Aug 022011
Avocado season has finally arrived in South Florida, and while I have no avocado trees with fruit, there is an avocado tree on a property that my husband manages. Every August we get lots of free avocados, and the homegrown kind surely is the best.
I have several avocado trees growing, but they are only 1 – 2 years old, so they still have a few years left before they start bearing fruit.The avocados still need a little time before they are ready to eat, but I have the feeling I need to pick up lots of cheap Aldi tortillas tomorrow, so I am ready to prepare some great-tasting Mexican feasts, whenever the free avocados do ripen.

Do you ever get paid in goods instead of cash?

  2 Responses to “Free Avocados – When Cash Isn’t The Only Payment Form”

  1. I’ve never gotten paid in goods, but I’d gladly work for avocados! I used to live on property with 3 huge trees, and i really miss all that free guacamole.

  2. I have done trades…. I would gladly trade for avocados or mangoes which are pricey up here in the North!

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