Swagbucks Search To Win: 14 Ways To Earn Points Towards Gift Cards

Search & Win

About three years ago I became a member of Swagbucks, and while I was skeptical at first, I was soon won over by this search to win search engine that has since become the most popular search to win site on the Internet.
If you have heard about Swagbucks but are not a member, I bet you are just as skeptical as I was to begin with. The one thing I will tell you is that you will not regret signing up for Swagbucks.
For those of you, who are already signed up, but have yet to take full advantage of Swagbucks, I bet you are just as confused as I was, when I first signed up. Swagbucks can be a bit overwhelming at first, but it is actually an extremely simple program, and there are no unnessesary downloads.
If you are wondering what all the fuzz is about, let me tell you this. I became a member of Swagbucks in 2008, and since then I have gotten at least one $5 Amazon gift certificate per month, and quite often more. Just think about what that adds up to! I love shopping at Amazon.com, but it has been years since I have had to pay anything out of pocket, as I simply add every Amazon gift card I earn at Swagbucks to my Amazon.com account, and they sit there until I want to buy something at Amazon. Christmas, birthdays, furniture, computer accessories, camera lenses, batteries, groceries, diapers, paper towels, you name it and I have bought it through Amazon.com during the past three years….all with my Swagbucks gift cards.
If you are wondering what the catch is….well, perhaps the catch is that you have to work a little (but not much) to actually earn your amazon gift cards. If you are consistent in using swagbucks as your main search engine, it will not be a problem at all.
I have put together this Swagbucks Tutorial to help everyone take full advantage of everything that Swagbucks has to offer.

Swagbucks Search To Win Tutorial:

How To Earn Swagbucks:

  • Use The Swagbucks Search To Win Site to Search The Internet
  • Vote In The Daily Poll
  • Take Trusted Surveys 
  • Watch Videos
  • Follow The Swagbucks Blog
  • Complete Tasks
  • Find Special Bonus Swagcodes
  • Print Coupons Through Swagbucks
  • Shop Through The Swagbucks Site
  • Trade In Your Electronics
  • Complete Tasks
  • Play Games
  • Complete Special Offers 
  • Invite Your Friends To Join

Use The Swagbucks Search To Win Site to Search The Internet

The best thing you can do is make Swagbucks your homepage, this way you will always be reminded to use the Swagbucks Search To Win search option, whenever you need to search for something online. I just use it, whenever I need to search for something anyway.

Once in a while, you will win Swagbucks for your search, and an image like this one will pop up.

Sometimes you will have to enter a few letters to claim your code, which I am sure is away to prevent bots from scamming the Swagbucks system.

Installing the Swagbucks Toolbar: To make it easier for you to remember to use Swagbucks as your search engine, you can install the Swagbucks toolbar. When you install the Swagbucks toolbar you will also get special codes in your swagbucks inbox. However, installing the Swagbucks toolbar is not necessary for Swagbucks success, and I have not had it installed for over a year because I like to keep my toolbar simple.

Vote In The Daily Poll 

Every day there is a new daily poll, and for putting in a simple vote you will earn 1 swagbucks. If you think 1 swagbucks is not worth your time, just think that it is equal to 30 or so swagbucks each month. 

You can find the daily poll in the right side bar on the main page.

Take Trusted Surveys 

At Swagbucks you can take surveys and win Swagbucks in return. I do not take any surveys, as it is too time consuming, but I do click on the Trusted Surveys Tab once a day, because it will earn you 1 swagbucks just for clicking. 

Watch Videos

Go to the top navigation bar, and click the EARN tab, and the Swagbucks TV tab will show up.

To earn points from watching Swagbucks TV you will have to watch 10 different videos. The best way to do this is to just open them up, and leave them running in the background while you are doing other computer work.

For every 10 videos you watch you earn 3 bonus swagbucks. You can earn do this 25 x within a 24 hour period, which means a maximum of 75 Swagbucks per 24 hours.

Watch bonus videos: Right under the rotating midsection of your Swagbucks home page, you will often find bonus videos that will earn you extra Swagbucks. Today I found two offers worth a total of 10 bonus swagbucks.

Follow The Swagbucks Blog:

The Swagbucks Blog often has new free bonus Swagbucks codes, so following the Swagbucks blog is a great way to earn more swagbucks fast.

Complete Tasks:
Swagbucks has a big list of tasks that you can do in order to earn Swagbucks. The tasks varies and can be anything from tweeting an article to finding businesses’ phone numbers. To get to the Task list, go to the EARN tab, and the Task tab will pop up. This is not an option that appeals to me, as it takes too long to actually earn swagbucks, and for the time I put into each task, the reward just isn’t big enough.

Print Coupons Through Swagbucks

For every coupon you print and use through the Swagbucks site, you will earn 10 Swagbucks. You will only get Swagbucks for the coupons you actually use though, and it takes up for to 12 weeks for your Swagbucks points to be rewarded.

To print coupons through Swagbucks, simply click the EARN tab at the top navigation bar, and the coupons tab will show up. 

Shop Through The Swagbucks Site:
 Check out the Daily Deals tab for offers. Amount of Swagbucks varies from offer to offer.

Trade In Your Electronics or Books:
Get Swagbucks for your old electronics or books. Go to the Earn Tab and click the Trade In tab to learn more.

Play Swagbucks Games:

You can play for free, or pay Swagbucks to play. Even by playing one free game you can get swagbucks just for playing. You do not get Swagbucks for every game, and there seem to be no correlation with how well you play in the free games and how many Swagbucks you win. From my own experience, it seems that I get 2 Swagbucks for every 2 free games I play. I have no experience with the tournaments though.

Complete Special Offers

Swagbucks has lots of different offers that you can do to earn swagbucks. Some of them require no credit card information, and can be as simple as signing up for newsletters. 

Some of my current favorites are:
Sign up for Kellogg’s newsletter – 11 Swagbucks
Sgn up for a free 7 All Day Pass to 24 Hour Fitness – 45 Swagbucks
Download real player for free – 23 Swagbucks
To get to the Swagbucks Special Offers, simply go to the EARN Tab on the top navigation bar, and then look for the free tab.

Find Bonus Swagbucks codes:
Once in a while, Swagbucks will release a free bonus swagcode, which is usually worth 5 – 10 Swagbucks each. There are a couple of ways to keep up to date with the latest free Swagbucks bonus codes. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook, read the Swagbucks blog, install the Swidget (A special Swagbucks widget) on your blog or website to stay updated, install the tool bar, and follow your favorite bloggers and swagbucks news websites for the latest news, so you will not miss a swagbuck code.
Invite Your Friends To Join
For every friend who joins through you, you will earn the amount of Swagbucks that they earn up to 1000 Swagbucks. 

Join Swagbucks
If you would like to join Swagbucks, I would of course love it, if  you would join through my referral link. If you have any questions, you can always ask on this post or send me an email. When you join Swagbucks you will automatically earn 30 Swagbucks.

After you register do the following to earn  17+ Swagbucks
– Go to the right sidebar:

  1. Click the Trusted Surveys Tab (at the bottom) – Earn 1swagbuck
  2. Click the Daily Poll Tab and take a quick poll – Earn 1 swagbuck
  3. Watch 10 videos (while you check your email or do other stuff online) – Earn 3 swagbucks
  4. Play a few games – Earn a minimum of 2 Swagbucks
  5. Sign up for the Kellogg’s newsletter (Go to the Earn tab – Click special offers, then free offers) – Earn 11 swagbucks
  6. Search through the Swagbucks Homepage a few times – Earn ? Swagbucks


Swagbucks Prizes: 

At Swagbucks you can earn lots of great prizes, but my favorite is the $5 Amazon gift certificate. You can redeem your swagbucks at the Swagbucks (right sidebar at the bottom).

Once you redeem a prize, make sure to verify it by clicking through the email that is sent to your inbox.

Swagbucks prizes are rewarded twice a month, and you can find them under View Account!

Here are a few of my favorites Amazon Rewards:
$5 Amazon Gift Certificate 450 Swagbucks
$10 Fandango Gift Certificate 1175 Swagbucks
$10 CVS e certificate 1249 Swagbucks
$10 Home Depot gift certicate 1249 Swagbucks
$10 Barnes and Noble gift certificate 1250 Swagbucks
$10 Paypal payment 1335 Swagbucks
$20 Target gift certificate 2350 Swagbucks

Earn Gift Cards To Your Favorite Stores

Search & Win

If you have any questions about Swagbucks just leave a comment. If you sign up, I would love to hear how many Swagbucks you earned on your first day, and what you did.


This post is part of the Earn Money Online: The Online Money Making Series at Frugality Is Free.

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