used at home
  • Discover expert articles on parenting and literacy.

You can sign up at Go Go Kabongo for free, and add a little learning fun to your child’s summer vacation with some fun and free learning games for kids.

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