Jul 282011
I had a very strong feeling that Thursday morning would be the day that Target toy clearance went to 75 percent off toys, so I loaded up the kids and jumped on the bus for a Target toy clearance field trip. When we got there about 9:30 a.m., the lady with the Target toy markdown scanner had gone through one aisle, so I scooped up a few things, had some frugal conversation with other bargain shoppers, and then I headed off to do my price checks before we returned for more toy clearance shopping. 

I did not find a whole lot that I could use, as my niece and nephews are all in Europe, which means things needs to be either shipped or sent with relatives in suitcases, so they cannot be big. I did some big after Christmas toy clearance shopping in January, so I already sent all Christmas and birthday gifts for 2011 off with my dad, which means I am now thinking of 2012. I did get a few gifts for my niece, and I picked up some things for my kids for an upcoming birthday and Christmas, but still not much.
Besides the toys above, I also got another pair of extremely cheap Cherokee jeans. I bought them a number bigger than my five-year-old son uses, because I am sure it will be a long time before I encounter new jeans for about $1.

I think the best part of the Target toy clearance sale is that for the price of the one box of Lego, I got everything below.
Sand Dump Truck with Tools on clearance at Target for $3.62 (Was $14.99)
Air Hogs Titan on clearance at Target for $2.48 (Was $9.99)
Lego Pharaoh’s Quest 213 pc on clearance at Target for $7.48 (Was $29.99)
Lego Kingdoms Prison Carriage Rescue 50 pcs on clearance at Target for $2.74 (Was $10.99)
Barbie Doll on clearance at Target for $2.74 (Was $10.99)
Play Wonder Play Set on clearance at Target for $4.14 (Was $16.59)
Circo Wood Track Expansion set on clearance at Target for $3.74 (Was $14.99)
Cherokee Carpenter jeans size 6 on clearance at Target $3.24 – $2 Target Kids Denim coupon = $1.24 (Was $12.99
-$0.05 reusable bag discount

Tax $1.69

Total out of pocket $29.82
Total saved $91.70
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Target clearance vary from store to store, but you are likely to have similar Target toy clearance at your local Target store. Some Target stores started their 75 percent off Toys clearance sale on Wednesday, most Target stores started today Thursday, but you might encounter some that will markdown to 75 percent off on Friday or later. If you do not want to make a trip for nothing, call your local Target and ask about their toy clearance markdowns.

What did you find at the Target Toy Clearance sale?

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