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cheapest toilet paper
Today I picked up the cheapest toilet paper in South Florida, and I made sure to stock up big time. Every six months or so, I try to make a trip to Aventura, Florida – a very fancy over-the-top kind of place, and amazingly this is where I find the cheapest toilet paper in South Florida.
$15 for 48 toilet paper rolls!
That is $0.38 per roll!
The toilet paper is 500 2- ply sheets per roll, 48.9 sq ft, 4. 25 inch x 3.31 inches
This is an unbeatable price both offline or online. The rolls are big (Think Scott) and they last for a while. Some of the name brand toilet paper brands might sell a 12 roll cheap, but if a 12 roll only last your family a week or two, it surely isn’t cheap in the long run.
We bought 2 packages of 48 toilet paper rolls, a total of 96 rolls for $30, and from my past experience I strongly expect this bulk toilet paper purchase to last my family an entire year.
Wholesale toiletpaper in bulk
Wholesale toilet paper $0.38 per roll
I purchase the bulk toilet paper at Vincent International Distributing on the border of Aventura and Miami Gardens. The address of Vincent International Distributing is 20325 Northeast 15th Court, Miami, FL, and they are usually closed on Sundays. 

If you are going to the Aventura Mall or the Gulfstream Casino and Racetrack , Vincent International Distributing is close by, and it is right off 95, so if you are going to or from Miami, this place is definitely worth a stop.  
Directions to Vincent International Distributing – Toilet Paper Wholesale, Miami, FL.  
Directions from Miami:
Take 95 North
Take exit 16 toward NE 203 St/Lves Dairy Rd
Turn left (West) onto Ives Dairy Rd
Turn left onto NE 15th Ct (After BP gas station) 
Vincent International Distributing is a warehouse about 2 -3 plots down NE 15th Ct.
Directions from Fort Lauderdale:
Take 95 South
Take exit 16 for NE 203 St/Ives Dairy Rd
Keep right at the fork, follow signs for US-441 and merge onto NE 205th Terrace/Ives Dairy Rd 
Turn right (West) onto Ives Dairy Rd
Turn left onto NE 15th Ct (After BP gas station) 

Vincent International Distributing is a warehouse about 2 -3 plots down NE 15th Ct.


Do you buy bulk toilet paper?
Do you buy toilet paper wholesale, online or off line?

Whenever I cannot make it to the wholesale toilet paper supplier, I always try to find the best toilet paper deals online. You can see the best toilet paper deals with free shipping here,

  11 Responses to “The Cheapest Toilet Paper In South Florida $0.38 Per Roll”

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  2. Wow great tip thanks!
    I used to lived in Aventura a few years ago! now I live about 20 min away…I’ll definitely check out this place!

  3. Tiffany, the toilet paper brand changes once in a while, but the price has remained steady around $15 – $16 for 48 rolls for the past couple of years.

  4. How did you find out about this place how can i find one near me? I used to live in S fl but moved wish i knew about it when i leved down their thanks

  5. Do they have a website I can order from – as I am in Illinois?? Or what is the name/brand of the toilet paper?

    • Hello,

      There is no website available but you can contact them

      They can ship goods out to by pallet.

      Hope this helped

  6. What is the price of a pallet of toilet paper

  7. Please contact them direcetly

    They can ship pallets to you.

    Thank you

  8. I can also offer everyone the same thing for $14.37 COMES OUT TO $0.30 PER ROLL. THE ONLY CATCH IS THAT YOU MUST BUY A FULL TRUCK LOAD.

    i DON’T KNOW IF EVERYONE DOES MATH LIKE ME BUT 0.38 X 48 = 18.24 NOT $15.00

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