Jun 132011
Today is the beginning of week two of the walking challenge, where I will be walking to Georgia. Last Monday I started walking from the southern end of US 1 in Key West, and this past week I have walked a total of 11.9 miles. You can read more at the Walking Challenge intro post.

Every Monday I will give an update as to how far I have walked, and I will also have a linky, where you can link up your exercise efforts, walking journals etc. Anything related to walking or exercising.
On the first day of my Walking To Georgia walk, I walked three miles and ended up at Smathers Beach in Key West. You can see the sights and details of the walk at the Walking Challenge introduction.

Smathers Beach,Key West, FL
After a swim at Smather’s Beach I continued walking to Stock Island. At Stock Island I made a stop at the Key West Botanical Forest and Garden.

A little further down the street I made a stop at Leo’s Campground, where my family camped many many years ago. My middle son was only six months at the time, and it was our first time camping together as a family. Both my oldest son and I celebrated our birthdays at Leo’s campground, and opening gifts in the tent is something my son still remembers.

We spent an entire week at Leo’s Campground, and it was quite an experience. At the time we were not used to the Florida heat, the animals or reptiles, so when we spotted this huge iguana next to our tent we got a bit scared.

This past week I walked 11.9 miles, which would have taken me from the end of US1 on Whitehead St. and Fleming Street in Key West to Big Coppitt Key in the Florida Keys.

I would like to invite all of you to join me on my walking journey. To take the walking challenge, simply set your starting point and your goal destination. Each week update add up the miles you have walked, and blog about it.
I would love to hear about your walking trips and exercise efforts.

Photos copyright: JRFrugalmom

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