Jul 302011
A few weeks ago my kids had a DaGeDar Racetrack party at our neighborhood park, and they sure had a blast. DaGeDar is a fun new racing toy for kids that will keep your kids entertained for hours.
Dagedar logo
DaGeDar is a hot new toy from Cepia, the creators of Zhu Zhu pets, and it is a thrilling racetrack ball game that will cause boys and girls of all ages to have a blast. While our small DaGeDar party consisted mainly of tween boys, it was a hit with all of the boys and girls.
Dagedar race track
Our DaGeDar party soon expanded as the neighborhood kids noticed the fun DaGeDar racetrack,  but fortunately our party kids were kind enough to share some DaGeDar balls with their new friends, and everyone got a chance to try out the DaGeDar gear.

The DaGeDar racetrack is put together similar to the way the Hot Wheels tracks come together, and older kids (7+) could easily put together the tracks, whereas the younger kids needed help to put the tracks together, whenever it fell apart. I love that you can find the DaGeDar instructionsfor setting up the DaGeDar racetrack online, as it is one of those things that always seem to get lost.The DaGeDar balls and racetracks are recommended for children ages 4+, and in my opinion as a mother this is a good recommendation. While the kids ages 7 and up had no problems playing with the DaGeDar racetracks, the younger kids needed help, but they still had a blast and were eager to try out the DaGeDar balls.
The DaGeDar racetrack is a ball racetrack, where kids can compete with two DaGeDar balls at the same time. The DaGeDar balls spin, fly and race defying gravity and leaving kids amazed. Before we tried using the DaGeDar track, one of the older boys asked me how the ball could possibly get around the track without falling down. After a few tries both the boy and the rest of the kids found out exactly how the DaGeDar balls went through the racetrack effortless because of the speed.
Dagedar race track
The higher you hold the end of the DaGeDar tracks the faster the DaGeDar balls seem to speed through the tracks, and the faster the balls go the easier it is for the DaGeDar balls to jump without falling off the DaGeDar tracks.
racetrack with balls
The DaGeDar racetrack can be used both indoors and outdoors, and whereever you use the DaGeDar gear, make sure to keep a close eye in which direction your DaGeDar balls fly. When used indoors the DaGeDar balls have a tendency of hiding under televisions, furniture, and some may like their hiding place.

What is DaGeDar?
In Dimension 33, there live characters called DaGeDar™, which are powered through their emotional charge.

Each character has a distinct personality trait; different motivations drive their races. The spirits are collected in the special DaGeDar balls.

The DaGeDar balls weigh 33 grams each, and they are about the same size as bouncy balls. The DaGeDar balls are hard, and they only bounce very little.

DaGeDar Balls and DaGeDar Racetrack

Where To Buy DaGeDar

You can buy the DaGeDar collectible balls and Dagedar Racetrack at Amazon, select Toys R Us and Walmart stores, and soon you will be able to find them at a store near you. Look for DaGeDar in stores August 8th!

You can read more about the DaGeDar balls and DaGeDar racetrack at the DaGeDar website.

Disclaimer: I received a DaGeDar party kit from Moms Select and Dagedar for the purpose of hosting a DaGeDar party and writing about it.

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