Jul 142011

I went for a second Target shopping trip this week, as I wanted to get more cheap chicken, cheap pillows, free sharpies etc. As a bonus I discovered that Target had 50 Percent Off Clearance on their Target Summer Collection. I stil had some of the great Target meat coupons, but I only had two of the MF meat coupons left, so I could only get one more deal.

Neither of the Target stores I went to had any of the $2.50 pillows, so I decided to go ahead and by the $4 pillows instead.

Second Target Shopping Trip

2 x Gold N Plum Chicken Drumsticks on sale at 2 for $2.49 = $4.98 – (2 x $1 MF Gold N Plump Coupon and $2 Gold N Plum Target coupon = $0.98 ($0.48 each)
Nexcare Shrek bandages $1.58 – ($0.55 MF coupon and $0.50 Target Coupon) = $0.53
Sharpie Markers 2 pk $1 – $1 Target Coupon = FREE
Sharpie Markers 2 pk $1 – $1 Target Coupon = FREE
2 x Pillows at $4.04 each = $8.08 – (2 x $2 Target Coupons here) = $4.08 ($2.04 each)
Target Freezer Pops on clearance a $1.79
3 x Salad Plates on clearance at $0.89 each = $2.67
3 x Cereal Bowls on clearance at $0.89 each = $2.67
3 x Tumbler glasses on clearance at $0.79 each = $2.22
Beverage dispenser on clearance at $2.99
– 0.10 in Reusable bag discount

Total out of pocket $19.75

Total saved $24.29
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Did you find any great Target deals this week?

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