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Backyard Safari tent
My kids are fully enjoying their summer vacation with lots of trips to the park, the playground and the beach, and whenever they need a little extra  inspiration for some outdoor fun they bring along their Backyard Safari Outfitters equipment. 
The Backyard Safari Outfitters features gear for boys and girls, who likes to explore and play outdoors. With products such as the Base Camp Shelter, Cargo Vests, Camouflage, the Lazer Light Bug Vacuum, and a hiking stick, the Backyard Safari Outfitters equipment will provide ample opportunity for any young explorer to use their imagination and turn their surroundings into an adventure for everyone.
Backyard Safari toys

The Backyard Safari Outfitters Base Camp Shelter:
Backyard Safari shelter on the beach
My kids love the Backyard Safari Outfitters Base Camp Shelter, because they always turn my living room into a big camp out, and now they can do so outside as well. The kids bring the Backyard Safari Outfitters Base Camp Shelter along to the playground, to the beach and they love camping out in the backyard too.

My 23-month-old son plays peek-a-boo with his friends at the playground, as they take turns looking out the small window in the back of the tent.

My five-year-old son invites all of his little friends in for a bug inspection, and my eight-year-old son always finds new friends on the playground, who likes to explore just like he does,

As a mother I love the Backyard Safari Outfitters Base Camp Shelter for several reasons:
First of all, the size of the tent when folded is perfect to bring along anywhere. It comes with a carrying bag that can easily be tugged under the stroller or in a backpack, if we are headed for the beach. 
Second, the Backyard Safari Outfitters Base Camp Shelter is easy and extremely simple to set up. With a little team work, my oldest boys can work together to put up the tent themselves. 
Third, the tent is easy to move, because it is not attached to the ground. Some of the playgrounds we frequent are huge, and being able to move the tent comes in very handy. 
Fourth, it provides shade. This is a big one for me, as I now have a way for the kids to get some shade on the beach, even if we take the bus there, and therefore cannot bring the sun umbrella. 
Finally, the way that the Backyard Safari Outfitters Base Camp Shelter makes my kids use their imaginations and forget all about modern technology is wondrous to me as a mother. 
The Backyard Safari Outfitters Base Camp Shelter comes with a mini lantern with carabiner that can be attached to the ceiling of the tent.

It also has pockets on the inside, where my kids easily can drop of their equipment, books, snacks etc. 

The Backyard Safari Outfitters Cargo Vest

Backyard Safari vestThe Backyard Safari Outfitters Cargo Vest has room for a little bit of everything, including the Pop-Up Field guides, binoculars and all the essentials necessary for exploring.
The Cargo Vest is made out of a rugged poly-twill fabric, it has four cargo pockets with velcro closures, a zipper pocket, 6 D rings and two oversize mesh pockets in the back.
The cargo vest is a bit big for my 23-month-old son, but it fits both my five-year-old and my eight-year-old sons. 

The Backyard Safari Outfitters Camouflage
Backyard Safari camouflage
The boys love the camouflage, because it makes them feel like they are invincible to the rest of the world.
The Field Camouflage Netting measures 5 x 8, and it gives great shade from the sun. It is lightweight, easy to pack and comes in a sturdy and stretchable material.
The Backyard Safari Outfitters Lazer Light Bug Vacuum

Backyard Safari Outfitters Lazer Light Bug Vacuum

The  Backyard Safari Outfitters Lazer Light Bug Vacuum is a big hit with all of my boys, and it is always a big draw with the other kids at the playground as well. The Lazer Light Bug Vaccum makes has a great suction that sucks both bugs, dirt and weeds up for closer examination.

The Lazer Light Bug Vacuum sucks up lots of great stuff, and my kids love it, whenever they catch some ants or other small critters. Of course the built-in magnifying glass makes studying the bugs a little bit more fun, and I make sure that all bugs are released back into nature, and that none if them are brought home.

The Lazer Light Bug Vacuum lights up, so that it is easier for the kids to spot bugs in dark places (or under turtles), and there is an easy release switch, so that the bugs can be released unharmed once the studying is done.

The Backyard Safari Outfitters Expedition Two Hiking Stick

If you have ever wished for a Indiana Jones adventure, then you can probably imagine how your child will feel with the Backyard Safari Outfitters Expedition Two Hiking Stick in his or her hands.

My oldest son is especially fond of pretending to go off on a jungle adventure, and here in South Florida a hiking stick sure comes in handy. There is plenty of jungle to explore, and whenever you venture of a trail life becomes just a little bit scary. The 48 inch plastic hiking stick has a natural carved wooden look to it, and it makes the kids feel just a little bit more adventurous, whenever they bring it along on a nature hike.

Whether we are indoors, out in the backyard, at the beach or in the park, the Backyard Safari Outfitters products are always a hit, and I love how the outdoor fun toys provide plenty of opportunity for my boys to let loose and have fun outside.

The Backyard Safari Outfitters comes with a patch program that can help kids specialize in different explorer category. Children can learn to be Bug Wranglers, Bird Watchers, and more!

Not only does the Backyard Safari Outfitters products help my children explore and use their imaginations, but the gear are a great friendship starter as well. Wherever we bring our Backyard Safari Outfitters Outdoor we find new friends instantly, as all the other kids on the playground want in on the outdoor fun too.

Find more information about the Backyard Safari Outfitters Gear and patch program at the Backyard Safari Outfitters website.

You can be a part of the Backyard Safari action on Twitter and Facebook.

You can buy the Backyard Safari Outfitters equipment at amazon.com, Target,Walmart and ToysRUs.

Disclaimer: A sample pack of the Backyard Safari Outfitters has been provided for review by Team Mom and Summit Toys. Any opinions expressed above are entirely my own, and they are solely based on my own as well as my family’s experience with the products.

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