Sep 012011
If you have not yet signed up for the JCPenney newsletter and signed up to become a JCP Rewards Member, I can highly recommend it. I recently received a fabulous JCPenney Coupon for $10 off $10 any Liz Claiborne purchase, but this is a coupon that was exclusive to me as a a JCP rewards member. 
Today I headed for JCPenney with hopes of finding a new shirt. I did not find any Liz Claiborne shirts that fit my budget and my taste, but I did end up picking up 2 Liz Claiborne skorts and one pair of shorts. I love wearing skirts, but with all the walking I do in the very hot South Florida weather wearing skirts is not practical at all. 
It should be possible to find Liz Claiborne products in the jewelry and accessory area that you can combine with your clothing purchases, but I ran out of time and had to pick out something very fast.
$132 Worth of Liz Claiborne Clothes For $5.20

Of course, JCPenney had the cheapest Liz Claiborne clearance item at $4.97, meaning that I would need three items in order to be able to use the coupon. I did manage to find three $4.97 items that I liked in my size, so in the end it worked out perfectly.

I spent $5.20 for $132 worth of Liz Claiborne clothes! That’s equal to $1.73 per item after tax, which is a price I surely will not complain about. 
3 x Liz Claiborne skorts/shorts on clearance at JCPenney for $4.97 each (Reg. $44 each) = $14.91
– $10 JCP Coupon 
Subtotal $4.91
Tax $0.29
Total out of pocket $5.20
Total Savings $127.09

To put the savings into perspective a bit, I would have paid $7.92 in sales tax, if I had paid full price.

You can sign up for the JCPenney Newsletter  here.

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