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When you have been blogging for a while, you not only have a substantial number of readers but you might also have a nice income from blogging. Getting to this point requires regular postings, and maintaining a blog demands regular and relevant postings as well, which makes it difficult to take a vacation. However, taking a blogging vacation without having your numbers, your readers or your income decrease is not impossible. Since Frugality Is Free started growing, I have been able to go on several 2 – 3 day vacations with my family, and on some of them there were no Internet connection, so scheduled posting has become my vacation ally.

This week my family were able to take our first “longer” vacation, but we knew that we might have to cut it short due to my husband’s work. Instead of our planned five-day vacation, we did end up having to go back last night, but thanks to the scheduled postings, I was able to take the boys to our beach this morning and take the day off from blogging. 

To successfully go on a blogging vacation there are three steps you need to take

  1. Plan Ahead
  2. Use Scheduled Blog Posting
  3. Use Twitterfeed or another automated social network posting site.

  • Planning ahead is crucial to a successful blogging vacation, as you will be busy preparing for your family vacation during the past couple of days. I started writing on my scheduled blog postings a month before the actual vacation, and I did not even get to finish all the posts.

  • Test out the scheduled blog posting method, before you need to use it. Once you have found out how it works, and that it works for you, it is time to start typing and writing. Write down the days that you are going to take off, plan 1 – 3 posts per day and spread them out.

  • Whenever I take a vacation, my automatic postings to Facebook and Twitter through twitterfeed helps spread the word about my blog posts, and it thereby sends back more views. To send out tweet reminders about giveaways that were ending on a particular day, I typed the first line of my blog post up in Twitter to make sure that the blog post was twitter friendly. Make sure to include the title of your post and space for the html in your tweet.


Low Entry Giveaway Ends Tonight!: Did you enter to win the Endangerbles children’s CD & plush toy? (US & Can) – …  

The above was the title of my blog post and the first line of my blog post. I had the post scheduled for the morning of the last day of the giveaway, just before my blog newsletter was sent out, so that it was included in the newsletter as well. 

How To Use Scheduled Posting

Using scheduled posting is very simple. 

  1. Write your blog post as you normally would
  2. Instead of hitting publish when you are done, click POST OPTIONS, which is located right under the Labels field.
  3. Click scheduled at and choose the time and date that you want your post to be published.  

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How To Start A Blog
Make Your Own Domain 

Scheduled Posting

Scheduled posting is easy to do, and it is a huge help, whenever you need to take a break from blogging. If you combine Schduled posting with automatic posting to twitter and facebook while you are gone, you should be all set and have a worry-free vacation with your family. I was lucky that the place we stayed did have free wi fi, so I could check in for 10 minutes every night to make sure that everything was published as planned, but I made sure to limit myself to 10 minutes, because this was our family vacation.

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  2. […] out more Blogging tips in the Blogging Tips series.   How To Start A Blog Make Your Own Domain Scheduled Posting Earn Money Blogging with We Use Coupons  Open link in new window html […]

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