Jul 022011

Search & Win

I just earned 15 bonus Swagbucks, and you can too! I love Swagbucks, and I love all of the extra bonus Swagbucks opportunities. Check out the Swagbucks Guide to see how you can get the most out of your Swagbucks account, so that you too can increase your Swagbucks earnings.

    1. Under the main banner on the home page you will find a banner for the Brisk Green Lantern Challenge or the Crystal Light banner (shown above) – It says BONUS BUCKS!
    2. Click this banner, watch a short Green Lantern video, then answer the five questions.
    3. You will Earn 6 Swagbucks
    4. Once you have taken the Green Lantern Challenge a new window will pop up saying that you have won 6 Swagbucks.
    5. In this window, you will be asked if you want to take more challenges
    6. Click yes!
    7. Enter the Crystal Light Pure instant sweepstakes!
    8. A pop up windown will tell  you that you have earned 9 Swagbucks!
    9. You might find the Crystal Light banner before the Brisk Green Lantern Banner, just click whichever banner you find first to start the challenges and earn bonus Swagbucks.
    10. If you do not see the banner on your homepage, click the different ads in the main banner on the homepage, and it might show.

    On a different note: I just won 27 Swagbucks! This is the most swagbucks that I have earned for a search in quite a while.

    See my Swagbukcs Tips on how to earn more Swagbucks every day, and get your gift cards faster.

    What is the most Swagbucks you have earned in a search?

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