Jun 142011
Welcome to the Wordless Wednesday Linky here at Frugality Is Free. Today I am sharing photos from my outing with the kids earlier today. It was a day with a lot of fun, a lot of sun and a lot of walking in our concrete jungle. We live in an area of South Florida that is very urban, but in between there are remnants of swamp areas either because they are are protected or because it is impossible to build there.

To explain a bit about our day on the road, this will be a not-so-wordless Wednesday today. My husband dropped us of at the lake below at 9 a.m., and he picked us up again at a different park at 4 p.m.
 We started out the morning by a beautiful lake….an idyllic lake in the middle of the city.

If I moved my camera a bit to the right, you can see that it is not as idyllic as first assumed.

The kids spent thirty minutes playing with a dry palm leaf.

We then walked to the nearby movie theater for a 1 Dollar movie. We bought a big bowl with pop corn which could be refilled, and then each boy got their own bag with popcorn to savor.  
After the movie, we had lunch at Taco Bell $0.99 Crunchwrap Supremes, and dessert were free lemonades at McDonalds with our coupons. To get to the Taco Bell, we found a short cut….concrete on the one side and jungle on the other….a bit spooky according to my kids.
After lunch we headed to a local park, which was a two mile walk in the sun. The boys were determined though, and we found lots of interesting sights on our way. Despite walking over a couple of canals, under a highway and over railway tracks, we still found bits of nature in between. 
While walking along a very busy road, we peaked over a wall and through some bushes, when we spotted an interesting flag.

Old oak trees covered in Spanish moss provide great shade on a hot South Florida summer day.

After spending an hour under the tree above (me under the tree, and the kids climbing the tree and playing ball), we discovered two squirrels that were just relaxing on a tree branch while staring down at us.

We ended the day at a big playground in the park, where the boys ran around for an hour with all the camp kids. I have no idea where they found the energy, but they were having a fantastic time.

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