Jun 152011
I am a big fan of Recyclebank, because every week I save $2 – $3 just because I am a Recyclebank member. Not only does Recyclebank have a great message behind it, but you can also get Publix coupons from Recyclebank. Not only can I get Publix coupons such as $3 off $30 at Publix from Recyclebank, but they also offer Doris coupons.


With the recent Publix coupon policy changes, my local Publix stores in South Florida officially accepts Doris coupons as competitor coupons, and Recyclebank also offers Doris coupons. The Doris coupons come by mail, and I tried using a $2 off $25 coupon yesterday without any problems.
The Publix coupons and Doris coupons, as well as other store coupons varies from area to area, and you might get different coupons in your area. 

These are the grocery coupons I have in my Recyclebank Account
$3 off a $30 purchase Publix Coupon – Print at Home (Make sure to hit arrow back to get 2 coupons) 30 points
$2 off a $25 purchase at Doris Coupon – Mailed 20 points
$5 off a $50 purchase at Doris Coupon – Mailed 50 points
To find the grocery store coupons from your area, go to Get Rewards,  click on Food and Beverages.
Every day Recyclebank also has point cuts on several coupons, you can see today’s Recyclebank Hot Deals below.
How to earn points at Recyclebank
– Click the Earn Points tab and do offers: Take recycling quizzes, watch recycle videos etc. from various partners such as P&G.
– To the right of your Recyclebank account, you will see offers like those I have shown here (To the right). I just earned 15 points, bu taking the three P&G Future Friendly quizzes. 
– Refer friends – you get 10 recyclebank points for each friend you refer.
– Recycle specially marked Kashi cereal boxes and enter the codes from the package.
– Recycle specially marked Ziploc products and enter the codes from the package.
– Some areas have recycling programs that will give you Recyclebank programs for recycling.
– Recycle your electronics.
– Enter special recyclebank codes (keep an eye out at your favorite blogs)
If you are not already a recyclebank member, you can sign up at Recyclebank here.*
Disclaimer: *I will earn 10 Recyclebank points, if you sign up through any of the links in this post.

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