Jun 172011
Yesterday the kids and I did some quick shopping at Target and Publix. We were walking, so we did not get much, but we got a few things that we needed.

At Target
Up  Up Detangler $1.34 – $0.50 Target Baby Coupon = $0.84
Up & Up Baby Bubble Bath $3.64 – $1 Up & Up coupon = $2.64
– $0.05 in Reusable Bag Discount
Taxes $0.21 
Total OOP $3.64
Total saved $1.55
Shopping At  Publix
1 gallon Orange Juice $3.99
2 x Capri Sun on sale at $1.67 = $3.33
Tax $0.21
Total OOP $7.54

Total saved $3.04

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