Jul 122011
If you have not already tried the new Swagbucks feature, Swagbucks Ad Rewards, it is definitely time that you too get in on this awesome bonus Swagbucks opportunity.

Every day you can earn 15 bonus swagbucks, for watching short ads. Each ad video is worth three points, and I have been getting five ads every day. What’s the catch? You have to pay attention…

How To Find the Ad Rewards:

  • Simply click on this banner below the main rotating ad on your home swagbucks, and a pop up window will show up with your Ad Rewards options. 
  • If you do not see this banner, let the rotating banner scroll through the different ads, and it will likely show.
  • If you do not see the Ad Rewards banner click on the Special Offers Tab in the sidebar. You can sometimes find the Ad Rewards tab here. 
Take a brief survey (3 – 4 questions)
Watch your ad video offers (3 Swagbucks each)

Pay attention to the video, two numbers will scroll across the screen and will need to be entered at the end of the video. These roll through quickly, and if you get them incorrect you can try again.
I have had five short ads to watch every day, and earned a total of 15 bonus swagbucks each day, which surely ads up.
If you want to find out how to get the most out of your Swagbucks account, and how to increase your gift card earnings make sure to check out the Swagbucks Guide.
If you are not already a member see the Swagbucks Guide for details on how, you too can start earning Target, CVS, Amazon gift cards and much much more just for searching.

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