Aug 272011
When I received a 20 Percent off Kohl’s Coupon, I knew I had to go and browse the mens clothing and women’s clothing clearance racks at Kohl’s, because August and September are the best month for clothes shopping in Florida. This is when the summer clothing goes on clearance at 80 percent off, and summer clothing is what my family uses for 11 out of 12 months of the year. I used my $10 Kohl’s gift card from Mypoints earlier this week to buy two pair of kids sandals for a total of $4.85, so this meant I had no gift cards to shop with.
While I did find a couple of gifts, I had no luck finding any great clearance deals in the kids sections.
I used this 20 percent off Kohl’s Coupon. – Expires TODAY!

My Kohl’s Clearance Shopping:

Sonoma Capris $7.20 (Was $36)
Sonoma Shirt $6 (Was $30)
Sonoma Skort $6.40 (Was $32)
Mens Shirt $6.40 (Was $32)
Mens Swimpants $6.80 (Was $34)
– 20 Percent Off Kohl’s Coupon = – $6.56
Tax $1.57
Total out of pocket $27.81

Total saved $137.76

Have you done any Kohl’s clerance and Kohl’s coupon shopping lately?

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