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I am very excited to see that Mypoints has added a new point earning featured – Mypoints Video Rewards. If you have ever done the Swagbucks ad rewards, you will notice that it is the same thing Mypoints is doing. Same concept, same process! I use Mypoints to save up for Christmas and birthdays, so I always have gift cards to use, whenever I need to do gift shopping.
How to Earn With Mypoints Video Rewards
  1. Watch an ad
  2. Keep an eye out for the numbers
  3. Once the movie/ad is finished enter the numbers 
  4. You get 3 points per video
I have been a member of Mypoints for five years, and it is one of my favorite online earning programs. I do not earn a whole lot, but I earn steadily, and I can always count on my gift cards to arrive. Mypoints is very similar to Swagbucks, except that you get points for reading emails. I use Mypoints whenever I need to shop online, and even without making any online purchases, I still earn a $10 gift card every two – three months. I combine these gift cards with $10 off $25 JCPenney coupons or 15 percent off Kohl’s coupons to stretch the gift card, or I simply use them them for holiday gifts.

How To Earn Gift Cards At Mypoints

  1. Shop through Mypoints 
  2. Read emails (you get 5 points per email)
  3. Sign up for free offers (such as signing up for newsletters etc.)
  4. Print Coupons – Smartsource and
  5. Take Surveys through email invitation – You even get 10 points if you do not qualify!
  6. Take brief surveys on the main page – right hand side- these are 1 question surveys that usually reward you 5 points.
  7. Participate in Bzzagent, and get points for Mypoints. 
  8. Search through Mypoints – At Mypoints you can only earn points for the first 31 searches. The only exception is, if you receive an email from Mypoints that says you can earn XX points for doing XX searches in a month. 
  9. You get 100 points for downloading the Mypoints Searchbar – this one slows down my computer in Firefox, but I have no problems in Internet Explorer. 
  10. Play games – it cost money to play at Mypoints, so I do not use this feature. You can try it out for free!
  11. Earn points when you refer friends
A Few Mypoints Tips
  • If you buy through an email from Mypoints, you will usually get more points that buying directly from the Mypoints site. As an example, purchases at Walmart usually pays 1 point per dollar, but if you get a Mypoints email from Walmart you usually get 8 points per dollar, and sometimes an extra point bonus if you buy a certain amount worth.
  • Right now Mypoints is running a bonus, where you get a $20 gift card, if you make 10 purchases through Mypoints. Each purchase needs to be more than $10 each, and any purchases from the same brand in one day will be counted as one purchase. This means that if you are buying something from Walmart, where you usually pay shipping per each item, you are better off, splitting up the purchase over two or three days. This way you will pay the same amount of shipping, but each purchase will count toward your Mypoints tally.
  • The more you participate at Mypoints, the more emails you will get. (At least this is my experience)
  • You can set up a separate email from all the point offers, once or twice a week, you can then go to this email and click through all the emails. I do this for Mypoints, superpoints, sendearnings, inboxdollars and other such programs. 
  • The more survey questions you answer on the main page, the more survey questions you get. 

If you are not already a member of Mypoints, you can sign up at Mypoints here.

This post is part of the Earn Money Online: The Online Money Making Series at Frugality Is Free.

If you have any questions about Mypoints, leave a comment below.

Did you try the Mypoints Video Rewards?

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  3. I’ve been a member of MyPoints for a little over 5 years now & I love it. I have earned all my music by choosing a gift cards for iTunes- oh & Walgreens too. I recently realized you can now get rewarded with cash via PayPal. I’m working towards that goal right now. I did not know of the “video” watching (like SwagBucks). Thank you for that tid bit of info (video watching). I hope I can find out how to go about it. PS- Loved your article :))

    • Jennifer, instead of spending money on music, take a look at this post I did a few weeks ago. I get my boys five new downloads every week through our library and freegal, and they now have all of the latest hits on their mp3 players.

      • Hi, I was googling how to do the MyPoints video rewards when your site popped back up again. Thank you for the awesome tip about the free music at the library. I like the oldies so I’m hoping they would have more of a selection for them as opposed to the new music but hey, free music is free. It doesn’t get any better than that. Last night after leaving my reply, I went on to bookmark your site. I wanted to check out more info on these rewards program’s. I already have SwagBucks but the one I found on your site last night looks/sounds interesting. I believe it’s called Super button. I’m going to have a blast reading through your entire site. You are well researched — I love it. Thank you for your time you put into this site as well as the music info. Awesome– Your site is absolutely awesome!! Thanks again :))

  4. I realize this is an older post but now you can earn much faster than what you said you are. With the new videos called ‘ncrave you can actually earn a $10 gift card in about a week or so!! I love it! also the searches are now 41 a month. I would like to see a new updated mypoints & a swagbucks when you can. I try to do swagbucks but it is just not as easy as the mypoints one for me. I find it confusing.

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