Jun 082011
My sons are excited about their last day of school tomorrow, and when they started talking about giving their teachers a gift, I had to come up with some frugal teacher’s gift ideas quick.
I wanted to come up with something simple, frugal and something that said Florida summer. 

I picked up baskets at Dollar Tree for $1 each, and then the boys each picked out some mangoes from our mango tree, grape tomatoes and a couple of hot habanero peppers from the garden. 

It is not an extravagant teacher’s gift, but it is one that comes from the heart and our garden. The boys also made a drawing and a card for their teacher to go with the garden gift baskets.

Our mangoes are perfectly sweet, and the habanero pepper are extremely hot.

We used leftover gift paper from Christmas, and tin foil for the tomatoes. It turned out to be a very frugal teacher’s gift.

Tomorrow morning the boys will be adding a flower or two from the garden as well, just to make it an extra special summer gift.

Cost per gift basket: $1

Do you have any frugal teacher’s gift ideas?

  4 Responses to “Frugal Teacher’s Gift Ideas: Garden Gift Baskets”

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  2. As a teacher, I would absolutely love this thoughtful and useful gift! Food always works for me!

  3. This is a lovely gift, and it is useful too! I am a teacher, and I always love receiving edible gifts.

  4. I always try to find gifts for the teachers on holidays. These ideas are simple yet effective!

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