Jul 252011
This week there were only two products I needed from Publix – Smart Balance Lactose Free Milk and Morningstar Farms Veggie Burgers. These two products are greatly in demand in my family, but they are also extremely expensive, so when there is a deal and coupons I stock up as much as I can.
8 x Smart Balance Lactose Free Milk on sale at 2 for $6 = $24 – (8 x $1 MF  – Smart Balance Coupons SS 7/10) = $16 ($2 each)
8 x Morningstar Farms Veggie Burgers on BOGO sale at 2 for $4.19  = $16.64 – (8 x $1 Morningstar Farms Coupon and 4 x $1 Morningstar Farms Target Coupon) = $4.64 ($0.58 each)

Total out of pocket at Publix $21.76

Total saved at Publix $43.68

What did you pick up at Publix this week?

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