Sep 162011
Okay, I had to go back to the 75 Percent Off Target Clearance sale! I knew I was going to spend more money than planned, but it was so worth it, and I got just what I wanted. I had to go grocery shopping this morning, so my husband dropped me off at Target and Publix on his way to school, and then he picked us up during his lunch break.
I went to my regular Target store today, which is usually a bit slower with the clearance markdowns, but although the signs said 30 percent off, all the pools and pool toys were marked 75 percent off. There were not much left, so I am happy that I already picked up a what I wanted, but I did find one great surprise. The shark pool that my kids have been wishing for, and that I have secretly been clearance stalking for the past couple of weeks were there. The Target store I visited yesterday did not have any, but this Target store had two left, one of which I quickly grabbed. This means that I will return the party pool, which I bought yesterday as it was a substitute for the Shark pool.
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The Dollar Spot had just gone at 70 percent off at this Target store, which meant they had a lot more workbooks and flash cards than at the Target store I visited yesterday. My kids love the workbooks, so I grabbed another bunch, and added a few items for goodie bags for the next birthday party.

My second Target Clearance Shopping Trip
Gilligan O Malley Bra on clearance at $2.74 (Was $10.99)
Merona shorts on clearance at $5.74 (Was $22.99) – $5 Merona Coupon = $0.74
Banzai 3D Shark Pool on clearance at Target for $8.74 (Was $34.99)
6  x Revlon Tweezers and Nail Clippers $12.24 – (3 x $5 Revlon Coupons) = FREE
2 x Market Pantry Orange Juice on sale at $2.29 each = $4.58 – $1 Target Orange Juice Coupon = $3.58 ($1.79 each)
2 x Market Pantry Eggs on sale @ $1.39 each = $2.78
26 x Dollar Spot Items on clearance @ $0.30 each = $7.80 (Was $26)
Green Giant Produce: Lettuce on sale @ $1.29, Cabbage $1.49 and Scallions $1.19 = 3.97 – $1 Target
Green Giant Coupon = $2.97 ($0.99 each)
– $0.10 Reusable bag discount
Tax $1.29
Total out of pocket $30.45
Total saved $96.69
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The above selection of Target clearance items is some of what I found at my local South Florida Target store. Target clearance vary from store to store, and it may be different at your local Target store. However, it is likely that you will find the same or similar items. 
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