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Mega Bloks Fire Station
For the past week my nine-year-old son has been building with Mega Bloks whenever he had any free time, and his younger brothers have been watching in awe. The little ones are used to playing with their regular Mega Bloks, so when my oldest son received the gigantic Megabloks Blok Squad – Fire Patrol Station set they were eager to help out. 
We quickly had to establish some ground rules, and the hockey table was turned into a Mega Bloks table while my son started building and creating. It did not take long for me to realize how big this fantastic Mega Bloks Fire Patrol Station set actually was – 956 small Mega Bloks pieces. 
Mega Bloks Fire Rescue
After putting my very curious toddler in for a nap, we were able to get some building time, and we started dividing up the pieces by color and shape, so that we could easily find what we needed.

My nine-year-old son easily put the first firetruck together, then it was homework time. While my oldest son did his homework, I helped my eager five-year-old son build the second firetruck. I was amazed at how quickly he caught on, and he understood how he had to be systematic. The biggest problem for my five-year-old son was at the end, when it became more difficult putting the Mega Bloks together without breaking what he had already created.

Over the next couple of days my oldest son kept on building on the Mega Bloks Fire Patrol Station, and it was a nice creative escape for him after homework was done every day. He actually discovered that I had made a mistake on the firetruck that I had put together with my middle son, and boy was he proud of that discovery.
The pride in my son’s face after he completed the entire Mega Bloks Fire Patrol Station was priceless, and he declared that he never wanted to take it apart. The challenge is now to keep it up high enough, so it will stay out of the youngest sons’ hands. 

My nine-year-old son dreams of becoming a rescue helicopter pilot, so he was very excited when he discovered that the Mega Bloks Fire Patrol Station came with a rescue helicopter. 

The Mega Blocks Fire Patrol Station Set includes:

  • A Buildable Fire Patrol Station
  • A Fire Command 4×4 Truck,
  • A Fire Rescue Chopper, 
  • A Fire Rescue Carrier 
  • A Fire Ladder Truck 
  • 5 Blok Squad Firefighters


What My Family Loves About The Mega Blocks Fire Patrol Station

  • It is easy to build
  • It encourages creativity and imagination
  • We can build together as a family
  • My nine-year-old son can build it by himself. 
  • The small Mega Bloks are very similar (almost identical) to the LEGO blocks, and they can be used together. 
  • The small Mega Blocks sets are more affordable than the regular LEGO brand.
  • Kids can collect several different Mega Bloks fire rescue vehicles. 

The Mega Bloks Family Club

Sign up at the Mega Bloks Family Club to get great Mega Bloks coupons. You can choose $20 worth of Mega Bloks coupons, and these are going to be great to combine with sales. Your chosen coupons will be emailed to you (but you can also download them on the Mega Blocks site), so make sure to confirm your subscription.These coupons expire 11/30/11, so you can use them for Black Friday sales.

You can win the Mega Bloks Blok Squad Fire Rescue Patrol set (not the Fire Patrol Station) here at Frugality Is Free as a part of the Holiday Gift Guide.

About the Mega Bloks Blok Squad Fire Patrol Rescue Set

  • The Blok Squad Fire Patrol Rescue is for kidsages 5 and up.
  • It includes two vehicles and firefighters including a Fire Rescue Pumper Truck and Fire Patrol ATV.
  • The Blok Squad buildable playsets are perfect for kids who have transitioned from mini blocks to micro blocks and are ready for more detailed builds.
  • The Blok Squad Fire Patrol Rescue features 190 pieces 
  • The Blok Squad Fire Patrol Rescue costs $9.99

For more information about Mega Bloks and Blok Squad buildable playsets visit

You can also keep up to date with Mega Bloks promotions on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Buy It 
You can buy the Mega Bloks Fire Patrol Station and Mega Blocks Fire Rescue sets at retailers such as Amazon, Target, Toys “R” Us,, Walmart and

Available in Canada at Walmart CDN, Toys “R” Us,

Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Win Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks is giving away the Mega Bloks Fire Patrol Rescue set to one of Frugality Is Free’s readers as a part of the Holiday Gift Guide review and giveaway series. This is not the set that my son built, it is a smaller 190 piece set, featuring two fire rescue vehicles (see image below).
Mega Bloks Fire Patrol Rescue

This giveaway will end Wednesday October 26th at 11.59 p.m. EST. 

The giveaway is open to U.S. residents 18 years old or older. I will chose the winner via, and the winner will be notified by e-mail. Make sure to leave your email, or have your contact available on your blogger profile. The winner will have 48 hours to respond, and if there is no response another winner will be chosen. 

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Mega Bloks Fire Patrol Station set for review, the sample set was provided by Team Mom and Mega Bloks. No monetary compensation has been received, and any opinions expressed above are based solely on my experience with the Mega Bloks brand and products.

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