Jun 102011
I am always looking for great tasting snacks that I can bring on the road for the kids. We are always off somewhere walking, either to school, to the park, to the playground or to the beach, and whenever the kids wants a snack, I prefer to pull out a snack from my own bag than to pay for something on the road.

Newton’s Fruit Thins turned out to be a delicious treat for all of us. The Fruit Thins have a subtle sweetness, they are crispy and fulfilling. One thing about the Newton’s Fruit Thins that I really like is that they make the kids and I crave water.

I love the fact that have dried fruits in them, and I think it is a great-tasting alternative to regular cookies. 
There are four different varieties of the Newtons Fruit Thins: Cranberry Citrus Oat, Blueberry Brown sugar, Chocolate Raspberry and Fig and Honey.
You can buy the Newtons Fruit Thins at your local grocery store. Check out Nabisco’s website to see more information about the he Newtons Fruit Thins, and you can also find the nutritional information.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary package of Newton’s Fruit Thins for my participation in the One2One Network project.

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