Aug 162011

I found not one but two $5 off $30 Publix Coupons in today’s junk mail from Red Plum. In between the grocery store ads and other junk I found the two Publix ads below, and I sure am excited about saving money at Publix. 

These Publix coupons are surely regional, so not everyone will receive them, but you better check your junk mail before you throw it away.
You can also check for $3 and $5 off  Publix coupons in your Recyclebank account, and right now there is a great $1/2 Bumble Bee coupon at Recyclebank that can be matched with any upcoming BOGO Bumble Bee Tuna sales at Publix. If your Publix accepts Doris coupons as competitor coupons, you can request those at Recyclebank as well.
If you are new to Recyclebank or unfamilier with this awesome site, make sure to check out my Recyclebank Guide to see how you can get unique coupons including Publix coupons. 
Where To Get Publix coupons:
Recyclebank: Sometimes you can get Publix coupons and Doris coupons at Recyclebank. If you are new to Recyclebank, or if you are interested in signing up, make sure to check out my Recyclebank Guide to get the most out of your Recyclebank account.
Facebook: Right now you can get a $3/$30 Publix coupon mailed to your house, when you enter the Publix Nutrition and Fitness Challenge.
Publix Stocking Spree Booklet: Get 64 worth of Publix coupons
The Newspaper: Check out your local newspaper, I find $5 off $50 Doris coupons quite often, in a small Doris ad in the Sunday paper. Sometimes you can also find Publix coupons in the paper.

Did you find these $5 off Publix coupons in your Red Plum mailer?

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