Sep 242011
My favorite way to earn Superpoints is through the  Superpoints button, but there are many other ways to earn bonus Superpoints as well.
Go to the Get Points Tab:
  • Click the Watch Videos Tab and follow the instructions
Go to the Complete Offers Tab:
  • Watch ads such as Kmart ad, Groupon Ad, Intel Ad, Fiber One Ad, Virgin America Ad and more (1 Superpoint each)
  • Click on quick free offers with no strings such as the Become Ad (Just open the offer page and click on the ad) (1 – 2 Superpoints each)
Sign up for Free Offers with your basic information – no credit info needed (You are likely to receive promotional information via mail or email). Offers include Tempur Pedic, Kelloggs
I did all of the above this morning, and I was able to earn a total of  38 Superpoints, just by doing the offers.
Why do I love Superpoints?
  • Because it is an easy and simple way to earn extra money towards Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and other extras.
  • Because Superpoints pay fast (Less than a week from redemption to payment)
  • Because they pay in Amazon gift certificates, Walmart gift certificates and paypal
  • Because you earn everything your referral wins (no limit)
I earned and received $50 in gift certificates in August, and so far I have redeemed for $30 in September.
Superpoints membership is per invitation only, and I have a few invitations I can share. If you would like to sign up at Superpoints, use any of the invitations below. If the invitations are gone, you can sign up here.
Superpoints Invitation 1:  Token Code:  dodsmm
Superpoints Invitation 2: Token Code: lcvs78
Superpoints Invitation 3: Token Code:  xam690
Superpoints Invitation 4: Token Code: 18jzda

Superpoints Invitation 5: Token Code: 6mozbm

  1. The are two ways to earn big at Superpoints, get a couple of referrals to move you up to a higher level with more benefits.
  2. Be consistent! Make Superpoints a part of your daily routine. Every time you earn on Swagbucks, open up Superpoints button too.
You can read all about Superpoints at my Superpoints Guide.

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