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Flying!What do you get when you put three elementary school teachers/parents/former kids together to make music? You get Recess Monkeys, a fun, upbeat and current band that creates children’s music based on real-life experiences. Recess Monkey’s recently released album Flying! is full of energy, enthusiasm and thrill about life as a child.

Kids can relate, parents can relate and everyone can enjoy the rocking tunes of Recess Monkey. With song titles such as Invisible Friend, Bunk Bed and Covered In Bandaids, it is hard not to go down memory lane.

The up beat songs from Recess Monkey is geared towards kids from ages 3 – 8, but even my soon-to-be two-year-old son is having a blast dancing to Recess Monkey. 

My two older sons are especially a fan of the title song Flying!, which makes them fly through the living like a jet plane. 

As a  mother I love how Recess Monkey has managed to create fun and relevant songs that appeal to children and still have a great beat to it that even adults can enjoy again, and again, and again. 

Flying! By Recess Monkey!
1. Flying
2. Day Job
3. Covered in Bandaids
4. Sidekick
5. My Valentine
6. The Bravest Kid In The World
7. Your Favorite Book
8. Toolbox
9. Grandmom’s House
10. Invisible Friend
11. Flapjack
12. Bunk Bed

About Recess Monkey!
The three members of Recess Monkey are teachers, who met while working at the same Seattle school, and after working together on a grad school project they turned it into their first release Welcome to Recess Monkey Town. The teachers: Jack Forman, Daron Henry, and Drew Holloway have since produced several albums including material generated at a kids’ summer camp workshop.

Recess Monkey in Concert:
July 16         World Café Live at The Queen                    Wilmington, DE
July 19 – 23  Wolf Trap Theatre in the Woods residencey   Vienna, VA
July 24 – 25  Long Island Children’s Museum                     Garden City, NY
July 26         The Colonial Theatre                                 Phoenixville, PA

You can buy Flying! by Recess Monkey at Amazon.com

You can find out more about Recess Monkey on their Recess Monkey website.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of Flying by Recess Monkey for the purpose of writing a review. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on my own and my children’s experience with the album.

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