Sep 232011
Did you get your Walgreens free photo collage? I love the Walgreens free photo gifts, because it is so easy to make them online and pick up free at your local Walgreens store. You do not have to pick up right away, in fact on one occasion it took me two weeks before I was able to get to Walgreens, but my Walgreens photo freebie was still at Walgreens waiting for me. 
Walgreens photo collage
I made a free photo collage of my mother-in-law and the kids from her visit this summer. It will be a great addition to her birthday gift this year. 

Get your Walgreens Free Photo Collage:

  1. Sign in or create an account at
  2. Upload your photos 4 – 10 is good
  3. Make your collage
  4. Use Walgreens coupon code: COLLAGE at check out
  5. Enter your zip code and choose your favorite Walgreens store for pick up.

Thank you to Being Frugal and Making It Work for passing on this great Walgreens Free Photo Freebie. 

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