Jul 272011
I have been saving up for a new sewing machine, and I am so excited because my latest prize from Superpoints just arrived. A $15 Walmart E Certificate just arrived in my inbox from Superpoints, and I should have enough for the sewing machine now. (11/1/11 Update – I won $95 in October), all of the prizes have been received).

I have been a member of Superpoints for a couple of years, and I used to do really well earning lots of Amazon gift cards every month. Then the site closed down, because of too much abuse, and I thought I had lost all of my points. Superpoints reopened a while ago, and when I went back to check the site, my points were still there. Last week I used my points for a $15 Walmart gift card
Superpoints redemption, and I just received it in my inbox – a couple of days later. Superpoints pay out fast (Monday and Wednesday), and you will receive your prize in your inbox a few days after you have redeemed. I love it!

At Superpoints there are several ways to earn points.
1) Spinning the Superpoints Button

You get 30 – 100 Superpoints Button spins every day depending on your level, and I usually have a the Superpoints Button open in a separate tab all day. That way, whenever I have a second, I can click over and spin the button. Some days I barely make it to 50 spins, so I do not always get to use all 100 spins. (I have gotten anywhere from 1 – 50 Superpoints for a spin)
2) You can watch videos
3) You can click your Superpoints email
4) You can take Superpoints surveys – invitations will be sent to your email.
5) Complete offers (similar to Swagbucks – Be careful with which offers you take – avoid download offers)
6) Complete tasks (similar to Swagbucks)
6) Earn from referrals – whatever your referrals earn, you earn too.
What I really love about Superpoints is that it is EASY to do, and all it takes are is a click once in a while. After you get used to having Superpoints running in a tab, you will no longer realize that you are clicking. I have Superpoints and Swagbucks videos or games running, whenever I work online, which makes the points add up without me even realizing that I am winning anything. Neither of the two seem to slow down my computer, and I am just loving the points.
Superpoints Rewards:
$5 Amazon Gift Card 500 points
$5 Best Buy Gift Card 500 points
$5 Paypal Payment 500 points
$5 Jamba Juice Gift Card 500 points
$5 Dominos Gift Card 500 points
$10 Amazon Gift Certificate 1000 points
$10 Best Buy Gift Card 1000 points
$10 Paypal Payment 1000 points
$10 Dominos Gift Card 1000 points
$15 Itunes Gift Card 1000 points
$15 Walmart Gift Card 1500 points
$15 Starbucks Gift Card 1500 points
$25 Walmart Gift card 2500 points
$25 Best Buy Gift Card 2500 points
$25 Home Depot Gift Card 2500 points
$25 Target Gift Card 2500 points
Now there are many more gift cards available for Superpoints rewards ($25 Macy’s, Target and Home Depot gift card at 2500 points etc.), but I do not recommend waiting any longer than to the $15 point threshold (unless you are a basis member), as it is better to be safe than sorry, when it comes to online rewards sites like Superpoints. In fact I always recommend cashing out at the minimum cash out, unless there is a higher price you are eager to get your hands on.A few important points:
1) As a basic member you have to have 2500 points to redeem, but if you move to the Gold level you can redeem at 1000 points, and at platinum level at 500 points.2) To become a Gold member you need to refer two friends (which is easy to do), and you need to upload a photo. It does not need to be a photo of you! I just uploaded a photo of something, and that worked for me. To get to the platinum level, you need to have 5 friends referred.
I earned 50 Superpoints today already (without referral points), which should give you a perspective of how easy it is to earn Superpoints. I have found that the bigger Superpoints usually come in the 0 – 30 Superbutton spins, so it is defintiely worth trying to use all of your Superbutton spins every day. While it at times seems like all i get is 1 or 2 Superpoins, I have won 25 and 10 Superpoints at a time several times during the past couple of days.
As with all point earning sites, being successful at Superpoints means being consistent. If you are on every day and have Superpoints open in a different tab (so you don’t have to sit and stare at the button), you will soon do the clicking automatically, and the points will add up. If you only go there once a week, it will take you a long time to get to the redemption level.
If you would like to join Superpoints I have some invitations left. These invitations will expire in seven days, and they all have my referral links included.
1/3 Update: I have been paid countless time since I wrote this post, and they in less than 7 business days of redemption – usually Mondays and Wednesdays. I won $130 in December, and I have redeemed for Amazon, Target and paypal with no problems.
4/1 Update: Superpoints continue to be one of the easiest money makers, and it is definitely my favorite online earnings site at the moment. The only change that has been made is that they only pay out on Mondays, however if you get your redemption in by Sunday evening, you should get it in your inbox either late Monday or early Tuesday. It has not failed so far, and I am loving the site.

Sign up for Superpoints here
or use this 25 point bonus Superpoints invitation. 

If there are no invitations left, please feel free to send me an email at smartmomj @ gmail . com, and I will see if I can get my hands on another Superpoints invite.

This post is part of the Earn Money Online: The Online Money Making Series at Frugality Is Free.

If you have any questions about Superpoints, just leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you.

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