Aug 212011
Suzette, a Frugality Is Free reader, won big time at Superpoints today. Not only did she win 300 Superpoints on the Super Lucky Button, she also won a 300 Superpoint Bonus invitation to pass on to one of you. So, if you have not already signed up at Superpoints this is a great time to do so. 
The 300 Superpoints Bonus Invitation Code is only available for the first person to sign up through Suzette’s link above. Token code if needed: 2p06wi

Thank you to Suzette for sharing this fantastic bonus code!

You can read about some of Suzette’s other favorite online earning programs here.

You can read more about Superpoints at my Superpoints Guide, and you can also find more current Superpoints invitations at this post.

What is the highest points that you have won on the Superpoints Lucky button?

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