Aug 142011
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My oldest son recently got his first pair of dENIZEN Jeans by Levis, and he completely loves them. My son is not a jeans person, and he definitely prefers to wear a pair of loose basketball shorts in the South Florida heat, so comfort is a big requirement when choosing jeans. Once winter comes around we usually have some cold mornings, and long pants are necessary.
Denizen jeans for boysThe dENIZEN Jeans fulfills my son’s comfort requirement as they are comfortable, have a loose fit and they come with an adjustable waistband. The denim is strong but flexible, and it is the same high quality that I would expect to find with any Levis jeans.
The dENIZEN jeans holds up well in wash, and I did not notice any shrinkage or fading.
My son is currently in between sizes, and due to a recent growth spurt I had to put several size 10 jeans in the hand-me-down box. However, the size 12 is usually too big in the waistline, so I was worried that the size 12 might be too large. The dENIZEN loose fit jeans actually fit in the length and thanks to the adjustable waist band they fit my 8-year-old son just right.

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The dENIZEN jeans by Levi’s  can be found at Target stores across the country. dENIZEN jeans comes in many sizes, colors and styles, and you can find them in women’s, men’s, boys’ and girls’ sizes.
The dENIZEN jeans that my son are wearing in the photo are the dENIZEN 299 Loose Fit Jeans from Levis. These cost $17.99 at Target, which is a great price for a pair of high-quality Levis jeans.
Right now you can get $5 off all dENIZEN Jeans for men at Target, when you use coupon code: TGTE2VBK
The dENIZEN jeans line is sold exclusively at Target.

Like dENIZEN on Facebook and enter their sweepstakes to get a surprise. You could get $3 Denizen mail-in-rebate, a free pair of jeans or a Target gift card.

Disclaimer: A pair of the dENIZEN jeans has been provided for review by Team Mom and Levis. Any opinions expressed above are entirely my own, and they are solely based on my own as well as my family’s experience with the products.

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