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As a one-car family, my kids are on the road every day whether it is walking to the store, to school, to the park, the beach etc.. With three boys I have to have a system down and some firm rules, because my family lives in a high-traffic area, and safety is of utmost importance. When I discovered the Hold-On Handles stroller handle,  I knew I had found what I had been looking for.
One of my biggest issues when walking with the boys is that we each have to fit our hands on the stroller’s handlebar, and once the boys start getting a bit tired they begin to lean on the handle. This means that my adjustable stroller handle tips down, because of the boys extra weight. The Hold-On Handles are the perfect solution to this problem, as the stroller handle means they no longer have to hold on to the stroller handle itself.
hold On Handles Stroller Handle
Another issue that the Hold-On Handles has helped me with is that it quickly gets a bit crowded, when all three of us have to walk so closely together. I end up knocking m elbow on my five-year-old’s head, and my five-year-old son has a tendency to trip over his own legs even without holding onto the stroller. With the stroller handle from Hold-On Handles, my son now has more space to walk on, we no longer bump into each other and he has a bit of a better sense of balance. 
My family lives in an urban area, and while we are fortunate to live next to an area with great sidewalk, we also live next to a run-down area with old and neglected sidewalks, which can hardl fit one person, let alone three people. With the Hold-On Handles, my kids now have greater flexibility, and while they can now move to the side or behind me, they can still hold on to the stroller thanks to the extended Hold-On Handles.
This weekend we were able to test out the Hold-On Handles in crowds, as we attended a local party with lots of people. Each stroller handle passed the test with flying colors, and I received many questions from other parents looking for this extra safety. It was much easier to manuevre the crowds with the Hold-On Handles, because my kids would be with me, but they did not have to be right next to me holding onto the stroller, so they could move to the side, if someone was in their way.

The handles are comfortable to hold, and they are adjustable so that you can choose the right length for your family. My five-year-old was excited to see that our handle set came in yellow and red, because his favorite color is red.

Why I love the Hold-On Handles:
  • The stroller handle gives the boys a bit more freedom when walking, while still keeping them safe and close to me. 
  • The stroller handle makes our walking trio more flexible, when passing other people on the sidewalk, or when walking on narrow sidewalks.
  • The stroller handle helps keep the weight of my boys off the main stroller handle, and thereby prevents it from tipping down.
  • The stroller handle is great for crowds, as we can stay together with more flexibility, and I know I have the boys right with me.
  • The Hold-On Handles has been constructed so that it easily fits onto any stroller.
Hold-On-Handles Product Details
* The first stroller accessory and walking rope to help keep 1-3 children within arm’s reach.
* Snaps onto strollers or can be worn comfortably on mom’s wrist. Children can be safely active.
* Sold in sets for single or multiple children (18+ months) in two stylized themes.
* Unlike embarrassing harnesses, Hold-On Handles help teach children to stay close while making everyone look and feel great.
* Spare handles (sold separately) can be used for replacement and personalization.

Hold-On Handles Product Features
* Carabiner snaps easily onto strollers
* Comfortable parent wrist strap
* Adjustable straps
* Quick release buckle for added safety
* Tested by the leading international safety testing company
* Lead-free paint and non-toxic materials
Buy The Hold-On Handles
You can buy the Hold-On Handles at Greater Than One Kids. They come in single set, double set or as spares.
Check out the store locator, to find a place that sell the stroller handle in your state.


Use promo code:  FIFSHIP to get free shipping at www.greaterthanonekids.com. This offer will expire 8/14.

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One of Frugality Is Free’s readers will win a Hold-On Handles single handle set (Spider or Ladybug) from Greater Than One Kids.

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary set of Hold-On Handles for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway. No monetary compensation has been received, and any opinions expressed above are based solely on my experience with the stroller handle products from Hold-On Handles.

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