Sep 202011

There has been quite the frenzy about the new Missoni Target line, and I personally think it has been a great PR move for Target. I was sure that all the Missoni Target products would be gone by now, but that is not the case at all. You can buy the Missoni Target line online until October 22, 2011, and there are still plenty of Missoni products left.

The purses, luggage, most women’s clothing, men’s clothing and many accessories are already gone, but there are several Missoni girl clothes left, a few Missoni bedding items and some Missoni beauty items left.

Target offers free shipping on the Missoni Target line, when you spend more than $50.

My favorite Missoni Target products:

Missoni Target Via Floral Duvet Set – Multicolor (Full/Queen)



Missoni for Target Famiglia Wavy Reversible Shower Curtain (72×72″)

Missoni Fabric Pentagonal Pouf – Black & White Zig Zag

Missoni Target Girls Dress – Sleeveless Sweater Dress Purple

Missoni Target Girls’ Trench Coat – Purple

Missoni Target Cami –  2 Piece Zig Zag Stripe Cami Set – Black/White/Pink

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