Jul 082011

This week I did not make it to Aldi, so I had my husband stop by Winn Dixie to pick up a few things from their weekly ad.  This morning I decided to brave the very ominous South Florida sky to get my kids out playing at the playground for a while after a good visit to the dentist. 

We made a little detour and stopped by a local produce stop to check out their prices. Their prices weren’t fabulous, but they were competitive compared to Publix and Winn Dixie prices. 
We made it to the park and back without getting rained on, and now we are waiting for a visit to get my son new glasses. He is at camp four days out of five, so Fridays are our busy days with all the scheduled check ups.

My Produce Store Finds
5 plaintains for $1 ($0.20 each)
4 bananas $1
2 yellow peppers $0.99

Total out of pocket $2.99
Saved compared to reg. store prices ($1.25)

Winn Dixie Deals
2 x 1 gallon Winn Dixie Orange Juice at 2 for $7 ($3.50 each)
Garlic powder on sale at $2 
Boneless skinless chicken breast on BOGO at 2 for $6.61 ($3.30 each)
Lettuce $1.29

Total out of pocket $16.90

Total saved $12.68

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