Jun 282011
If your family is anything like mine, you go through several boxes of cereal every week, and it can get expensive. At $4 per box, it is a significant addition to any grocery budget, but by combining coupons with sales, you can lower the price of a box of cereal significantly.
In order to print coupons from Kellogg’s, you have to sign up to get access. There are usually $5.00-$10.00 in coupons at the Kellogg’s website, and there are coupons for most of the Kellogg’s cereal brands.
My favorite Kellogg’s cereal is Special K Red Berries, and my sons love Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. By combining coupons with sales I get each box for $1 – $1.50, and the best thing is if I can push the savings even further by using mail-in-rebates or rewards programs on top of my savings.

Sign up here to get Kellogg’s Coupons for your favorite breakfast cereals.

What is your favorite Kelllogg’s Cereal?

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