Jul 102011
Walmart school uniform clearance
This year I will have two boys in elementary school, and thankfully their school has a school uniform policy. It is a pretty standard school uniform policy, with polo shirts, skirts, shorts and uniform dresses in certain colors that can be bought almost anywhere. I already have a good selection of school uniforms for both of my boys, but I was missing some school uniform shorts for my oldest son, since is he growing very fast. I decided to check out Walmart for school uniforms, and I lucked out as Walmart has school uniforms on clearance sale at $3 – $5 for separates.
The shipping is either free, 97 cents or you can get your purchase shipped to your local Walmart for free. Since Walmart is out of my way, and I rarely go there, I decided to get them shipped to my house.
I love that I can pay for my online Walmart purchases with my paypal account and online earnings, and I always make sure to go through either Mypoints or Ebates for money back.
You can find all Walmart clearance here.

School uniforms on clearance at Walmart

I got the school uniform shorts 2 -pack, and I was surprised to see that I could choose different sizes and colors within a package. The same thing goes for the school uniform shirt packages, you can choose the school colors you need.
Don’t forget to shop through either Mypoints or Ebates for money back.
You can find all Walmart school uniform clearance here, check out the Walmart school uniform store here.

Do your kids wear school uniforms? If so, can you buy them at regular retailsers such as Walmart, Target and JC Penney or do you have to purchase the school uniforms directly from the school?

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  1. Do you have a catlog of school uniforms

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