Jul 302011
The Giraffe Who Got in a Knot by John Bush is a hilarious children’s story filled with humorous rhymes and comedic illustrations that will make both children and adults laugh out loud.
When a giraffe eats with its eyes closed, it ends up getting itself all tied up in a knot. While attempting to untie itself, it makes the knots even worse, and the giraffe fears what its friends on the savannah will say. However, the friends all try to make everything better, despite the fact that all suggestions but one fail. It takes a lot of team work to find a solutions to the giraffes knotty problems, but in the end friendship and teamwork prevails.
Bush has created an extremely funny book that children and parents will love. The humor is straightforward, and the rhymes are easy for children to understand. There were a few words in the book that my sons (Ages 8, 5 and 20 months) did not understand, but books are a great way for children to expand their vocabulary, so we grabbed the dictionary and learned a couple of new words.
My eight-year-old son read The Giraffe Who Got in a Knot out loud for his younger brothers, and he only needed help with a few longer words, so it is a perfect easy reader for the second grade level.
Paul Geraghty’s illustrations are a great fit with Bush’s rhymes, and my sons found themselves stopping quite often to take a second look at the giraffe all knotted, an ostrich without feathers and other humorous illustrations.

My kids loved The Giraffe Who Got in a Knot and so did I, because It is one of those books that you open up and love from the first page. The humor is fabulous, and the rhymes makes the reading flow easily without any abrupt stops.

About the Author John Bush

Author John Bush was born in South Africa, and he has been a teacher, a copywriter and he has worked in advertising for over 25 years. About 30 years ago author John Bush began telling his children animal stories, and this is where Bush StoryRhymes began. 

Frugal Mom Star Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars  * * * * *
Author: John Bush
Illustrator: Paul Geraghty
Reading Level: 4 – 9

Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher: Bush StoryRhymes 2009 – Canada
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0099596202
ISBN-13: 978-0099596202
Product Dimensions: 9.6 x 8.2 x 0.2 inches

Bush StoryRhymes Website: http://www.bushstoryrhymes.com.au/
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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of The Giraffe Who Got in a Knot by John Bush for the purpose of writing a book review. Versions of this children’s book review may have been posted on other websites or in printed publications.

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