Aug 082011
Crostini Recipe
The other day we picked up a birthday cake at Publix for my youngest son, who turned two. I had a coupon from another local for free Italian bread with a purchase of $10 or more, so I got free bread with the great-tasting but not-so-frugal birthday cake. We usually eat whole wheat bread, so I needed to come up with something to use the free Italian bread for.  The first result was some flavorful crostini, and combined with herbs from the garden they turned out to be delicious.
Making crostini is extremely easy, and it is a great way to use any day old bread that has become a bit dry.

How To Make Crostini:

Crostini marinade:
3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
Chopped garlic, basil and chives.
Making Crostini:
  1. Cut up the day-old bread into strips.
  2. Mix up a marinade
  3. Spread out the bread strips onto a foil covered baking pan.
  4. Pour over the marinade and put in oven until crisp at 400 degrees F.
Crostini Recipe
You can serve the crostini with any meal, some of my favorites are pasta dishes, beef or pork roast, pies and more. You can check out the vegetable pie that I made to go with the crostini.

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