Jun 032011
If I find a great price on diapers I make sure to stock up as much as possible. For the past couple of months I have been getting lucky with the cheap diapers. First I got free diapers at Amazon.com, then I got extremely cheap diapers at Amazon. After that I found a sale/coupon/mail-in rebate deal at Publix, and then I lucked out finding $3 CVS diapers (mega size). Amazingly, I am now down to the last box of Huggies. So, when I discovered that Walgreens had their Walgreens Diapers on sale at 2 for $10, I knew it was time to stock up again. 

About a month or two ago, I found coupon booklets at Walgreens with $2 coupons in them.Every time I went to Walgreens I grabbed a bunch, and now it was time to use the coupons. 

I was hoping to get some of Walgreen’s other deals as well, but as I expected there were no products left.
This is how I did:
6 x Walgreens Diapers @ $5 each = $30 – (6 x $2 Walgreens Coupon) = $18 ($3 each)
Total saved $35.94

As for the Walgreen’s diapers they are just as good as the name brand diapers. My list of favorite diapers contains: CVS diapers, Target diapers, Aldi diapers, Walgreens Diapers and Huggies Ultratrim.

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