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Have you ever wondered how much your Twitter account was worth? If you tweet regularly, but you have never earned a penny from tweeting, think again! Why not earn money by doing something you usually do anyway? Share deals, coupons and more by tweeting and earn money by doing so… One of the ways that I get paid to tweet is through Sponsored Tweets.

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How much is your Twitter account worth?

If you are like me and value your time, you should check out Sponsored Tweets:

About Sponsored Tweets:

At Sponsored Tweets you basically tweet out short ads, deals or coupon offers on behalf of sponsors. You can set your own pay for your tweets, but make sure that you are compensated properly but still competively.

Although the recommended amount that I should ask for according to the Sponsored Tweets calculations is $4.35, I have decided to keep my  $1.50 – $2 per sponsored tweets to remain competitive and get more offers. There are additional tweet offers that I can choose to do, if I feel they are appropriate for my followers such as coupon deals, deals and more. These pay a few cents per click, and while they don’t pay much, they still pay, and it all adds up.

When you get a sponsored tweet, you can tailor it by writing it yourself, which I strongly prefer. The amount of tweets vary a lot, and some days I may have three tweets to send out, while I might go weeks without getting any offers at all.

If you ever feels as if you have hit a Sponsored Tweets drought spot, go and update your profile, and take advantage of a few of the per click tweets. This usually gets the ball rolling again and make the offers appear.

Below is an example of a sponsored tweet I sent out recently.

Tweet: “Shop from the comfort of your own home at many popular merchants. Read & take part In consumer reviews too! #ad



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Sponsored Tweets Highlights:

  • Sponsors pay within 1 hour – 3 days of tweet being sent out
  • Set your own pay – I recommend starting out at $1 per tweet
  • Tweet only the sponsored Tweets that you want to send
  • Earn 10% off what your referrals earn.
  • You can get paid at any time, but if your payout is less than $50, they will take out $2.
  • Get paid via paypal

As with almost all online earning sites, you will not become rich from Sponsored Tweets, and you will not be able to pay your rent or mortgage either. If you do like I do, and earn money online here and there, it all adds up, and you might end up paying for your vacation, Christmas gifts and much much more. Make sure to stay frugal, and you can stretched your sponsored tweet money far.

I do not earn much from my referrals, in fact this pay period I have earned less than $1. However, if you ware interested in checking out Sponsored Tweets, I would be thankful, if you would sign up through my Sponsored Tweets link.


This post is part of the Earn Money Online: The Online Money Making Series at Frugality Is Free. I am writing this series to share the places that I use to earn money online with my readers. I have spent years trying to weed out the bad online earning sites from the good ones, and I always try to share my knowledge, so the online earning world will be easier to navigate for my friends.

If you are still wondering whether Sponsored Tweets is for you, consider this. Why not get paid to tweet, and make your Twitter account work for you?

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  1. I never thought I could make money with Twitter. Thanks for this information!

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